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Daein, Arise!

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Daein, Arise!

Cm fe10 1-E.png


Daein Keep



I shall not... I... I cannot ignore this tragedy. No man can, and certainly no prince… I cannot look away when my people suffer. And so I ask... I ask you all. Please, will you join me?!
— Pelleas

Daein, Arise! (Japanese: デイン復活 Dayne's Resurrection) is the endgame of part 1 of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. In this chapter, Micaiah and the Dawn Brigade fight Jarod one last time to end his tyranny and free Daein.


Main article: Daein, Arise!/Script
See also: Daein, Arise!/Conversations

Jarod begins a brutal siege on Nevassa from the safety of Daein Keep. Izuka urges the liberation army to stay put and wait for the apostle's envoy to arrive, but Micaiah and Sothe are unwilling to allow more innocent bloodshed. Izuka reminds Micaiah that her name has been used as a rallying point for the citizens of Daein, as opposed to Prince Pelleas. Izuka suspects Micaiah of pretending to help Pelleas in order to obtain the crown herself, but Pelleas rebukes him, calling to mind his own inadequacy as a leader and prince. Pelleas then steps outside the tent and struggles to give a rallying speech to the people of Daein. The Black Knight steps behind him, immediately attracting the peoples' attention to them. After Pelleas concludes his speech, the people of Daein rally behind him, proclaiming him as their prince. The Black Knight then steps aside.

After speaking with Pelleas, Micaiah gives the army the command to sortie to Daein Keep. Within the keep, Jarod muses about his death being fraught with purpose. When Micaiah and company arrive, Jarod rallies his troops, and, noting how either possible result of the battle will be poor for them, commands them to give the Daein troops a fight to remember, and to die as proud soldiers of the Begnion empire. The battle proper then begins.

After Jarod is killed and the capital is retaken, Pelleas thanks Micaiah and appoints her as Supreme Commander of the Daein armies. Micaiah accepts, and Pelleas performs the ceremony, granting her further power as well. Later in Nevassa, citizens rush forward to witness the coronation of Pelleas as King of Daein. The people all cheer as he accepts his position. That night, Tormod and his group say farewell to Micaiah, stating that most Daeins still harbor ill will towards the laguz. Shocked by this, Micaiah begins crying and walks away, leaving Sothe to finish their farewells. Micaiah later thanks Muarim for not telling anyone about her brand. She tells how, though she can hide it, she cannot hide how slowly she ages, meaning she cannot stay in one place for very long. Muarim reassures her that, so long as Sothe is by her, she can overcome any difficulty. As the three are about to leave, Nailah walks in, stating she and Rafiel will be travelling with them to Gallia. The group then finally takes their leave. Volug, on the other hand, is sent by Nailah to continue protecting Micaiah. Micaiah then speaks to him and Sothe about her desire to rebuild Daein.

Beginning log

A figure from Daein's past appears unexpectedly in the night. A figure thought to have perished in the Mad King's War, the blood-stained right hand of the king himself, the mysterious Black Knight. The Black Knight protects Micaiah against Jarod's cowardly surprise attack. However, Micaiah senses that Jarod has one last move to make. Deprived of his chance to capture Micaiah, Jarod abandons all notions of retreat or negotiation. Instead, he makes plans for revenge. He murders an emissary from his homeland of Begnion and reclaims control of Daein Keep. From within the keep, he launches a savage barrage of catapult fire, all but destroying the castle town. The momentary peace that arrived with the Begnion emissary shatters along with Nevassa's walls, and the people of the city see their kin and their capital crushed under a rain of stone. This treachery proves too much for them, and their grief explodes into rage. Micaiah and company have pitched camp on a nearby hillside. When this merciless attack begins, its brutality leaves them lost for words.

Chapter data

Easy Normal/Hard

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Seize Player Partner Other Enemy Third
Defeat: Micaiah, Sothe, Nailah, or the Black Knight dies 12 {{{partner}}} {{{other}}} 23+16 {{{third}}}
Cm fe10 1-E.png
Bonus EXP
Requirement Easy Normal Hard
Clear the chapter 2,500 2,500 1,250
Clear the chapter in 12/15 turns or less 1,250/625 1,250/625 625/312.5

This map's elemental affinity is Thunder. This is an indoor chapter, meaning mounted units receive a -2 movement penalty.

Character data

New Units


Returning Characters

Small portrait micaiah light mage fe10.pngSmall portrait sothe rogue fe10.pngSmall portrait edward fe10.pngSmall portrait leonardo fe10.pngSmall portrait nolan fe10.pngSmall portrait laura fe10.pngSmall portrait ilyana fe10.pngSmall portrait aran fe10.pngSmall portrait meg fe10.pngSmall portrait volug fe10.pngSmall portrait tauroneo fe10.pngSmall portrait jill fe10.pngSmall portrait zihark fe10.pngSmall portrait fiona fe10.pngSmall portrait tormod fe10.pngSmall portrait muarim fe10.pngSmall portrait vika fe10.pngSmall portrait rafiel fe10.pngSmall portrait nailah fe10.pngSmall portrait black knight fe10.png

Note 1: Although Tauroneo's inventory can be managed during this chapter, he cannot be deployed due to the plot.
Note 2: At the end of the chapter, Micaiah will promote to Light Sage automatically.

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is wii thani.png Thani View base conversation "Fiona"
Is wii blue gem.png Blue Gem View base conversation "Volug"
Is wii chest key.png Chest Key Dropped by enemy Soldier
Is wii reaper card.png Reaper Card Open lone southwestern chest
Is wii speedwing.png Speedwing Open lower eastern chest
Is wii unlock.png Unlock Open upper eastern chest
Is wii coin.png Coin Open left northwestern chest
Is wii parity scroll.png Parity Right northwestern chest
Is wii vantage scroll.png Vantage Northeastern chest
Is wii elfire.png Elfire Steal from enemy Fire Mage (if unequipped)
Is wii fire.png Fire Steal from enemy Fire Mage (if unequipped)
(Easy only)
Is wii meteor.png Meteor Steal from enemy Fire Mage (if unequipped)
(Normal/Hard only)
Is wii concoction.png Concoction Steal from Jarod

Shop data

Armory and vendor

Swords Lances Axes Bows Knives Tomes Staves Items Bargains

Name Cost
Is wii bronze sword.png
Bronze Sword 350
Is wii iron sword.png
Iron Sword 500
Is wii steel sword.png
Steel Sword 800
Is wii iron blade.png
Iron Blade 800
Is wii steel blade.png
Steel Blade 1,400

Enemy data

Easy Normal/Hard

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Begnion Thunder Mage 15 2 Elthunder
Authority: Jarod
Will not move except to heal.
Begnion Armored Sword 14 1 Steel Blade
Authority: Jarod
Does not move.
Begnion Armored Axe 14 1 Steel Poleax
Authority: Jarod
Does not move.
Begnion Armored Lance 14 1 Javelin
Authority: Jarod
Begnion Armored Sword 15 1 Wind Edge
Authority: Jarod
Does not move.
Begnion Armored Lance 14 1 Steel Greatlance
Authority: Jarod
Will not move except to heal.
Begnion Fire Mage 15 1 Elfire Fire
Authority: Jarod
Does not move.
Begnion Wind Mage 15 2 Elwind
Authority: Jarod
Begnion Myrmidon 14 1 Steel Sword
Critical +5 Shove
Authority: Jarod
Immediately begins moving unprovoked.
Begnion Soldier 15 1 Steel Lance Chest KeyThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
Authority: Jarod
Begnion Soldier 14 2 Steel Lance
Authority: Jarod
The southern one immediately begins moving unprovoked.
Begnion Myrmidon 14 1 Killing Edge
Critical +5 Shove
Authority: Jarod
Begnion Fighter 15 1 Steel Axe
Authority: Jarod
Begnion Fighter 13 1 Steel Axe
Authority: Jarod
Immediately begins moving unprovoked.
Begnion Archer 14 2 Steel Bow
Authority: Jarod
The southern one does not move.
Begnion Priest 15 1 Physic Heal
Authority: Jarod
Begnion Priest 14 1 Physic Heal
Authority: Jarod
Begnion Soldier 14 1 Steel Greatlance
Authority: Jarod
Jarod Halberdier 4 1 Short SpearThis item or skill is locked to this unit. Concoction
Critical +5 Shove
Authority: ★★★
Does not move; stands on the objective, the chapter's seize point.
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Bandit Thief 14 2 Iron Knife
Steal Shove
Authority: Jarod
Prioritizes opening chests, then escaping via the west.
Begnion Fighter 14 2 Steel Axe
Authority: Jarod
Begnion Wind Mage 14 2 Elwind
Authority: Jarod
Begnion Fire Mage 14 2 Elfire
Authority: Jarod
Begnion Fighter 14 4 Venin Axe
Authority: Jarod
Begnion Myrmidon 14 1 Wind Edge
Critical +5 Shove
Authority: Jarod
Begnion Myrmidon 15 1 Steel Blade
Critical +5 Shove
Authority: Jarod
Begnion Armored Axe 15 2 Hand Axe
Authority: Jarod
Will not move except to heal.


  • Turn 2
    • 2 Thieves from the eastern border of the second floor
  • Turns 3 and 7
  • Turns 4 and 10
  • Turn 6
    • 2 Myrmidons from the western border of the third floor
  • Upon opening the door or reaching the fourth floor

Boss data

Main article: Jarod
Small portrait jarod fe10.png
Level 4
Affinity Is wii thunderaffin.png
Constitution 12
Authority ★★★
Max HP 39 Speed 19
Strength 20 Luck 10
Magic 4 Defense 18
Skill 20 Resistance 15
Movement 7 Weight 18
Inventory Skills
Short SpearThis item or skill is locked to this unit.
Critical +5
Weapon Levels
WiiRankSword.png -- WiiRankLance.png B WiiRankAxe.png -- WiiRankBow.png -- WiiRankKnife.png -- WiiRankStrike.png --
WiiRankFire.png -- WiiRankThunder.png -- WiiRankWind.png -- WiiRankLight.png -- WiiRankDark.png -- WiiRankStaff.png --


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This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

This will be the last chapter where the Dawn Brigade is playable until well into part 3. Several units will not return then: Ilyana leaves and joins the Greil Mercenaries, Tauroneo only returns in the last few chapters of part 3, while Tormod, Muarim, Vika, Nailah, and Rafiel do not return to the Dawn Brigade at all. To give the remaining Dawn Brigade members the best chance against their opponents in part 3, it is best to either put said characters' items and skills (especially Tormod's Celerity) in the convoy or another character's inventory before the chapter starts. If the player intends to use any of said characters this chapter, they should trade their items to the remaining Dawn Brigade members before the chapter is ended. The Black Knight will return in Part 3 Chapter 6, but only late into it; as such, it is best to leave his items in the convoy as well—he likely won't need anything more than Alondite anyways. Should the player want to give the Greil Mercenaries more items, however, that can also be done by putting them in Ilyana's inventory.

If the player is attempting to recruit a particular secret character on their second playthrough, the Black Knight must be deployed this chapter to do so. Even if the player is not attempting to unlock them, deploying him can still be worthwhile as he is an incredibly strong unit; though using him too extensively will deprive the rest of the Dawn Brigade of valuable experience, he can still be useful for dealing with particularly tough enemies and clearing the way for other units, especially on Hard mode. In addition, recruiting this same character requires Ike to survive a round of combat with the Black Knight in part 3, and he needs to grow 4 points of speed to avoid being doubled and annihilated, so it may be prudent to place the Speedwing you get in this chapter in Ilyana's convoy as a safety net.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Daein, Arise!




Dayne's Resurrection


¡A las armas, Daein!

To arms, Daein!


Daein, relève-toi!

Daein, arise!


Erhebe dich, Daein!

Arise, Daein!


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One Survives Daein, Arise! On Drifting Clouds
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