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Curse of Valla

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Arete, a queen who was a victim of the curse.
You mustn't talk about Valla to anyone when you're beyond its borders. If you do, you'll trigger a curse that will cause your body to dissolve and disappear.
— Azura

The curse of Valla (Japanese: 透魔の呪い curse of Tōma) is a curse set by Anankos which hinders the Avatar's objective in Fire Emblem Fates. If a person were to speak of the invisible kingdom, Valla, or the Silent Dragon Anankos, their body would begin to dissolve and vaporize, however the curse has no effect while the person is in Valla itself. Anankos is also able to choose when the curse takes effect on the people, as Anankos is able to make Garon and Gunter (when Anankos is harvesting his body) immune to the effect.


Before the events of Fire Emblem Fates, the curse did not exist, and the kingdoms of Hoshido and Nohr were able to freely speak about Valla without the result of death. Because of this, they were also able to knowingly visit Valla whenever the portal is open, at the Bottomless Canyon, shown by the throne of Hoshido being a gift from Valla. However, Anankos fell to degeneration, in a similar manner to the Archanean dragons, and was driven mad, laying wreck to the kingdom of Valla and seeks to destroy the three kingdoms. Anankos then planted a curse what will cause any person to speak outside of Valla to dissolve and vaporize if they were to speak about Valla or Anankos, which made the kingdom of Valla forgotten by most people.

The curse's effects

After the curse have taken affect, the person will slowly begin to dissolve and disappear the moment they speak of Valla or Anankos. During the curse, they are able to speak as much about the kingdom as possible, as those who hear about Valla are not affected. When the curse is finished, the body will fade into pieces and vaporize into the air, but it doesn't end here. Anankos takes this as an advantage and brings the dead bodies back to life, in Valla, while they serve him. These Vallite soldiers will appear semi-transparent and have a violet aura surrounding them, and if the soldier is killed again, they will regain their trapped memories and have a few moments before their body vaporizes once more and remains dead. Empty Vessels are also shown to vaporize once they are defeated, shown by Garon and possessed Takumi's defeat; however, they do not go semi-transparent and have a will of their own.


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