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FERD Lorazieh concept.png
Concept art of Lorazieh from Tellius Recollection: Vol. 2, only known image of Loranzieh.

The king of Serenes, and father of Rafiel, Reyson, and Leanne. He and Reyson were rescued by Tibarn after the Serenes Massacre, but he has been bed-ridden for over twenty years.




Laguz (heron)




King of Serenes


Those humans burned Serenes Forest and killed my people. No amount of human blood can slake my thirst for vengeance. For my siblings, for my countrymen, I demand justice. I cannot even return my bedridden father to our forest home!
— Reyson, on Lorazieh

Lorazieh (Japanese: ロライゼ Lorazieh) is the King of Serenes, and the father of Rafiel, Reyson, Lillia, and Leanne.


Lorazieh was the ruler of Serenes at the time of the Serenes Massacre. He was one of five herons known to have survived the disaster, and he was rescued by Phoenicis' King Tibarn after the massacre, along with his third son, Reyson. At the time, they believed themselves to be the only surviving herons. Lorazieh and Reyson were taken in by Tibarn, where Lorazieh became near-permanently bedridden, possibly as a result of his grief at losing almost everyone and everything he loved to the massacre. For the next twenty-three years he remained confined to his bed in Phoenicis Hall, rising only very rarely rising, and leaving Reyson to act in his place as the representative of Serenes.[2]

During the Mad King's War and the subsequent three years, it was revealed that three more of Lorazieh's children had survived the massacre: Lillia had been captured by Ashnard and later died in his custody, Leanne had been saved by her sisters, and Rafiel had inadvertently evaded the massacre after being captured and sold to Hetzel; on learning of Leanne's survival, Naesala remarked that seeing her would help Lorazieh to recover.[3] Late in the war, the sleeping Lorazieh was present in the room with Leanne when the Black Knight came to abduct her, and the Black Knight threatened to murder Lorazieh to convince her to come quietly.[4] Three years later, after the defeat of Ashera, the three bird tribes chose to reunite into one nation and return to the Serenes Forest, where Rafiel performed a ceremony to awaken Lorazieh.[5] He later urged his ancestor, Lehran, to be healed by the galdrar of the surviving herons.[6]

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance


Lorazieh never appears in person in Path of Radiance, although he is technically present in the Chapter 25 opening cutscene, presumably still comatose while Leanne is being abducted.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn


Once again, Lorazieh never appears in person in Radiant Dawn, but he is occasionally mentioned and discussed by the cast.

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Romanized as LORAZIEH in the internal data of Radiant Dawn.



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  1. In the Japanese version of Radiant Dawn, the Library states that Rafiel is the "first prince", Reyson is the "third prince", Lillia is the "third princess", and Leanne is the "fourth princess". This implies that they had at least three other siblings who have never been mentioned.
  2. "Nealuchi: Tell me though. How fares your father, King Lorazieh?
    Reyson: The same as ever. Since that terrible day, he remains abed... He seldom rises anymore.
    Nealuchi: Mmm... I'm not surprised. In the span of a few days, he lost his family, his friends, and almost all of his countrymen.
    " — Nealuchi and Reyson, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  3. "Reyson: Leanne is alive.
    Naesala: Yes, Tibarn's attendant told me. That's wonderful news. When he sees her face, I'm sure King Lorazieh will begin to feel better at once. Things are really looking up, aren't they, Reyson?
    " — Reyson and Naesala, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  4. "Leanne: (Who's there!?)
    Lotz: What are you...? Over there? Behind me? WHAT? SOMEONE IS BEHIND ME?? Gwaaaa!!!
    Leanne: (Lotz! No! Let him go!)
    Black Knight: If you want your father to be killed, then by all means keep screaming.
    Leanne: (...Brother...)
    " — Leanne, Lotz, and the Black Knight, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  5. "Rafiel performed a ceremony in Serenes Forest to wake his father, the king." — Epilogue, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  6. "At Lorazieh's urging, Sephiran lay himself down within Serenes, and was healed by the songs of the herons." — Epilogue, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
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