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Shades of Evil

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Shades of Evil

Cm fe09 7.png


Fort Meritenne

New units




Curses! Daein troops…
— Ike

Shades of Evil (Japanese: 漆黒の魔手 Black Evil) is the seventh chapter of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. When searching for Greil, Titania spies a figure moving in a nearby fort. When they go to investigate, the Greil Mercenaries are greeted by a battalion of Daein soldiers, and battle ensues. This chapter introduces the game's first recruitable character, Mia, as well as the first enemy Thief, who will steal items from map's chests if given the chance.


Main article: Shades of Evil/Script

The chapter begins with Ike and Soren discussing their next move, as their previous search attempts revealed no evidence of Greil, Shinon and Gatrie. Soren suggests that they head back, as Greil might have taken another path, and Ike agrees, concerned about the safety of the group, and the risks that would come with backtracking further. Titania then spots a figure at a nearby fort, and the crew goes to investigate.

The group at first finds the place uninhabited, and Titania wonders if she really saw someone or not. Then a Daein scout appears, summoning the rest of his battalion, and Ike and his troops move to a corner and prepare for battle.

At the end of the first turn, Mia appears, looking for an exit. She notices the sounds of battle, and prepares herself. When she talks to Ike, they each introduce themselves, and Mia mentions that she was a mercenary working for the Crimean army. She had been captured by the Daein army, but was rescued by Greil. She tells Ike that Greil isn't far north of them right now. She then joins Ike’s party, ready and willing to fight Daein.

At the end of the fourth turn, Petrine arrives, intent on killing Ike and his comrades. Soren explains to Ike that Petrine is one of the Four Riders, King Ashnard’s most trusted generals, and that she wields a lance of flame. Petrine delights in her notability for a moment, then demands the princess. Ike tells her that Elinica has been in Gallia for a while now, but Petrine refuses to believe that her soldiers at the border were defeated.

Greil then appears, mocking Petrine with a statement about arrogance. Ike, excited, greets his father with messages of Elincia’s safety. When Greil asks why Ike is there, he explains how they came back to find the other group in case they were in trouble. Greil praises Ike for his good work, but notes his stubbornness.

Petrine enters the conversation once again, recognizing Greil as the commander, but disappointed that he appears only a sellsword rather than a great hero. She decides that once she captures his, she’ll take him to Ashnard as a souvenir. Greil acknowledges that Ashnard’s “twisted games” are true. Confused, Gatrie asks Shinon what Greil means. Shinon explains that there are rumors that Ashnard gathers strong men from around the continent to make them fight one another. The ones that survive battle are given important positions in his army.

Greil tells Gatrie and Shinon to gather the others and leave while he distracts Petrine. Though Gatrie expresses concern, Shinon agrees, confident his commander won’t be challenged by Petrine. Greil tells the group that he will meet them up in Gallia, and goes to the next room to battle with Petrine, who orders her men to exterminate the Crimeans before she returns. More Daein troops arrive, under the command of Balmer, and Ike continues the fight with the goal of meeting up with Shinon.

After Ike defeats Balmer’s troops, he goes to search for his father once again. He finds him in a large room in combat with Petrine. Titania assures Ike that his father will be all right, as he’s the better fighter. Petrine steps back, impressed with Greil’s strength, but neither will admit defeat. Then, Daein reinforcements appear, surrounding the Greil Mercenaries. Petrine orders her troops to kill all of the mercenaries, and all hope seems lost.

Then, a roar sounds from the next room. Some of the Daein soldiers shout that Gallian beasts have appeared, and start to flee, but Petrine threatens to kill the first one to turn away. That doesn’t stop a majority of the soldiers from running, and Petrine calls them cowards. Then, Ranulf and some other Gallian soldiers appear, and Ranulf commands the Daein soldiers to leave at once, threatening battle with the full force of the Gallian army. Petrine refuses, saying Ashnard will slaughter her if she retreats, and she’s rather die with honor in battle.

Through the other door arrives the Black Knight, who orders Petrine to comply with Ranulf and withdraw, ensuring her that he’ll set things right with the king. Petrine leaves with her troops. The Black Knight stares at Greil for a moment, then leaves. Ike is confused, but let’s the subject go for now.

Outside the fort, Mist and Elincia greet Ike and Greil. Ranulf explains that the princess requested aid for Ike and company, which is why they arrived when they did. Ike asks if Ranulf is a sub-human, and Ranulf is immediately offended. He goes through a speech of how laguz are always treated as less than beorc. Ike apologizes, claiming not to know any different name for what Ranulf is, offering to call him laguz, if that would be preferable. Ranulf is surprised at Ike’s manners, and asks for his name.

They introduce themselves, and Ranulf says that they’d been watching Ike’s company enter the forest, not knowing what to think. He explains that they thought all of Crimea’s royal family had been killed, but that they were gladly surprised when Elincia showed up. Ranulf also informs Ike that Daein seized Crimea, and Elincia explains that she also learned even her uncle Renning could not stand up to Daein. The king of Gallia had ordered Ranulf and his troops to patrol the Crimean border because of Daein’s occupation, which is why they found Elincia so early.

Ranulf tells Ike that he will take Elincia to the king of Gallia, and that Ike and company can rest at an old castle while he gets orders from the king. Ike asks Greil what he thinks about the situation, and Greil apologizes for not paying attention; he has other matters on his mind. Ike notes that this is unusual, but explains to Greil the plan. Greil complies with the plans, urging Ranulf to get Elincia to King Caineghis as soon as possible, and that they can make their way to Gebal Castle by themselves. Ranulf departs with Elincia, promising that someone will bring the Greil Mercenaries food later.

Later that night, Ike sees his father leaving the castle. Greil tells Ike to go back to bed, but Ike refuses. Seeing his son grown up, Greil invites Ike to take a walk in the woods with him for a while. Greil asks Ike how he likes mercenary life, and Ike says that it’s made him a better fighter, but he wonders why Greil keeps putting him in charge. Greil says merely that Ike will understand in time, then asks Ike what he remembers about his mother. Ike admits to not remembering much, only that she was kind, and that Greil never said much about her. Greil drops the subject lightly, without explanation. He then orders Ike back into the castle, and Ike starts to return, but follows his father back into the forest.

A cutscene begins, and Ike is seen running after his father, confused about his attitude after the day’s battle. Arriving in a clearing under a full moon, Ike finds his father fighting the Black Knight. Greil sees Ike approaching, and tells him to stay back. The Black Knight offers Greil a golden sword that matches his, and invites him to continue the fight, calling him Gawain, Rider of Daein. Greil acknowledges that he once was known by that name, but he threw it away. He refuses to use the golden sword, preferring to use his axe instead. Greil recognizes the Black Knight’s voice as one of the people he taught how to fight, surprised that he would challenge his teacher. Greil charges once more, but is stopped when the Black Knight’s blade pierces his torso. The Black Knight is surprised that there was little resistance to his attack, and lets Greil fall back into Ike’s arms.

After the cutscene, the Black Knight wonders if that is really what became of his teacher. Ike is stunned, telling his father to hold on. The Black Knight asks for something, but Greil says that he threw it away. The Black Knight refuses to believe this as Greil knows the power of the item, and wouldn’t simply throw it away. Greil refuses to talk. The Black Knight threatens to torture Ike and Mist in order to extract information from him. Ike, enraged, charges the Black Knight, but is whacked down. The Black Knight asks once more for Greil’s item of importance, promising not to kill Ike if he does. Greil, having nothing more to do, pleads with the Black Knight not touch Ike.

Just then, a roar sounds from off in the forest that the Black Knight recognizes is the king of the beasts. Starting to retreat, Ike tells him not to go anywhere. The Black Knight remarks at Ike’s stupidity, and Greil tries to get up, but falls back down again. Greil tells Ike to stop fighting the Black Knight, as there’s no way he can win. A roar is heard once more, and the Black Knight leaves Ike alone, saying that he can keep his head for today. The Black Knight warps off. Greil remarks at how willful and arrogant the Black Knight is, but then remembers that it was he who taught him to be so.

As it starts to rain, Ike helps Greil back to the castle to care for him there. Greil wakes on the way back, telling Ike not to seek revenge against the Black Knight, asking him to stay with the king of Gallia and live in peace. He then asks that Ike take care of everything for him, including the company. Ike tells his father to stop wasting his strength saying things like that, and to hold on just a little longer. They stop just before the castle, and the rest of the company runs out to meet them as the rain gets heavier.

Chapter data

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Rout enemy Player Partner Other Enemy Third
Defeat: Ike dies 6+3 {{{partner}}} 0 15+13 {{{third}}}
Cm fe09 7.png
Bonus EXP
Requirement Easy Normal/Hard Maniac
Clear the chapter in 10 turns or less
(-penalty per # of turns after)
450 (-30) 300 (-20) 150 (-10)

Character data

New Units
Small portrait mia fe09.png
NPC, talk to with Ike
Returning Characters

Small portrait ike ranger 01 fe09.pngSmall portrait titania fe09.pngSmall portrait oscar fe09.pngSmall portrait boyd fe09.pngSmall portrait rhys fe09.pngSmall portrait shinon fe09.pngSmall portrait gatrie fe09.pngSmall portrait soren fe09.png

Note: Gatrie and Shinon will return after crossing the upper half of the map.

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is gcn chest key.png Chest Key Dropped by enemy Soldier (×2)
Is gcn steel lance.png Steel Lance Dropped by enemy Soldier (Easy/Normal)
Is gcn fire.png Fire Dropped by enemy Mage (reinforcement)
Is gcn mage band.png Mage Band Dropped by Balmer
(only appears after completing the game once)
Is gcn miracle scroll.png Miracle Open left chest in western room
Is gcn ward.png Ward Open right chest in western room
Is gcn armorslayer.png Armorslayer Open lone chest in eastern room

Enemy data

Normal Hard

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Soldier Archer 6 1 Steel Bow --
Soldier Archer 9 1 Iron Bow --
Soldier Fighter 5 1 Hand Axe --
Soldier Knight 7 1 Steel Lance --
Soldier Knight 8 1 Steel Lance --
Soldier Knight 10 2 Iron Lance --
Soldier Soldier 5 1 Iron Lance --
Soldier Soldier 6 1 Javelin Chest KeyThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat. --
Soldier Soldier 7 2 Iron Lance --
Soldier Soldier 7 1 Javelin --
Soldier Soldier 7 1 Steel LanceThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat. --
Soldier Soldier 7 1 Steel Lance Chest KeyThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat. --
Soldier Soldier 8 1 Iron Lance --
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Thief Thief 7 1 Knife
Knife Steal
Prioritizes opening a chest; then escapes.
Soldier Knight 7 2 Iron Lance --
Soldier Knight 12 1 Javelin --
Soldier Mage 4 1 FireThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat. --
Soldier Mage 5 1 Fire --
Soldier Myrmidon 6 1 Armorslayer --
Soldier Myrmidon 7 1 Steel Sword Vulnerary --
Soldier Priest 7 1 Heal --
Soldier Soldier 5 3 Iron Lance --
Balmer Sage 1 1 Elfire Mage BandThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.* --


NPC data

NPC Units
Name Class Lv # HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res Cha Con Mov Inventory and Skills
Name Class Lv # HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res Cha Con Mov Inventory and Skills
Mia Myrmidon 6 1 21 7 0 10 13 6 7 2 6 Iron Sword Slim Sword Vulnerary Sword Band*
Will move to Ike and initiate her recruitment.


  • Turn 2(Easy/Normal)/1(Hard/Maniac)
    • Mia from the east exit of the map.

Boss data

Main article: Balmer

Easy/Normal Hard/Maniac

Small portrait balmer fe09.png
Level 1
Affinity Is gcn darkaffin.png
Constitution 9
Max HP 27 Speed 11
Strength 1 Luck 5
Magic 8 Defense 6
Skill 10 Resistance 14
Movement 6 Weight 9
Inventory Skills
Mage BandThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.*
Weapon Levels
GCNRankSword.gif -- GCNRankLance.gif -- GCNRankAxe.gif -- GCNRankBow.gif --
GCNRankFire.gif C GCNRankThunder.gif D GCNRankWind.gif D GCNRankStaff.gif E


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

This chapter features all eight mercenaries playable up to this point, and introduces a new recruitable fighter, the Myrmidon Mia, who appears from the right entrance of the map after the first turn to engage the enemy. Ike will have to Talk to Mia to recruit her. In addition, Shinon and Gatrie do not appear until after Ike's party crosses into the upper portion of the map, which triggers a cutscene, then brings the two in from the upper-left entrance.

The goal of this chapter is to Rout all enemies in the area. Ike's team starts in the lower left, and will have to battle their way up to the northern point, where the boss, Sage Balmer will appear. Once he does, more Daein reinforcements appear with him, from the upper left, top, and bottom entrances, so it would be wise to wait until the coast is clear to proceed up that way.

There are two separate rooms on both sides of the map, which contain Chests. These can be opened with the proper keys, dropped by some of the enemies, to yield useful items. However, after turn 2, a Thief appears from the lower-left entrance, whose only motive is to steal the items from the chests and run off. If the mercenaries wish to collect what's in the chests, they will need to hunt down the Thief or otherwise get in his way. Titania is well-suited to this task, as she can outrun him.

When Shinon and Gatrie appear, they will be assaulted from the left and right by numerous troops. They can take cover inside the room with the chests to avoid getting surrounded. Once the enemies are cleared away, the team can then unite and take out Balmer. Being a Sage, he deals great damage with his magic, but is weak in defense.

On Hard Mode, there are more starting enemies to contend with. Additionally, the Thief appears a turn earlier, making him harder to stop.

Bonus experience is rewarded based on how quickly the enemy is Routed.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Shades of Evil




Black Evil


La sombra negra

The black shadow


L'ombre du mal

The Shadow of Evil


Hauch d. Bösen

Hint of Evil


Ombra maligna

Malignant Shadow


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