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Cm fe10 3-9.png


Crimea, near the Begnion border



We should prepare for the worst. I fear something horrible must be happening within Begnion.
— Elincia

Marauders (Japanese: 略奪者 Marauders) is the ninth chapter of part 3 of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. In this chapter, the Crimean Royal Knights defend their nation against Begnion invaders.


Main article: Marauders/Script
See also: Marauders/Conversations

Elincia receives word that Begnion soldiers are pillaging Crimean villages. She then orders Lucia and Geoffrey to mobilize the Royal Knights and forcefully remove the Begnion soldiers if necessary. An aristocrat urges against this, but Elincia is not willing to allow Begnion to overstep their borders. Speaking with Lucia, she questions why Begnion would attack, and doubts that the apostle is involved.

At the border, a Begnion commander, Roark, commands his soldiers to continue gathering supplies from the village, though one soldiers notes that there are few left due to the previous uprising. As the Royal Knights arrive, Kieran confirms Begnion's presence to Geoffrey, who begins leading the charge against the invaders. After dealing with the invaders, Geoffrey then meets with Elincia and Lucia. Elincia appoints Lucia to negotiate a treaty with the Begnion army's commander, to which she obliges.

Some days later, Elincia meets with Senator Valtome in Castle Crimea. Elincia maintains Crimea's neutrality in the current war, siding with neither Gallia nor Begnion. Valtome, however, lambastes Elincia for not allowing his soldiers to take Crimea's supplies, and threatens her with execution for treason against Begnion. As he leaves, General Zelgius arrives and apologizes to Elincia on behalf of Begnion. He listens to Elincia's plight and assures her that Begnion will no longer resupply in Crimea under two conditions: that Begnion may pass through Crimea to reach Gallia, and that Begnion may fight the Gallian army near their border. Elincia refuses, but Zelgius delivers an ultimatum that his army will begin his march the following day. Before he can leave, however, Elincia asks him if the apostle knows anything about the current war, and if she is safe. Zelgius refrains from answering, and leaves.

Beginning log

Goldoa, the land of dragons, lies secluded in the southwestern corner of Tellius. No foreigner, laguz or beorc, is permitted within its borders. The alliance emerges from the lava tubes and into Goldoa by accident. The dragon king, Dheginsea, is displeased by this trespass. However, Ike's former companions Nasir and Ena appeal to Dheginsea to allow the passage of the Laguz Alliance. Reyson's actions during the last war earn them the grudging respect of King Dheginsea, who allows them safe passage. Meanwhile, Begnion calls off its pursuit of the alliance and finds its passage into Goldoa blocked by the nation's great mountains and deep forests. The Central Army's momentum breaks upon these obstacles like an ocean wave against solid rock. Senator Valtome arrives to take command of the Central Army. He orders Zelgius to march on to Gallia by way of Crimea. Observing diplomatic protocol, Valtome petitions the queen for passage as well as supplies and additional troops. Queen Elincia, however, goes against the wishes of the Crimean nobles and resolutely denies each of Valtome's requests. Her reply enrages Valtome, who sees Crimea as little more than a vassal of the empire. Ignoring Zelgius's counsel, Valtome orders his army to enter Crimea and take whatever they need from the villages along the way.

Chapter data

Easy Normal/Hard

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Defeat Roark Player Partner Other Enemy Third
Defeat: Geoffrey dies 7 4 {{{other}}} 20+13 {{{third}}}
Cm fe10 3-9.png
Bonus EXP
Requirement Easy Normal Hard
Clear the chapter 6,000 6,000 3,000
Clear the chapter in 10/15 turns or less 3,000/1,500 3,000/1,500 1,500/750
Houses left standing, but burning 100 per house 100 per house 50 per house
Houses left standing 1,000 per house 1,000 per house 500 per house
Experience gained by partner units Varies Varies Varies

This map's elemental affinity is Wind.

Character data

New Units


Returning Characters

Small portrait geoffrey fe10.pngSmall portrait marcia fe10.pngSmall portrait kieran fe10.pngSmall portrait astrid fe10.pngSmall portrait makalov fe10.pngSmall portrait danved fe10.pngSmall portrait calill fe10.png

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is wii master crown.png Master Crown View base conversation "Elincia"
Nothing.png 10,000G View base conversation "Lucia"
Is wii steel lance.png Steel Lance Dropped by enemy Halberdier
Is wii hand axe.png Hand Axe Dropped by enemy Warrior
Is wii speedwing.png Speedwing Dropped by enemy Halberdier
Is wii coin.png Coin Hidden treasure (in the southeastern healhedge)
Is wii spirit dust.png Spirit Dust Hidden treasure (behind Roark)

Shop data

Armory and vendor

Swords Lances Axes Bows Knives Tomes Staves Items Bargains

Name Cost
Is wii bronze sword.png
Bronze Sword 350
Is wii iron sword.png
Iron Sword 500
Is wii steel sword.png
Steel Sword 800
Is wii silver sword.png
Silver Sword 1,800
Is wii iron blade.png
Iron Blade 800
Is wii steel blade.png
Steel Blade 1,400
Is wii wind edge.png
Wind Edge 700

Enemy data

Easy Normal/Hard

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Soldier Soldier 16 2 Steel Lance
Prioritizes burning houses.
Begnion Swordmaster 3 2 Steel Blade
Critical +10 Shove
Begnion Halberdier 5 1 Short Spear Steel LanceThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
Critical +5 Shove
Begnion Warrior 4 1 Steel Axe Hand AxeThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
Begnion Sniper 3 2 Steel Bow
Critical +10 Shove
Begnion Halberdier 4 1 Steel Greatlance
Critical +5 Shove
Begnion Halberdier 4 1 Javelin
Critical +5 Shove
Begnion Swordmaster 3 1 Steel Sword
Critical +10 Shove
Begnion Axe General 5 1 Steel Axe
Does not move; stands on a thicket.
Begnion Swordmaster 4 1 Steel Sword
Critical +10 Shove
Begnion Halberdier 3 3 Steel Lance
Critical +5 Shove
Begnion Halberdier 3 1 Steel Lance SpeedwingThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
Critical +5 Shove
Soldier Soldier 17 1 Steel Lance
Prioritizes burning houses.
Begnion Sword General 4 1 Steel Sword
Does not move.
Roark Halberdier 12 1 SpearThis item or skill is locked to this unit. Concoction
Critical +5 Shove
Does not move.
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Soldier Soldier 18 3 Steel Lance
Prioritizes burning houses.
Soldier Soldier 17 2 Steel Lance
Prioritizes burning houses.
Begnion Sniper 5 1 Steel Bow
Critical +10 Shove
Begnion Warrior 6 1 Steel Axe
Begnion Swordmaster 6 1 Steel Sword
Critical +10 Shove
Begnion Halberdier 3 4 Steel Lance
Critical +5 Shove
Begnion Halberdier 4 1 Steel Lance
Critical +5 Shove


  • Turns 2 and 8
    • 2 Soldiers from the southeast corner of the map
  • Turn 4
    • 1 Sniper from the southwest corner of the map
    • 1 Warrior from the southwest corner of the map
    • 1 Swordmaster from the southwest corner of the map
  • Turns 6 and 9
  • Turn 7
    • 1 Soldier from the northeast corner of the map
    • 1 Halberdier from the northeast corner of the map
  • Turn 10 (Normal/Hard only)

Partner data

Partner Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Crimea Lance Paladin 7 1 Short Spear Vulnerary
Crimea Lance Paladin 6 2 Steel Greatlance Vulnerary
Crimea Bishop 6 1 Physic Mend
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes

Boss data

Main article: Roark
Small portrait roark fe10.png
Level 12
Affinity Is wii windaffin.png
Constitution 13
Max HP 42 Speed 23
Strength 22 Luck 8
Magic 11 Defense 22
Skill 24 Resistance 15
Movement 7 Weight 19
Inventory Skills
SpearThis item or skill is locked to this unit.
Critical +5
Weapon Levels
WiiRankSword.png -- WiiRankLance.png S WiiRankAxe.png -- WiiRankBow.png -- WiiRankKnife.png -- WiiRankStrike.png --
WiiRankFire.png -- WiiRankThunder.png -- WiiRankWind.png -- WiiRankLight.png -- WiiRankDark.png -- WiiRankStaff.png --


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Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes













Unter Plünderern

Amongst plunderers


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