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Ss fe09 map of tellius.png
Map of Tellius from Path of Radiance. Kilvas is marked in gray.


Castle Kilvas







I have no intention of ruling some tiny island nation forever. I will make Kilvas a name to remember!
— Naesala

Kilvas (Japanese: キルヴァス Kilvas) is a laguz-inhabited island nation on the southern coast of Tellius. It is the home of the raven clan of the bird tribes.


Kilvas is situated in the South Sea of Tellius and occupies the easternmost of three islands off the coasts of Goldoa and Begnion; Phoenicis occupies the larger island to its west.[1] Its terrain is very mountainous.


Castle Kilvas and its surrounds.

Originally, the raven clan were part of the Kingdom of Phoenicis and lived there together with the hawk laguz, but within seventy years of Phoenicis's foundation disagreements arose between the hawks and ravens, ultimately causing the ravens to leave Phoenicis in the year 420 and establish their own territory on another of the southern islands. Within eight years of its foundation, when the great continental war waged by Begnion began, Kilvas quickly surrendered to Begnion but later resumed fighting in the war and continued to fight alongside the other nations of Tellius until the war ended with the Treaty of Sarasa.[2]

At some point in Kilvas's history, its king at the time signed a blood pact with the Begnion senate in order to take back control of Kilvas. The king soon broke the terms of the pact and invoked its curse, which started a "plague" that killed thousands of Kilvas citizens before the senate accepted the king's apologies and lifted the curse, keeping him under their control.[3] Future kings of Kilvas continued to be bound by the blood pact.

Eventually, Naesala took the throne and dedicated his life to sustaining Kilvas by any means necessary. The ravens of Kilvas took to pillaging cargo from any ship which passed through the South Sea and became greatly feared by Begnion for their surprise attacks on their vessels, earning them the nickname "Shipless Pirates".[4] He had Kilvas betray his friends and fellow laguz tribes for his own profit during the Mad King's War by selling his friend Reyson to Oliver, and by selling information and military manpower to Daein, but by the end of the war Kilvas had turned to the side of Crimea and the other laguz countries to stop Daein.

Three years after the Mad King's War, Kilvas joined forces with Gallia, Phoenicis, and Ike to form the Laguz Alliance, and declared war on the Begnion senate for its role in causing the Serenes Massacre. However, the kingdom was still bound to a blood pact with Lekain, so they were forced to ally with Begnion and betray the Laguz Alliance, and were responsible for tricking Phoenicis's King Tibarn with false intelligence while they launched a Begnion-mandated attack on Phoenicis itself, devastating the hawk clan population.[5] Late in the war, Kilvas was saved from the senate's control by Sanaki, who used the laws of Begnion to supersede Lekain's will and take command of the Kilvas army. After the conflict ended, the people of Kilvas put aside their differences with the Phoenicians and the three bird clans chose to abandon their former homes, become one unified nation and move into the Serenes Forest together, all under the rule of Tibarn.[6]

Characters from Kilvas

Character Description Appears in
Portrait naesala fe10.png
The king of Kilvas. A raven laguz of great ambition and guile. He will do anything to fill the coffers of his kingdom, even deal with beorc. He is a childhood friend of Reyson and Leanne. Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn
Portrait nealuchi fe10.png
A member of the raven clan of the bird tribe laguz. He is an aged chamberlain who loyally serves King Naesala, and acts as a guardian to Princess Leanne. Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn
Portrait seeker fe09.png
A Kilvas soldier. Path of Radiance


Etymology and other languages

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Officially romanized as Kilvas.



As above.



As above.



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Mentioned in Heroes.[7]

Traditional Chinese


Kilvas; mentioned in Heroes.[8]



  1. "Janaff: My homeland of Phoenicis is bordered by the South Sea. It’s a wonderful place to live. There aren’t that many of us, and everyone gets along... I’ve seen many countries with my own eyes, but Phoenicis is the best!
    Lucia: Did Phoenicis have diplomatic relations with other countries?
    Janaff: No, we don’t associate with the others. We used to be allied with Serenes... until those cursed humans destroyed it. And Kilvas is ruled by a cunning and heartless king. We have no trust for him.
    Lucia: Did you ever associate with beorc countries?
    Janaff: Ha! That’ll never happen! After the slaughter of Serenes, the beorc became our enemy.
    Lucia: I do not blame you for your anger... But as I have said, Crimea wishes to establish diplomatic relations with you. Our late king advocated friendship with the laguz, and enjoyed a good rapport with King Caineghis of Gallia.
    Janaff: So I hear. Look, most Phoenicians would be perfectly happy living their entire lives without outside contact... But I suppose a friendship with Crimea is possible. If our king so decides.
    Lucia: And what do you think?
    Janaff: What do I think? Huh... I used to loathe huma...beorc. Even hearing the word made me angry. But... Now I think friendship is possible. That’s all because I met you.
    Lucia: Oh... Well... Thank you. I am glad to be of assistance.
    " — Janaff and Lucia, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  2. Timeline of Tellius
  3. "Lekain: Calm yourself, young king, and listen. I'll tell you an interesting story. Long ago, a foolhardy king signed a blood pact with the empire to take back his lost kingdom. In exchange for his country, he vowed complete obedience. He soon broke the terms of the pact and began to disobey the empire. Presumably he didn't understand the power of the oath he'd sworn... Would you like to hear what happened after he defied the empire's will?
    Pelleas: ...What?
    Lekain: It was quite tragic. One man died on the first day. He was only a peasant, so no one really noticed. Two more died on the second day. Three more on the third day. I think you can see where this is going. The wave of mysterious deaths spread across the kingdom like a contagion. After thirty days, the king finally realized that this was the curse of the blood pact, the price of infidelity. He apologized to the empire and pleaded with them to lift the curse. His plea was graciously accepted on the one hundredth day. By then, the king had lost half of his subordinates, as well as his lovely wife and child. That country remained under the control of the senate for a very long time.
    " — Lekain and Pelleas, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  4. "Exactly. The empire fears the bird tribes. The Shipless Pirates, they're called. They specialize in surprise attacks and have been raiding Begnion merchant ships for years." — Ranulf, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  5. "Ranulf: Naesala and the ravens of Kilvas betrayed us? Again?
    Janaff: I'm so mad I can barely see straight! The ravens were informants. They told Begnion our battle strategy.
    Ulki: It was a trap. The supply unit we raided turned out to be the Central Army itself. The troops were under the command of Begnion's most famous general, Zelgius.
    Ike: General Zelgius? This just got a lot worse...
    Ranulf: You've heard of him?
    Ike: I met him during the Mad King's War. He's powerful, experienced, and clever. One of the best generals of our time.
    Janaff: Yeah. For a beorc, he was quite powerful all right. Tibarn, while shifted, mind you, attacked this Zelgius guy. Zelgius didn't even budge an inch. But all of a sudden he stopped fighting and said, We've delayed you long enough. If you cherish the lives of your people, return home at once.
    Ranulf: He said that?
    Ulki: So the king made a decision. We flew night and day and reached Phoenicis, was too late. Save for the elderly, women, and children, they were all...
    Reyson: I also heard what happened, and... I just couldn't believe it. Naesala has betrayed us once again. I cannot believe he'd play a role in wiping out Phoenicis...
    Tibarn: Hey, we're not wiped out yet.
    Reyson: Huh? Tibarn!
    Tibarn: I'm alive and well. My people are few, but they still live. Phoenicis is still a country. Janaff. Ulki. You know what we must do.
    Janaff: Of course!
    Ulki: Yes. Begnion and Kilvas will burn for this.
    Tibarn: ...So, that's the whole story. Sorry we were late, but now we're here to stay and see this war out. Don't tell me you kittens are going to run off with your tails between your legs. I won't accept that.
    Ranulf: Of course not, King Tibarn! I'll get Skrimir right now. A slight delay, but now that we've merged with the hawk tribe, we have the strength to fight.
    " — Ranulf, Janaff, Ulki, Ike, Reyson, and Tibarn, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  6. "Ike: Will you be heading back to Gallia first?
    Tibarn: We’ll stop by Gallia, then wing straight on to Serenes.
    Ike: Serenes? Why there?
    Reyson: The Empress Sanaki has kept her promise. Serenes will be formally ceded back to us. She said we may return immediately.
    Ike: Ah, I see. That’s good to hear.
    Tibarn: Sometimes birds change their feathers. The hawks, the herons, even the ravens. We’re thinking we’ll all settle down together.
    Reyson: All this time, we’ve sorted ourselves by our ways of thinking and seeing and living. If we can respect each other’s opinions and we learn to compromise, we can learn to live together without strife.
    Ike: I don’t think it will be that easy, but it still ought to be simpler than getting beorc and laguz to treat each other decently. You set a good example, Reyson.
    Tibarn: All the major issues look like they’ll be handled soon. The only thing we can’t agree on is hunting and eating meat.
    Reyson: The forest creatures are off-limits! Needless displays of violence as well. You know we will not budge on that.
    Tibarn: Tell me... Have you ever heard of a vegetarian hawk? Or a raptor that doesn’t scream victoriously at the skies after a kill?
    Ike: Meat, huh? That’s a thorny problem...
    " — Ike, Tibarn, and Reyson, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  7. "Rei de Kilvas e líder do clã dos corvos." — help text description of Naesala: Sky's Shadow, Fire Emblem Heroes
  8. "鳥翼族,率領鴉之民的奇爾沃斯之王。" — help text description of Naesala: Sky's Shadow, Fire Emblem Heroes
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