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Portrait alder fe10.png
Alder's portrait in Radiant Dawn.







Starting class

Armored Sword[1]


I don’t care who they are. The more kick they have in them, the more fun for us, don’t you think, sir?
— Alder

Alder (Japanese: アルダー Alder) is a Begnion soldier in the Imperial Occupation Army in Daein. He served as a lieutenant and confidant to Jarod, the garrison's general, and assisted him in commanding his forces in the battles against the Dawn Brigade and the Daein Liberation Army.


Alder was present with Jarod when he first learned about the Dawn Brigade, and joined him in being excited to actively hunt for them.[2] He assisted Jarod in capturing Micaiah and Laura after their successful raid at the Kisca manor, and in taking them to Glaive Prison.

Late in the conflict, after the Dawn Brigade had joined forces with Pelleas to form the Daein Liberation Army, Jarod and Alder received reports from their master, Numida, of Sanaki's plan to investigate the occupation army's war crimes. On Numida's orders Jarod orchestrated a trap to destroy the liberation army, but after it failed Numida betrayed them and placed all of the blame for the Daein crisis on Jarod. As one final mission of revenge, Jarod and Alder plotted to bring Micaiah down with them, and to achieve this Jarod tasked Alder with conducting a diversion with most of their troops to distract the liberation army, while Jarod personally took on Micaiah.[3] However, Jarod's plan failed with the arrival of the Black Knight, who quickly defeated Jarod's men to protect Micaiah. The Black Knight intended to kill Jarod as well, but was stopped by Alder, who had abandoned his post to join Jarod. Alder took the lethal blow meant for Jarod, and after expressing his admiration for his general, died from this wound. At Micaiah's insistence, Jarod retreated with Alder's body to bury him and prepare to face the apostle.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn


Alder has a recurring role in the story of Part 1, frequently appearing with Jarod.

Personality and character

Alder held a deep and unquestionable loyalty to Jarod. He was willing to fight and sacrifice his own life for Jarod, which he ultimately did to save him from the Black Knight. Even though he readily admitted that Jarod was "a terror to work under", he nonetheless felt that he and Jarod had much in common, and felt that his place was to fight at Jarod's side rather than work anywhere else.[4] Like Jarod, he was intrigued by the idea of the Dawn Brigade providing a legitimate challenge to the Begnion army, and was excited by the prospect of hunting them.[2]

Other appearances


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes





Romanized as ALDER in internal file names.



As above.



As above.



Originally a short form of names containing the Germanic element bald "bold, brave", such as Baldovino and Teobaldo.[5]



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  1. In several cutscenes, Alder is depicted on chapter maps as one of the three base armored classes (Armored Sword, Armored Lance, Armored Axe). He is never seen with a weapon equipped, and because all three classes have an identical appearance aside from their weapons, from this alone it is uncertain which one he is supposed to be. However data miners have found that Alder's class when appearing on maps is the Sword variant.
  2. 2.0 2.1 "Alder: I don’t care who they are. The more kick they have in them, the more fun for us, don’t you think, sir?
    Jarod: Precisely. Overseeing this dusty old town is wearing thin. A little fresh game is just what I need.
    " — Alder and Jarod, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  3. "Jarod: Hah! What a magnificently ruthless maneuver. I didn’t know Numida had it in him. Disowning the entire occupation army...and framing me for their actions. Brilliant.
    Alder: So then...the game is over. Might we at least drag Duke Numida down with us?
    Jarod: Not a chance. We are proof that Duke Numida–and therefore the entire senate–is corrupt. No doubt they’ll work together to silence us. Besides, there’s more tantalizing prey than those tottering relics. If I’m to fall, so too should the one who upended our plans and drove us to this dead end... That girl.
    Alder: Oh... I like that. Our final mission.
    Jarod: You create a diversion with the troops tonight, after dark. And I will seek our target...the girl’s silver-maned head.
    " — A Begnion messenger, Jarod, and Alder, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  4. "Jarod: Alder?! You... Why are you here?
    Alder: I’d rather fight beside my general than create a distraction with the other soldiers.
    Jarod: You idiot! Who asked you to join me?
    Alder: General Jarod... You are a terror to work under. Even so...I’ve always sensed a kindred spirit in you. I will follow you and fight for the very gates of the abyss...
    Jarod: He was a good soldier... What now? Why don’t you kill me?
    " — Jarod and Alder, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
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