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Blood pact

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This article is about the object in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. For the chapter, see Blood Contract.

Lekain holding a blood pact which curses King Pelleas of Daein.
No matter how you struggle, you have no choice but to follow the orders given to you by the empire. No matter how noble your motives, defiance against us will result in the death of your nation. This you must never forget.
— Lekain

A blood pact (Japanese: 血の誓約 blood oath) is a sinister magical contract found in Tellius. The signing of such a pact binds one party into absolute obedience to another, with a lethal curse being the punishment for failure to obey the command of their master. They were used heavily by the Begnion senator Lekain to manipulate entire countries into doing his bidding.

Rules and consequences of the blood pact

The mark of a blood pact on Pelleas's arm.

When a blood pact is signed by an individual, they are bound to a master by it and are required to obey any commands this master makes at any time, without disagreement. The penalty for failing to do so is the destruction of the servant's country. The master can invoke the pact's curse at any time they choose if the servant refuses, hesitates or does anything that the master dislikes.[1] Once the servant gets back in line and resumes following orders, the master typically halts the effects of the curse, although under the terms of the pact they are in no way obligated to do so and can even allow it to keep going to punish and torture the servant further.[2] The servant of a blood pact is physically marked with a magical mark on their forearm, and if they are killed without terminating the blood pact, the mark will automatically reappear on the arm of the next authority of that country, who will also take over the role of being the servant of the pact.

The pact's curse, from the perspective of an outsider with no knowledge of blood pacts, appears to be a common plague. Once the curse is in effect, people will begin dying on a daily basis, with the number of people dying per day increasing with each day; the first day of the curse kills one person, the second day kills two, the third kills three, and so on.[2] If the servant does not submit to the master in time, the rapid rate at which people die as the curse wears on will literally lead to their entire nation being wiped out. The curse is indiscriminate and will kill both commoners and royalty, although it appears that the servant themself will not be among these random victims, presumably being saved to be the last one killed by it if they do not comply with the master at all.

The only way to completely remove the effects of a blood pact rests on two requirements. The document itself must be destroyed, and one of the people who originally made the pact must die; either requirement alone is not enough.[3] It does not matter which of the pact's parties die, as both the death of the master (as with Lekain) or the death of the servant (as with the former Daein king) will suffice to break the pact so long as the document is also destroyed. When destroyed by tearing, the rest of the document will magically burn itself up. The effects of a blood pact curse can also be staved off through mass petrification such as Ashera's judgement, as the curse cannot kill anybody if its victims-to-be have already been turned to stone, although this is not an ideal solution.[4]

The original master of a blood pact can, however, be overruled if that master happens to be subject to somebody else, and the bound party is able to follow the commands of the master's superior while neglecting those of the master. For instance, Naesala's blood pact had him in servitude to Lekain, but the orders of Sanaki—who, as empress, outranked Lekain in the law of Begnion—took precedence over Lekain's orders as far as the blood pact was concerned, allowing him to enter her service instead and escape Lekain's threat.[5]

It should be noted that the game only talks about the blood pact's effects on rulers of a country, so there is no information on what one would do if a commoner was bound by it.

Known blood pacts

Ashnard's pact

Ashnard kills the former Daein king to end his blood pact.

Shortly after he began his mission to instigate Ashera's judgement, Lehran chose to manipulate the young Daein prince Ashnard into performing the task for him.[6] As part of a plot conceived to seize control of Daein, Ashnard had the king sign a blood pact with a mysterious wise man (possibly Lehran himself) under the pretense of it being a contract to secure the services of this wise man. Ashnard then had the wise man invoke the curse of the blood pact, crippling Daein with a plague in the year 626. The curse quickly killed off most of the Daein royal family among its many other victims, leaving only Ashnard and the king; although Ashnard was originally a distant relative with no direct line to the throne, the blood pact left him as the only possible heir. Ashnard then killed the king, took the throne and destroyed the blood pact, ensuring that he would not be affected by the curse himself.[3]

The Kilvas pact

The late king of Kilvas, tormented by the blood pact's curse.

A former king of Kilvas signed a blood pact with the Begnion senate (possibly with Lekain himself), pledging his loyalty in exchange for Begnion aid in regaining control of Kilvas. When he reneged on the terms of the pact, the curse took hold, and although he begged for the curse to be lifted thirty days in, the senate waited until the hundredth day to grant his request. According to the mathematics of the pact, this resulted in a total of 5,050 deaths in Kilvas, which according to Lekain included the king's wife and child.[2]

As with Ashnard, the blood pact took out a significant portion of the Kilvas royal family, which suddenly left Naesala as first in line for the throne after his father's demise.[7] When he became the king, he continued to be subject to the blood pact, and early in the war between Begnion and the Laguz Alliance, Lekain forced Naesala to betray the Alliance by leaking battle strategies to the Begnion army, leading to a trap where Tibarn and the Phoenicis army raided the fully-armed Begnion Central Army itself instead of a supply caravan. His actions also left the island of Phoenicis itself wide open for a genocidal attack which wiped out most of the hawk tribe.[8] However, he eventually entered the command of Sanaki, whose word outranked Lekain's and spared Kilvas from further effects. The blood pact was recovered from Lekain after his death in the Tower of Guidance.

Pelleas's pact

Shortly after his coronation in the year 648, Daein's new king Pelleas was visited by Lekain, who tricked him into signing a blood pact under the pretense of it being a peace treaty with Begnion. Pelleas relied on Izuka to vet its contents, unaware that Izuka was working for Lekain, and signed it because it met with Izuka's approval.[1] Using the threat of this blood pact, Lekain forced Daein to enter the war with the Laguz Alliance on Begnion's side. He eventually revealed this to Micaiah, Sothe and Tauroneo, and with their encouragement researched ways to end the blood pact; the answer he found was his own death, though Micaiah would later learn that this would have been insufficient. The pact was retrieved from Lekain's corpse along with the Kilvas pact and was immediately destroyed by Micaiah.


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Blood pact




Blood oath


Pacto de sangre

Blood pact


Pacte de sang

Blood pact



Blood pact


Patto di sangue

Blood pact



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