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Dawn Brigade

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Dawn Brigade

FERD Dawn Brigade wallpaper.jpg
The Dawn Brigade. From left to right: Sothe, Micaiah, Nolan, Edward and Leonardo




5 (at the time of founding)

Group type

Freedom Fighters


Liberation of Daein


The Dawn Brigade (Japanese: 暁の団 Dawn Group) is a band of Daein citizens who fought for the independence of Daein against Begnion. The group's founding members are Micaiah, Sothe, Edward, Leonardo and Nolan, later Laura, Aran, Ilyana, and Meg join the group.


After the end of the Mad King's War, and control over Daein was given to Begnion. The Begnion Occupation Army lead by General Jarod began to overrun and terrorize the people of Daein, sending all able bodied men into prison camps, that have no purpose other to break all of their bodies and spirits. Furthermore, they allow bandits to run a mock and pillage and harass the villages of Daein including Nevassa. The Dawn Brigade was formed after a young Priestess named Micaiah with a unique magical ability and her friend and protector Sothe were fed up with Begnion's rule and along with the experienced veteran Nolan, and later best friends Edward and Leonardo, they vowed to liberate all of Daein and push Begnion out of power. After encountering Pelleas in the Desert of Death, the Dawn Brigade would merge to become the Daein Liberation Army and eventually push Begnion out of power and make Pelleas the new king of Daein.


Character Description Appears in
Small portrait micaiah light mage fe10.png
Founder of the Dawn Brigade and later Queen of Daein. Radiant Dawn
Small portrait nolan fe10.png
Leader of the Dawn Brigade and oldest member of the group. Radiant Dawn
Small portrait sothe rogue fe10.png
A thief in the Dawn Brigade and close friend of Micaiah. Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn
Small portrait edward fe10.png
Member of the Dawn Brigade and best friend with Leonardo. Radiant Dawn
Small portrait leonardo fe10.png
A noble member of the Dawn Brigade and best friend with Edward. Radiant Dawn
Small portrait laura fe10.png
A priestess that joins the Dawn Brigade after they helped her. Radiant Dawn
Small portrait aran fe10.png
A citizen of Daein and Laura's childhood friend. Radiant Dawn
Small portrait ilyana fe10.png
A travelling mage who joins the Dawn Brigade. Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn
Small portrait meg fe10.png
A country girl from Crimea and Brom's daughter. Radiant Dawn


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Dawn Brigade



Dawn Group


Brigade de l'Aube

Dawn Brigade. Abbreviated to Brig. de l'Aube in gameplay due to space restrictions.



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