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Zofia's Call/Script

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Fire Emblem Gaiden

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

Ram Village

Mycen: Alm, rest. Your sword training is over. Go and play, but don't leave the village. Bandits have been about.

Gray, Tobin, and Kliff: Yo Alm! Listen to this guy!

Lukas: The infamous General Desaix has initiated a coup. Zofia's castle was captured and the king has been killed. We formed a liberation force to fight agains Desaix, but it's not good enough. So, I cam to ask General Mycen to help.

After talking to Lukas

Gray: We'll wait here. Ask your old man!

Tobin: Our country's people need us. Let's help 'em!

Kliff: Your old man was a General?

Mycen: What? Join the liberation forces?! I won't allow it! War brings only sorrow...

After talking to Mycen

Lukas: No good, huh?... Too bad. Sir Mycen has grown cowardly in his old age. To think he was once called Zofia's hero...
Alm: Wait-- I'll join in place of Gramps.
Lukas: Eh? You'll come in his stead? Thank you. My comrades will be pleased. Let's go to the liberation's base.
(Lukas joins)

Gray: Alm, I'm going with ya. This village is bound to get attacked, too, so let's beat up that Desaix guy first.
(Gray joins)

Tobin: Of course we're all coming, Alm, you're our leader! Let's go take back Zofia's castle!
(Tobin joins)

Kliff: Me!? ... Well... alright, I'll go with ya. But help me if I get in trouble!
(Kliff joins)

Mycen will repeat his last dialogue after Lukas is spoken to, but he will disappear once Alm leaves Ram Village.

Thieves' Shrine

Silque: I'm Silque, a priestess in the service of Mila. I was brought here by bandits. Please let me come with you.
(Silque joins)

Southern Outpost

Clair: Thanks for saving me. I'm Clair of the Knights of Zofia. My older brother Clive leads the liberation force. Let's go to the base together.
(Clair joins)

Deliverance Hideout

After recruiting Clair

Python: Stop right there. Suspicious people may not pass. Eh? You're new recruits? In that case, go on inside, but be careful! Demons may be around.

Clive: So, you're Alm? Thank you for saving my sister. Well, I've got a favor to ask of you. Starting today, will you lead our forces? That's why we sought Sir Mycen, Zofia's hero, but for some reason, he's refused us. Therefore, I'd like you to command our units in his place. So, Alm. I'm counting on you to save Zofia.
(Clive joins)

Forsyth: Desaix requested aid from Rigel, up north. If Rigel complies, we won't stand a chance!
Alm: But the 'Gods' Pact' upheld by Zofia and Rigel... It means we won't war, right? Our guardian, Lady Mila, would never allow it.
Forsyth: Yeah, well... There's a rumor that Lady Mila has disappeared. Hey, hey! Don't look so surprised! After all, it's been strange lately, hasn't it? Crops failing, odd demons emerging... Only Mila's Temple knows what's goin on, I guess.
(Forsyth joins)

After recruiting Clive

Python: What? We're finally marching on Zofia Castle? I'm coming too! Be wary of Slayde, the guards' captain. He's a pretty strong fighter.
(Python joins)

Liberation of Zofia Castle

Desaix: Rebel scum! Think you can defeat me? Slayde, use my army to scatter those swines!

Slayde initiates a battle

Slayde: Die, rebels!

Killing Slayde

Desaix: What?! Slayde's been downed?! Shit! I'll remember this. I'm leaving this to you, men!
(Desaix flees)

Killing Desaix

Slayde: Heh... Fools! What you just beat was a double. Lord Desaix left for his own lands already. I'll pay you back for this someday.
(Slayde flees)

Zofia Castle

Various unnamed NPCs:

  • Thanks to you all, Desaix's army fled to their own fort in the western forest.
  • Desaix escaped with the valuable 'Royal Sword'. It was a gift of friendship from the Kingdom of Rigel long ago. No normal person can use it.
  • The entire royal family was murdered by Desaix. Well, except the princess whom Lord Mycen was entrusted with.
  • Take this Ridersbane. Those who can use it can easily dispatch enemy knights.
  • It seems that Desaix has requested aid from Rigel. If he's not stopped before the Rigelian army comes, there'll be big trouble.
  • You're General Mycen's grandson? But he shouldn't have any kin... N-no way, that rumor was true?
  • Desaix secretly had every child born to the royal family killed. Sir Mycen tried to stop him but was charged with the crime instead and driven away.

Mycen: Alm, you came...
Alm: Gramps! Why are you at Zofia Castle?
Mycen: I can't seem to escape destiny. Alm, it's best if you follow your own path. Free this land of Valencia from its cursed fate. You and the red-haired girl who will visit this castle soon... Perhaps that is what fate has in store for you...

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

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