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The former lord of the independent territory of Marado. He served the former kings of Daein, and along with Gawain, Bryce, and Tauroneo was one of the famed Great Riders.






Fiona (daughter)



  • Lord of Marado
  • General of Daein
  • Great Rider of Daein


Radiant Dawn

"Bryce, Tauroneo, Gawain, and Lanvega... Four Riders of Daein, one country, one king, While they bear our banner, A free Daein shall sing."
— Micaiah, quoting a song

Lanvega (Japanese: ランビーガ Rambega) was an esteemed general serving the Kingdom of Daein, one of its legendary Great Riders, and was the steward of the Free State of Marado. After his death he was succeeded by his daughter, Fiona, who became a key ally of Micaiah, Pelleas, and the Daein Liberation Army after the Mad King's War.


Lanvega served as one of the Great Riders during the reign of Ashnard's predecessor, along with Tauroneo, Bryce, and Gawain. Described by Tauroneo, a good friend of his, as "a mighty swordsman", "stubborn as a mule", and a man of "unquestionable integrity", he and the other Great Riders were immortalized in a Daein folk song for their great deeds. Lanvega refused to serve Ashnard when he took the throne, having heard the rumors of Ashnard's involvement in the demise of his own father. He renounced his rank in the Daein military and withdrew from the royal court entirely, with the intent of protecting Marado from Ashnard. As a result, during the Mad King's War, Marado provided no soldiers for the Daein army at all.[1] After Lanvega's death, his daughter Fiona succeeded him as the steward of Marado and continued his policies to protect its people.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn


Having died before the game's story begins, Lanvega does not appear at all in Radiant Dawn. His life is discussed in Part 1 Chapter 6, and he has an entry in the base's Library.

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Romanized as RAMBEGA in the internal data of Radiant Dawn.



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  1. "Fiona: Thank you for rescuing my people.
    Tauroneo: Your people? So you must be–
    Fiona: Yes. I am Lanvega’s daughter, Fiona. After my father died, I assumed the governance of Marado.
    Micaiah: General Lanvega? From the song? "Bryce, Tauroneo, Gawain, and Lanvega... Four Riders of Daein, one country, one king, While they bear our banner, A free Daein shall sing." You’re THAT General Lanvega’s daughter?
    Tauroneo: Indeed... Lanvega, of the Four Riders. He was a good friend, and a mighty swordsman as well. And stubborn as a mule. Your father was a powerful warrior of unquestionable integrity. A great man.
    Fiona: Yes. And that’s why he renounced his rank and title as Rider and withdrew from court life, rather than serve King Ashnard. You’ve heard the rumors, no doubt, that Ashnard murdered his own father? My father could not serve such a man... And so, to protect Marado from a madman, we did not send men to fight for Daein in the war. I doubt you could ever forgive us...
    Micaiah: No, quite the opposite. You are these people’s steward, and you chose the course that would protect them.
    " — Fiona, Tauroneo, and Micaiah, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
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