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Portrait valtome fe10.png
Valtome's portrait in Radiant Dawn.

A member of the Begnion Senate, and the duke of Culbert. He takes command of the Imperial Army to pursue the Laguz Alliance. He is a terrible narcissist, and arrogant beyond comprehension.







  • Duke of Culbert
  • Senator in the Begnion Imperial Senate
  • Commander-in-Chief of the Begnion Imperial Army
Starting class



Withdraw our troops?! You foolish girl! We will not be ordered about by the proclamations of a peasant like you! Puppet rulers such as yourself should stay inside their pretty castles and play dress-up.
— Valtome, to Elincia

Valtome (pronounced /vɑlˈtoʊmeɪ/[key][1]; Japanese: バルテロメ Valtelome) is a Begnion duke from the territory of Culbert, and a member of the Begnion Imperial Senate. He played an important role in the Senate's schemes in their war with the Laguz Alliance, plotting to both drive the laguz to extinction and to usurp control of Begnion from its rightful ruler, Empress Sanaki, once and for all. He was assigned command of the Begnion military to achieve this, where he became a bitter enemy of the acclaimed Begnion war hero Zelgius.


The war

Along with the rest of the Senate, Valtome desired to seize control of Begnion away from Empress Sanaki and allow the Senate to govern it themselves without interference, as the result of years of Sanaki and Sephiran working to put an end to the corruption and misdeeds which were common among senators. To achieve this, Valtome and the rest of the senate, under the leadership of Lekain, provoked the laguz nations into war and caused them to form the Laguz Alliance and attack Begnion. When the war was underway, the senate had Sanaki and Sephiran detained to prevent them from interfering.[2]

Partway through the war, after Zelgius had defeated Skrimir in single combat and the Alliance had begun its retreat to Gallia, the rest of the senate appointed Valtome as the commander-in-chief of Begnion's forces. He took over direct command of the war effort and Begnion's military plans from Zelgius, in order to prolong the war and destroy the laguz once and for all. Under his direction the northern force was left behind to "search for bodies of dead sub-humans or something" in the dangerous Kauku Caves, into which the Alliance had fled, while Valtome led the Central Army to retreat and regroup.

Valtome's new plan for the Begnion army was to stage an invasion of Gallia through Crimea, and he immediately began to pressure Crimea's Queen Elincia for support for the war effort, demanding both free passage through Crimean lands and supplies and reinforcements. As a pacifist and ally of Gallia, Elincia denied all of these requests, and in revenge Valtome ordered the army to enter Crimea anyway and begin actively raiding and stealing from its people for the needed supplies.[3] After the Crimean Royal Knights stopped one of these raids, Valtome met with Elincia and demanded her loyalty and support for the war, threatening to have Elincia executed for treason and to then claim Crimea as his own.

Days later, Valtome and the Central Army passed into Crimea territory anyway and prepared to engage the Laguz Alliance, but they were stopped by the arrival of Elincia, who laid down her sword as a symbolic gesture to stop the fight. When Valtome insisted on attacking anyway, Zelgius, Levail, and the Central Army retreated from the battle, as did the Laguz Alliance army. Enraged by this turn of events, Valtome ordered his personal Culbert army and its commander, Sergei, to kill Elincia for defying him. Valtome's army was opposed by Ike and the Greil Mercenaries, as well as the Crimean Royal Knights, who drove his men back. In the end, as Elincia's allies succeeded in overwhelming the Culbert army, Valtome escaped the battlefield and swore to punish Zelgius for failing to aid him.

Once he returned to the Central Army's base camp, Valtome immediately arranged to have Zelgius executed as a traitor for his inaction in the last battle, despite the objections of Levail. Knowing of the great esteem Zelgius had among the people of Begnion, Valtome planned to release a cover story for Zelgius's death which claimed that he had died in battle against the Laguz Alliance.[4] The execution was foiled by the arrival of Empress Sanaki and her Holy Guard, who accused the senate of treachery to seize control of Begnion. Valtome, of course, denied these claims, and this divided the Central Army between those loyal to the senate and those loyal to Sanaki.

The Disciples of Order

After the awakening of Ashera and Yune, Valtome became a leader in Ashera's Disciples of Order along with the other Begnion senators. He led an army of Disciples to attack the Hawk Army, led by Elincia and Tibarn, as they traveled near Lake Semper in the east, and he fought to avenge himself on both Elincia and Zelgius (who was not present, although Valtome insisted otherwise) for how they had undermined him before. Valtome died in this battle, still cursing Zelgius with his last words.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn


Valtome is the boss of Part 4 Chapter 2 and acts as the commander of the Hand units in this chapter. The chapter's objective is to defeat all enemy units, including Valtome.


Small portrait valtome fe10.png
Level 14
Affinity Is wii earthaffin.png
Constitution 10
Max HP 45 Speed 25
Strength 17 Luck 29
Magic 30 Defense 17
Skill 24 Resistance 35
Movement 6 Weight 10
Inventory Skills
ValauraThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.This item or skill is locked to this unit. Shove
Weapon Levels
WiiRankSword.png -- WiiRankLance.png -- WiiRankAxe.png -- WiiRankBow.png -- WiiRankKnife.png -- WiiRankStrike.png --
WiiRankFire.png -- WiiRankThunder.png -- WiiRankWind.png -- WiiRankLight.png S WiiRankDark.png -- WiiRankStaff.png A

Personality and character

Valtome is vain and arrogant in the extreme, believing himself—and by extension, the Begnion Senate—to be flawless, infallible, and the rightful rulers of anything they desire. He demands total, unfliching obedience from anybody he views as his inferiors, even from foreign rulers. He makes no attempt to hide his utter disrespect for others, insulting both their intelligence and their broader worth in colorful detail and in a very patronizing, condescending mannner, treating others as if being obedient servants of the Senate is for their own good.[5] He does not react well at all to having his control or expectations undermined by them, becoming highly vindictive and vengeful when he is actively defied.[6]

Valtome had a peculiar, antagonistic obsession with Zelgius, which only grew more intense as the war continued. He saw Zelgius as rigid and pompous, and kept trying to surprise him and poke holes in his stoic demeanor.[7] After the incident with Elincia laying down her sword and the humiliation of his forces being defeated, he became particularly obsessed with finding and punishing Zelgius, refusing to believe that he was not hiding in Elincia and Tibarn's ranks.


Battle quotes

Uwee hee hee! Uwee hee hee! I have always known that only I, Valtome, possessed the grace and beauty to be chosen by the goddess! How wonderful to finally be recognized for my excellence! If only that insufferable Zelgius could see me now! I am divinity! Uwee hee hee!
— Valtome, as the boss of Part 4 Chapter 2 of Radiant Dawn.
Valtome: Ah, there you are, Queen of Hayseeds! I look forward to scraping you off my immaculate nails! Uwee hee hee hee!
Elincia: Lord Valtome, I desire no battle with you. Withdraw your troops immediately. If you do so, no more lives will be lost.
Valtome: Uwee hee...uwee hee hee... Are you touched as well as homely? I offer YOU the chance to surrender! But you, Elincia, I will only forgive if you beg. And crawl. And lick the sole of my left boot.
Elincia: I'm sorry that you feel that way. If that's how it has to be, may the goddess have mercy on you, Valtome.

— Valtome, when fighting Elincia in Part 4 Chapter 2 of Radiant Dawn.

Valtome: Ah, a Crimean soldier, yes? Ugh! That queen of yours has no style! What ridiculous armor! You go out in that?
Kieran: I will brook no insult to my queen or my armor! You face Kieran, second commander of the Royal Knights...and your doom!

— Valtome, when fighting Kieran in Part 4 Chapter 2 of Radiant Dawn.
Valtome: The so-called queen... Where is that brazen little hussy? Bring her before me! Now! Right away! Immediately!
Ranulf: Are you the best Ashera could do? This really is the end of the world.

— Valtome, when fighting Ranulf in Part 4 Chapter 2 of Radiant Dawn.
Valtome: Oh, how quaint...a bird. Do you seek to defeat me? Haven't you herons learned it's not safe to play with senators? Uwee hee hee! Beg for my mercy!
Reyson: Mercy will be done when you and your fellows are gone from this world.

— Valtome, when fighting Reyson in Part 4 Chapter 2 of Radiant Dawn.
Valtome: Zelgius... Where is Zelgius?! Do you think you can hide him? That man...must be...uwee hee hee...punished!
Tibarn: Sorry to disappoint you, but Zelgius is my prey. There's no chance I'm passing him on to the likes of you.

— Valtome, when fighting Tibarn in Part 4 Chapter 2]] of Radiant Dawn.
Valtome: You are no soldier! Who are you, boy?
Pelleas: I... I am Pelleas, king of Daein.
Valtome: Oh, how precious! I was hoping that I'd meet the simpering moron who signed the blood pact with Lekain... How funny! Uwee hee hee!
Pelleas: Y-you will regret this!

— Valtome, when fighting Pelleas in Part 4 Chapter 2 of Radiant Dawn.

Death quotes

— Valtome, as the boss of Part 4 Chapter 2 of Radiant Dawn.

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Romanized as VALTELOME in his internal file name.



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  1. Radiant Dawn narrator
  2. "My soldiers, listen to me carefully. I never wished for this war. It was started by those who wanted me dead. It was spurred on by their desire to rule Begnion for themselves. This war was the work of the senate and was organized by Vice-Minister Lekain of Gaddos!" — Sanaki, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  3. "Senator Valtome arrives to take command of the Central Army. He orders Zelgius to march on to Gallia by way of Crimea. Observing diplomatic protocol, Valtome petitions the queen for passage as well as supplies and additional troops.
    Queen Elincia, however, goes against the wishes of the Crimean nobles and resolutely denies each of Valtome’s requests. Her reply enrages Valtome, who sees Crimea as little more than a vassal of the empire. Ignoring Zelgius’s counsel, Valtome orders his army to enter Crimea and take whatever they need from the villages along the way.
    " — Opening narration of Part 3 Chapter 9, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  4. "Valtome: I shall now dispense punishment for disobeying my orders! General Zelgius! Do you have anything to say? I would hear your pleas now.
    Zelgius: ...I am prepared to face the consequences of my actions.
    Valtome: Quite an admirable sentiment, General. Although I imagine you should have thought about the consequences before you abandoned your allies! Now, on your knees. It's time for your execution. Good-bye, General Zelgius.
    Levail: Wh-what?! Senator! I must ask you to reconsider! To execute a man of General Zelgius's caliber without a trial... It's madness! It's horrible!
    Valtome: Levail, are you questioning a senator? A senator holds the right to punish a prisoner however he sees fit! Oh, I'll make sure to tell our people that the general was cut down in battle after felling hundreds of sub-humans. That way, the people will not trouble themselves over details that they couldn't possibly understand.
    Levail: You would bury the truth?! Do you think the apostle is as easily fooled by your lies?!
    Valtome: Oh, I sincerely doubt the apostle will ever get to hear them. ...All right, I've waited long enough. Your wait is over as well, Zelgius. Execute him! Don't worry, Zelgius. I'll make sure that your lands are looked after. They'll be mine, of course. Uwee hee hee!
    " — Valtome, Zelgius, and Levail, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  5. "Elincia: Senator Valtome... I sincerely regret having to meet under these circumstances.
    Valtome: Oh, I completely agree, Your Majesty. I never dreamed we'd suffer so much mistreatment from our allies. So, you've decided that Crimea will side with Gallia, and honor the alliance with those filthy sub-humans over ours?
    Elincia: As I've said before, Crimea remains neutral. Crimea will side neither with Begnion nor the Laguz Alliance. That is my final answer.
    Valtome: Ah, then please enlighten me... Why prevent us from getting what we needed? Begnion is your suzerain. You should comply with our request for supplies. But instead, you launch an ambush and inflict horrible pain on us, your loving guardians. Now, Begnion is a patient parent, but I do hope you realize that your actions thus far have amounted to treason and sedition...
    Elincia: You have violated our borders, stolen from my people, and inflicted harm upon them. I will not allow such actions within my lands, no matter who the aggressor may be!
    Valtome: How quaint. Uwee hee hee... Your Majesty, do you know what the penalties are for the crimes you've committed? I can only assume you do not, or you would not so rashly endanger your life. But don't worry, Queen Elincia. Once Begnion has your crown--along with your head--removed for treason, I'm sure we will take VERY good care of your people.
    Zelgius: Senator Valtome!
    Valtome: I think, after the dust has settled, I'll place my portrait right over your throne-- ...Mmm-hmm. It was a pleasure chatting with Your Majesty. I am leaving now. She's all yours, General.
    " — Elincia, Valtome, and Zelgius, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  6. "Elincia: I demand that both the Laguz Alliance and the Imperial Army leave Crimea at once!
    Valtome: Withdraw our troops?! You foolish girl! We will not be ordered about by the proclamations of a peasant like you! Puppet rulers such as yourself should stay inside their pretty castles and play dress-up. Begnion's patience has worn out. After we finish slaughtering the sub-humans, we'll be coming for you in Melior.
    " — Elincia and Valtome, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  7. "Zelgius: Senator Valtome.
    Valtome: Uwee hee hee. You're not even a tiny bit surprised, Lord Zelgius of Cador? What a frightful bore you are. I came here in secret just to surprise you.
    Zelgius: Oh, I am surprised indeed. What would bring a senator of your station to a place like this? Do you bring new orders?
    Valtome: Uwee hee hee. Oh, yes. I am here to deliver a decision handed down by the senate. In its wisdom, the senate has appointed me commander in chief of the Imperial Army. From this moment on, this army is mine.
    Zelgius: ...I see. Then I am at your command. Your orders, Commander?
    Valtome: Uwee hee hee. Oh, you are ever so serious! You haven't changed one bit, Zelgius. One of these days, I will catch you off guard. Well, I suppose that impassive face of yours is just part of your charm.
    " — Zelgius and Valtome, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
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