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Fourteen members (five named)

Group type

Freedom fighters


To protect and liberate the people of Munster

They're called the Magi? They seem to have both knights and mercenaries, but who are they?
— Finn

The Magi (Japanese: マギ団 Magi Squad) are a band of rebels and freedom fighters working in Munster during the reign of the Grannvale Empire. The Magi sought to oppose the Grannvale occupation of the city of Munster and the wider Munster District, seeking to protect the country's people; during these efforts, they became allies of Leif's revolution army in Grann 776.


Prior to the start of Leif's revolution, the Magi had been operating for some time in opposition to Raydrik and Grannvale, but had suffered a crushing defeat at the Empire's hands. The group withstood the defeat and gained a new leader: Ced, the Silessean prince, who was passing through the Munster District at the time in search of his wayward father.[1] Under Ced, the Magi rose to become a greater threat to the Munster occupation, proving particularly adept at raiding prisons to free children captured in the child hunts.

The Magi's work eventually took them to Munster Castle itself, where a small force of five of its members spearheaded by Ced invaded the castle's dungeon to free its prisoners; at the time, the prison played host to Leif himself, who had been captured by Raydrik at Fort Kelbeth. Ced entrusted his four companions to Leif's army to aid his escape and serve him until Munster itself was freed,[2] while he himself remained behind with the Magi's remainder to directly help the people of the city.[3] The Magi's subsequent efforts in Munster in the following time culminated with the successful seizure of the entire city, save for the palace itself in which Raydrik awaited;[4] at this point, Ced joined Leif's army in confronting Raydrik himself.


Portrait ced fe05.png Portrait asbel fe05.png Portrait brighton fe05.png Portrait machyua fe05.png Portrait lara fe05.png
Ced Asbel Brighton Machyua Lara

Additionally, in Chapter 6, Ced commands a small force of nine generic neutral Magi members if Chapter 4x was not visited. This group consists of two Bow Fighters, two Fighters and five Myrmidons, one of whom is female.[5]


  • The Magi as a cohesive group are not present in Genealogy of the Holy War; instead, Ced (or Hawk, his substitute) appears to operate alone in liberating Munster.

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As of Fire Emblem Awakening.


Magi group

Used in the Thracia 776 fan translation.



Magi Squad



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    " — Robos and Raydrik, Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
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    Asbel: What are you going to do, Lord Ced?
    Ced: I'm going to stay here a little longer. The remaining civilians must be helped as well.
    " — Ced and Asbel, Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
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