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FERD Kurthnaga.png
Artwork of Kurthnaga from Radiant Dawn.

The black dragon prince of Goldoa. He is the son of King Dheginsea, and the youngest of all the dragons. He has established friendly ties with the outside world.






Dheginsea (father)
Rajaion (brother)
Almedha (sister)
Ashnard (brother-in-law)
Soren (nephew)
Unnamed niece or nephew


Prince of Goldoa

Starting class

Dragon Prince (Radiant Dawn)


Kurthnaga (Japanese: クルトナーガ Kurthnaga) is the son of Dheginsea, brother of Almedha, and uncle to Soren. He is a dragon laguz, and Prince of Goldoa.

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance


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Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn


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Starting stats and growth rates

Playable Partner, "Kurth"

Small portrait kurthnaga fe10.png
Dragon Prince
Level 20
Affinity Is wii wateraffin.png
Constitution 7»17
Authority ★★
Recruitment: Part 4, Endgame-1, automatically from the start

Stats Growth Rates

Max HP 55 Speed 10»20
Strength 15»30 Luck 21
Magic 7»14 Defense 15»30
Skill 8»16 Resistance 15»30
Movement 6»5 Weight 12»43
Inventory Skills
Olivi Grass
Night Tide
ShoveThis item or skill is locked to this unit.
Weapon Levels
WiiRankSword.png -- WiiRankLance.png -- WiiRankAxe.png -- WiiRankBow.png -- WiiRankKnife.png -- WiiRankStrike.png A
WiiRankFire.png -- WiiRankThunder.png -- WiiRankWind.png -- WiiRankLight.png -- WiiRankDark.png -- WiiRankStaff.png --


This character analysis section may not be accurate to every player's experience.

Kurthnaga is the only playable Black Dragon laguz in the game and is one of the last units to join the group, and he is forced into your party for the Tower of Guidance. Unfortunately, he starts at a severe level disadvantage, with his base stats being below average from what is expected for an endgame exclusive unit. As a dragon laguz, he has low speed, which will make him more likely to get double attacked by enemy units. He starts with a strike rank of A, which is quite high, but not high enough to be reliable throughout the endgame. He may seem to be dead weight at first glance, but he is surprisingly easy to train up to snuff due to his decent growth rates. Unlike other dragon laguz, he gains the ability to fly when shifted, allowing him to pass over obstacles such as gaps; he cannot canto, due to not possessing it as an innate ability. Unlike other laguz, Kurthnaga's movement range actually reduces while shifted, slightly harming his mobility.

In chapter 4-E-3, none of the enemy dragon units will attack him or Ena, including the boss, Dheginsea (though they are not invulnerable to his AoE shockwave attack). This is the perfect opportunity to start training Kurthnaga to ensure his stats are at their best potential. If given Dragonfoe and Paragon, he will have no problem in wiping out all of the enemy dragons and awarded numerous level ups for his trouble; after successfully clearing out Dheginsea and his entire cohort, he will have built up solid bulk due to his excellent HP and above-average defense and resistance. Coupled with his high strength, solid Strike rank, and innate 1-2 range, Kurthnaga will be able to pull his weight for the final two battles.

Kurthnaga has the Night Tide skill, which gives a +5 defense and resistance boost to nearby units. This will help immensely during the final leg of the game, as much of the foes are at their strongest and most dangerous, making the extra durability a must have. As a laguz, he has enough skill capacity to use both Paragon and Blossom at the same time, which can help him with gaining stat increase for his level ups. Upon the completion of chapter 4-E-3, Kurthnaga will gain the Formshift skill. This means he no longer needs to rely on items to maintain a shifted state, and prevents him from involuntarily unshifting in the heat of battle. The latter is very invaluable in the final two chapters as the enemy spirits have a very high movement range of 20, allowing them to mercilessly massacre anyone at any time. As mentioned prior, Kurthnaga's movement range is reduced while shifted, so he can use Celerity to make this limitation have less of an impact. He can learn Ire from a Satori Sign, though the skill itself does not do anything else other than triple damage, making it similar to a regular critical hit.

Kurthnaga has a water affinity which gives a boost to attack and defense. He won't have much time to reliably build strong supports with many units due to his late join time. Once he gains Formshift, he (assuming he was sufficiently trained) will have no trouble staying alive due to having built up a strong and reliable resistance against the numerous magic units remaining in the game. With that in mind, to ensure that he hits hard and accurately (especially against Ashera's auras), he can be supported by a unit with a fire or heaven affinity. Otherwise, since he functions best as a support unit, one may find benefit to partnering him with an earth affinity to increase his survivability.

Personality and character

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Radiant Dawn

Bond supports

Small portrait kurthnaga fe10.png
Dragon Prince
Default bonds:
Small portrait dheginsea fe10.png
Dragon King



Extra bonds:*





Click here for more details on supports.


Radiant Dawn

Kurthnaga, Young Dragon Prince
Kurthnaga spents his days arbitrating conflicts between nations, guarding the peace so many had died for.


Battle quotes

I am... King Dheginsea's heir! I cannot die! I have to return home... I must survive... No matter the cost...
— Kurthnaga's escape quote in Radiant Dawn.
Kurthnaga: Father! Please think about what you’re doing.
Dheginsea: The time for words has passed. The only option remaining is to stop you with brute force.
Kurthnaga: Why? Father, why?
Dheginsea: That is enough! No more snivelling! You, Kurthnaga, were to rule the dragon tribe in years to come. Show me that you would have been capable!
Kurthnaga: But— Yes, sir... I'll show you.

— Kurthnaga, when fighting Dheginsea in Part 4 Endgame-3 of Radiant Dawn.

Ashera: Ah, son of the dragon king... You may be the greatest among the enfleshed, but you are no match for me.
Kurthnaga: Goddess Ashera, please listen to me. We know that we are clearly imperfect, but you, unnaturally created of pure order... Might that not be considered an imperfection?
Ashera: No, I am perfect. Free of emotion, I have no doubts. Therefore I commit no errors.

— Kurthnaga, when fighting Ashera in Part 4 Endgame-5 of Radiant Dawn.

Death quotes

Kurthnaga: Ugh... Gh... Im-impossible! I wasn't... This can't... Guh... Ugh...
Ike: Prince Kurthnaga! Don't be a fool! Stay back!
Kurthnaga: I... I'm sorry... I thought I could...

— Kurthnaga, in Radiant Dawn.
Kurthnaga: Urgh!
Ike: Prince Kurthnaga! You've done enough. Fall back!
Kurthnaga: F-forgive me... I am too weak...

— Kurthnaga, in Part 4 Endgame-1 of Radiant Dawn.

Other appearances

Fire Emblem Cipher

Kurthnaga is currently featured on three cards in Fire Emblem Cipher.

One of the below cards' epithets is still in raw, untranslated Japanese; it needs translation.
Fire Emblem Cipher data for Kurthnaga

Normal R+

TCGCipher B05-098R.png
Prince of Goldoa, Kurthnaga



Attack: 60 Support: 20 Range: 1-2 Deploy Cost: 4
Class: Dragon Prince Tier: Base Class Change Cost: --
Successor of the Dragon King: [Trigger] When this unit's attack destroys an enemy, select a Fang ally. Choose a card in your Retreat Area with the same name as that ally and place it on top as a Level Up.
Level Skill 3 Black Dragon Breath: [Activate] [Flip two bond cards] Destroy all enemies besides the Main Character. (Level Skill 3 This skill becomes active while this unit's stack is at least 3).
Card #B05-098R(+) • Artist: Saori Toyota
TCGCipher B16-081SR.png 次代の竜鱗の王, Kurthnaga



"...I am willing to accept my own punishment. But is it right that the innocent - women and children who have never lifted a weapon - are also turned to stone?"
Attack: 60 Support: 20 Range: 1-2 Deploy Cost: 4
Class: Dragon Prince Tier: Base Class Change Cost: --
Gather Beneath Black Wings: [Activate] [Once per turn] [Flip one bond card] Choose 1 non-"Kurthnaga" with a Deployment Cost of 5 or higher from your Retreat Area, and add it to your hand.
The New Dragon King: [Always] For each ally with a Deployment Cost of 5 or higher that you have, this unit gains +10 attack. This skill only comes into effect when this unit is in the Front Line.
Card #B16-081SR • Artist: Saori Toyota
TCGCipher B16-082N.png Prince of the Land of Dragons, Kurthnaga



"Man of the beorc. My countrymen were discourteous. I ask that you forgive them. I am Kurthnaga, prince of Goldoa."
Attack: 40 Support: 20 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 1
Class: Dragon Tribe Tier: Base Class Change Cost: --
Blood of the Strong: [Activate] [Once per turn] Reveal the 3 topmost cards of your deck, then send them to the Retreat Area. If all three of those cards are Tellius, then until the end of this turn, this unit gains +20 attack.
Attack Support Dragonscale Emblem: [Support] If you have as many or fewer Bond cards than your opponent, you may choose 1 card from your hand and play it in your Bond Area.
Card #B16-082N • Artist: Saori Toyota
Some card information translation provided by Serenes Forest.
For more detailed strategic information on these cards, see their TCG wiki article on Kurthnaga .

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes


From Kurth, a prince of Grannvale in Genealogy of the Holy War, and Naga, the dragon whose holy blood he possessed.



Officially romanized as Kurthnaga.



As above.



As above.



As above.



As above.


Official artwork

Other appearances


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