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Portrait kasatai fe09.png
Kasatai's portrait in Path of Radiance.








General of Daein

Starting class



We will win this battle! A legendary dragon of Goldoa is on our side! It is a powerful omen! Daein cannot lose! The Daein army is indestructible! We will crush the dogs of Crimea and use their skulls as goblets!
— Kasatai

Kasatai (Japanese: カサタイ Kasatai) is a general in the Daein army who fought in the Mad King's War. Along with Ena, he was assigned to the Daein capital, Nevassa, after King Ashnard had abandoned it for Melior, and he asssisted Ena in leading its defense against Ike and the Crimean army, fighting to convince Ashnard to return to Daein.

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance


Kasatai is a sub-boss in Chapter 21. He is posted in the northern part of the map, far away from the seize point, and does not need to be fought or defeated.


Small portrait kasatai fe09.png
Level 9
Affinity Is gcn fireaffin.png
Constitution 13
Max HP 36 Speed 15
Strength 15 Luck 13
Magic 15 Defense 14
Skill 15 Resistance 16
Movement 6 Weight 18
Inventory Skills
Brave Lance Wrath
Weapon Levels
GCNRankSword.gif E GCNRankLance.gif A GCNRankAxe.gif -- GCNRankBow.gif --
GCNRankFire.gif -- GCNRankThunder.gif -- GCNRankWind.gif -- GCNRankStaff.gif --

Personality and character

Kasatai was loyal to his king and had a very high opinion of Ashnard's character. He believed that Ashnard had chosen to invade Crimea only as retribution for its alliance with Gallia, and could not accept the idea that Ashnard would not be deeply attached to Daein, and even when Ena explained Ashnard's true ambitions and feelings about Daein to him, he could not accept it.[1] He came to believe that the only way to bring Ashnard back to Daein was to defeat the Crimean army and protect Daein Keep. To achieve this, he pledged his trust to Ena even after she revealed herself to be a dragon "sub-human", and after he had calmed down after she revealed this, he proclaimed her dragon nature to be a sign that Daein would surely win the battle.[2]


Battle quotes

For us there is no tomorrow. We cannot be beaten, nor can we withdraw! We must defeat the Crimean army and bring His Majesty back to us.
— Kasatai, as the boss of Chapter 21 in Path of Radiance.
Kasatai: Sir Tauroneo! I can't believe that you would...betray Daein.
Tauroneo: ...Forgive me...
Kasatai: You...fool!

— Kasatai, when fighting Tauroneo Chapter 21 of Path of Radiance.

Death quotes

I cannot...stop your march... But...we are not yet defeated... General...Ena...
— Kasatai, as the boss of Chapter 21 in Path of Radiance.

Other appearances


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
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Romanized as KASATAI in his internal file name.



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  1. "Kasatai: The Crimean army is on our doorstep...What is His Highness thinking? If we want to protect the capital, we need a leader equal to one of the Four Riders. Just in case...
    Ena: I'm sure the king has considered this.
    Kasatai: Lady Ena! I don't understand how you're able to remain so calm!
    Ena: Daein soldiers are the most elite warriors on the continent. In addition, our numbers are far superior to the Crimeans.
    Kasatai: And, and yet they march on Nevassa! This is the Daein capital! If there's any danger of it falling into enemy hands, we can let nothing stop us from protecting it! No offense, Lady Ena, but as a general, I do not feel you're ready for such a vital command.
    Ena: I...I think you are exactly right.
    Kasatai: Th-then... When this command was given to you, why did you not firmly refuse?
    Ena: Do you really think that wise, General? Would you refuse a direct order from the king?
    Kasatai: Um...
    Ena: ...Let me tell you something that I've discovered. If we are...unable to hold the capital, I do not believe the king will be all that upset. Ashnard does not hold a strong attachment to the country of Daein.
    Kasatai: What are you talking about? Do you...Do you understand exactly what it is you are saying?
    Ena: Yes.
    Kasatai: Ridiculous! There isn't a monarch in the world who would not be moved by the loss of his own country! Such a preposterous notion is beyond comprehension!
    Ena: General Kasatai. Do not avert your eyes from reality.
    Kasatai: Reality? Ha! What reality is that? All I see is your guesswork.
    Ena: Then tell me...why did the king suddenly order the invasion of Crimea?
    Kasatai: for that nation choosing to ally itself with those evil and treacherous sub-humans.
    Ena: On the surface, that would seem to be so. But doesn't the action strike you as odd? To apply sanctions properly, it would be necessary to speak with Begnion first. Begnion is the suzerain state, and Crimea answers to her. We needed Begnion's leave to make a formal declaration of war. Daein's disregard for that process made us a pariah in the eyes of our neighbors, and opened us to attack from all sides. And yet, not only did the king not do this, but he chose to invade without warning. It was the worst possible strategy. Furthermore, once the king conquered Crimea through strength of arms, he seized the castle and set up residence. And now he uses it as a stepping stone for an invasion of Gallia. Which means, the king's goal was never to apply sanctions, or even to defeat Crimea. If Ashnard moves against Gallia, it's easy to envision Phoenicis, Kilvas, and Goldoa joining the conflict. And if that happens, Begnion would be forced to ally itself with Daein rather than side with the sub-humans. Look where that leads us...A continent embroiled in war. Is that not the true desire of the king?
    Kasatai: If... If you consider it in that way, your words do begin to make sense. accomplish that, the citizens of Crimea would have to be sacrificed. That would be an act of madness!
    Ena: Let's return to the topic at hand. The king has gained himself a new castle, and I believe he considers whatever land he occupies to be his kingdom. Daein and its people are already behind him. He need not look back.
    Kasatai: Pah! If the king wished to rule the world, he would want as much military strength as possible! To forsake even a portion of the strength he currently possesses willingly, why, it would be sheer folly...
    Ena: That doesn't matter. What's important is that we recognize the chance which Daein has been given. We must stop the Crimeans here. If we do not show the king our value, we are doomed. Make no mistake about it.
    Kasatai: This is complete lunacy...
    Ena: We will receive no reinforcements. We must hold nothing back. It is our only chance of survival.
    Kasatai: This...I cannot... Why is this--
    Ena: Be strong. The king has provided us, and the capital, with one final measure. We will use it to weather this storm. However, to use it, I need you, General Kasatai. Your cooperation is imperative. If you want to win, you must trust me.
    Kasatai: ...Understood. In this time, let us cling to any hope we can find. Lady... No... General Ena, I place my trust in you.
    " — Kasatai and Ena, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  2. "Soldier: Enemy troops have entered the castle!
    Kasatai: They're moving already? Such recklessness! Don't they suspect a trap? I can't believe they've fallen for it.
    Ena: Crimea follows a general named Ike. Perhaps he follows no procedure. Perhaps he relies solely on instinct.
    Kasatai: I don't know if he's brave or merely reckless. It's unbelievable...
    Ena: Regardless, we continue as planned. Close the gate and seal off their escape route. This contest will be decided here.
    Kasatai: N-now then, it's time for the final measure you spoke of earlier. Will you show us what His Majesty left for us? What could possibly allow us to destroy an army in one fell swoop...provided we can herd them here?
    Ena: General Kasatai...No matter what I show you, do not be shocked. You must continue to trust me without question.
    Kasatai: I swear it. On my name as a royal knight of Daein, I will not betray you, General Ena.
    Ena: Thank you...
    Kasatai: Ge-General Ena! You're...
    Ena: ...
    Kasatai: Aaaaaaah!
    Ena: General Kasatai! Have you forgotten your vow? No matter what happens, we will protect the capital, yes?
    Kasatai: Ah... Ah... Yes, of course...I...understand. This is His Majesty's--Why he left you here...
    Ena: Yes.
    Kasatai: We will win this battle! A legendary dragon of Goldoa is on our side! It is a powerful omen! Daein cannot lose! The Daein army is indestructible! We will crush the dogs of Crimea and use their skulls as goblets!
    Soldier: Glory to Daein!
    Soldier: Victory to Daein!
    " — Kasatai, Ena, and two Daein soldiers, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
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