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Battle of Belhalla

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Battle of Belhalla

FE776 Battle of Belhalla.jpg
Artwork of the Battle of Belhalla from Thracia 776 Illustrated Works.




Belhalla, Grannvale


Grann 761

Sigurd's army Rot Ritter
Sigurd Arvis
  • Rot Ritter victory
  • Sigurd's army branded traitors and executed
Contemporary events

Aed Massacre


Genealogy of the Holy War

Grannvale's disturbance, stemming from the campaign in Isaach, led one young man into a disastrous fate.
— Closing of Chapter 5

The Battle of Belhalla (Japanese: バーハラの戦い Battle of Barhara) was a conflict which occurred in the Grannvale capital of Belhalla in the year Grann 761. It was one of the final acts of the period of unrest which commenced with Grannvale's war with Isaach, and was the culmination of Arvis's rise to power and of the formation of the powerful Grannvale Empire. In the battle, Sigurd of Chalphy and his army were executed for acts of treason against Grannvale, having been framed as co-conspirators in the demise of Prince Kurth.



The ambitious Duke Reptor of Friege and avaricious Lombard of Dozel felt threatened by the influence on King Azmur and Prince Kurth wielded by Byron, the Duke of Chalphy. In the closing days of the war with Isaac in 759, working seemingly in cooperation with Arvis of Velthomer, the duo had Kurth assassinated and framed Byron and his son Sigurd for the crime. Byron was defeated and imprisoned, and the two led their armies to Agustria to arrest Sigurd; instead, Annand of Silesse arrived and escorted Sigurd's army to refuge in Silesse. Sigurd spent the next year in hiding there, but was eventually forced to leave due to sudden aggression against the otherwise innocent nation from Grannvale.

After quelling a civil war against Silesse's Queen Lahna, Sigurd's army set out on a march back to Grannvale through the Aed Desert, intending to clear his name from the crimes attributed to him. On the way, he tasked Oifey and Shannan with taking his infant son Seliph to Isaach as a precaution, and learned of Quan and Ethlyn's demise in the nearby Aed Massacre. Lombard and Reptor led their forces against Sigurd in defense of Grannvale, seemingly with the support of Arvis and his lieutenant Aida, but at the last moment Aida turned on Reptor on Arvis' orders, ordering the Velthomer forces to attack Reptor's army. Lombard and Reptor both fell in this battle, and Aida informed Sigurd that Arvis was aware of his innocence all along and had arranged a royal procession in Belhalla in honor of Sigurd's return.

The battle

Following Aida's instructions, Sigurd led his troops to Belhalla, where Arvis, the Rot Ritter, and the Weissritter were awaiting him. Arvis initially acted welcoming to Sigurd, but turned on him as soon as Sigurd mentioned his intent to seek an audience with Azmur. Arvis declared that Sigurd and his army were to be executed for treason, then summoned his wife Deirdre – formerly Sigurd's wife – to confront "the son of the man who murdered [her] father". The amnesiac Deirdre showed faint signs of recognition of Sigurd, while Sigurd himself reacted with shock at finding her again, prompting Arvis to have Deirdre taken back to the castle. Arvis then ordered his army to seize and execute Sigurd's army.

Trapped in by the surrounding army, Sigurd's forces had nowhere to go. The Rot Ritter bombarded Sigurd's army with Meteor spells, while Arvis used Valflame to execute Sigurd himself. In the midst of the confusion of the battle, Lewyn was confronted and killed by Manfroy of the Loptr Church. Sigurd's army was quickly overwhelmed and wiped out; the fates of most of its members are unknown, and those who survived were hunted as traitors to Grannvale.


Arvis had successfully orchestrated the deaths of Lombard, Reptor and Sigurd, eliminating all of the obstacles to his plans. When King Azmur died some time later, Arvis succeeded him as king, and reformed Grannvale into an empire. The territories subdued by Sigurd – Verdane and Agustria – were claimed as territories of Grannvale, as was Isaach in the war's aftermath, and the Munster District, Miletos and Silesse soon also were conquered by Grannvale. For a time the Empire was benevolent and peaceful.

At some point afterward, Arvis and Deirdre had twin children, Julius and Julia. In accordance with the plans of Manfroy, Julius possessed full Loptous Holy Blood, and so was able to be a vessel for the resurrection of Loptous. When this commenced with Manfroy presenting the Loptous tome to Julius, Julius killed Deirdre and quickly wrested control of Grannvale from Arvis, twisting it into an oppressive and malevolent regime, paving the way for the return of the Loptrian Empire.

Seventeen years after the Battle of Belhalla, Sigurd's son Seliph formed a revolution army in the northern reaches of Isaach and marched on the holdings of the Empire, liberating the oppressed nations before defeating Emperor Arvis and marching on Grannvale itself, overthrowing Julius's hold on the continent.

Survivors and casualties

Known deceased

  • Claud: Claud foresaw his own imminent demise in the battle and resigned himself to this fate.[1]
  • Lewyn: Lewyn was killed by Manfroy. Shortly thereafter, he was resurrected and possessed by Forseti.
  • Sigurd: Arvis personally executed Sigurd using Valflame.

Known survivors

  • Edain: Edain fled to Tirnanog, where she gave birth to Lester and Lana, and helped Oifey and Shannan raise Seliph, Larcei, Scáthach and Diarmuid.
  • Brigid: Brigid sustained amnesia and eventually turned up in the Munster District, adopting the name Eyvel and settling in Fiana.
  • Erinys: Erinys returned to Silesse, where she ruled as its queen in lieu of Lewyn's absence. She eventually died of illness, prompting her son Ced to search for Lewyn.
  • Lachesis: Fled to Leonster, where she resided with Finn until Thracia came to conquer the Munster District. She fled with Finn, Leif and Nanna and went into hiding in several locations with them, before heading north to try and find her son Diarmuid and disappearing in the Aed Desert.
  • Silvia: At some point after the battle, Silvia travelled to Dahna, where she surrendered her children Coirpre and Lene to an orphanage before disappearing.
  • Tailtiu: Tailtiu fled to Silesse, where she lived for a few years with her children Arthur and Tine. She and Tine were later abducted by her brother Bloom, and she died years later after relentless abuse from Bloom's wife Hilda.


According to August, there are rumors that the Loptr Church had custody of the petrified victims of the Battle of Belhalla, which they kept in the Aed Shrine.[2]

Not present

  • Deirdre: She was present in Belhalla at the time, now Arvis's wife, and was brought out to see the captive Sigurd mere moments before the execution.
  • Ethlyn: Killed in the Aed Massacre.
  • Finn: Stationed in Leonster at the time, protecting the infant Prince Leif. When the Munster District fell to Thracia, he fled with Leif and Lachesis, and seventeen years later served in Seliph's liberation army.
  • Oifey: Fled to Tirnanog with Seliph, and seventeen years later served in Seliph's liberation army.
  • Quan: Killed in the Aed Massacre.
  • Shannan: Fled to Tirnanog with Seliph, and seventeen years later served in Seliph's liberation army.


  • The Battle of Belhalla is the only occasion in the Fire Emblem series where the main lord character permanently dies as part of the story. While other lords also die, Hector, Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude all die under circumstances where they are not the active lord while Chrom dies in an alternate universe undone by Lucina's time travel.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Battle of Belhalla

Explicitly referenced by this name by Seliph in Awakening.[4]


Battle of Barhara

Used in the Genealogy of the Holy War fan translation.



Battle of Barhara


Batalla de Barhara

Battle of Barhara


Bataille de Belhalla

Battle of Belhalla


Schlacht von Belhalla

Battle of Belhalla


Battaglia di Belhalla

Battle of Belhalla



  1. "Claud: This war will end in our defeat. All that is important to us will be lost.
    Edain: ...What!?
    Claud: I, too, had a difficult time believing the Lord's words when I was at Bragi Tower. But this is how fate will have it. I also will not likely survive.
    " — Claud and Edain, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  2. "I have heard rumors of a secret Loptous temple underground in the Aed Desert. They say that the statues of various warriors are kept there. I have even heard that the statues include the captives of the fight in Belhalla from a decade ago. I am sure that Eyvel's statue will be taken there as well." — August, Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
  3. "Ulster: We fled to Isaach with Oifey. But she never showed up. Maybe she didn't survive the Battle of Belhalla after all...
    Larcei: Scáthach! You promised you'd never say that! She is alive!! Don't you ever let me catch you saying that again!
    " — Scáthach and Larcei, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
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