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War of the Stones

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War of the Stones

Ss fe08 valter.png
Artwork depicting the battle at Jehanna, a major battle that took place during the War of the Stones.




Magvel calendar year 803[1]

The Demon King and his Monster army
  • Human victory.
  • Grado, Fomortiis defeated.
  • A single Sacred Stone survives.
  • Darkling Woods purified.[2]
  • The Demon King's corpse destroyed.[3]
Contemporary events
The protection of the blessed stones is lost. The dark is rising. Malevolence given will and form now walks these lands unopposed. Ancient king of shadows... they appear to be waiting for you.
— Morva speaking to Fomortiis in Darkling Woods

The War of the Stones (Japanese: 戦い, War*) is a war that encompasses the events that transpired during Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. In the context of Magvel, the war involved every country, Grado, Renais, Frelia, Rausten, Jehanna, and Carcino, and nearly every faction on the continent.

The War of the Stones was instigated by the Demon King Fomortiis, from his prison within Grado's Sacred Stone, using Lyon as a puppet he began a conquest to destroy every Sacred Stone on the continent and appoint himself and his Monster army as ruler over the continent.


Early stages

Eirika and Ephraim meeting Lyon for the first time.

Before the seeds of conflict were sown, Eirika and Ephraim met Lyon for the first time in their childhood,[5] and became great friends. Eirika and Ephraim visited Lyon in Grado Keep often.

Some time in the year 801 or so[6] Lyon tells Ephraim and Eirika of his experiments with Grado's Sacred Stone, and his most recent success of healing young girl that had been nearly burned to death in a house fire.[7] While the twins express some concern about messing with power that should not be trifled with,[8] they still encourage Lyon to further his research and save more people.[9] However, Lyon is holding back some extremely important information regarding his research. Using a primitive version of a spell dubbed the "Time Shear",[10] Lyon saw within a vision that Grado would be destroyed within the next half-decade.[11]

Early in the year 802, after Eirika and Ephraim return to Renais, Lyon's father, Vigarde, dies from illness.[12] Vigarde's death, along with Lyon's knowledge of Grado's iminent destruction causes Lyon to push his research into dangerous territory, allowing himself under the Demon King's control, and separating the "Dark Stone" from the Sacred Stone of Grado's holy elements.[13]

The creation of the Dark Stone is also the catalyst for the resurgence of monster presence on Magvel. Though Grado has not yet declared war, Magvel is in a time of unrest. The princess of Rausten, L'Arachel, begins a journey across Magvel to purify it of monsters, keeping her identity as Rausten's heir secret.[14]

Grado strikes

L'Arachel's crusade across Magvel to purge monsters.

About a year after Vigarde's revival, and the destruction of Grado's Sacred Stone, the Demon King, masquerading as Lyon, commands Vigarde to attack Renais, making Ephraim and Eirika's country the first target. Ephriam sets out with a small force to defend the country shortly before the game's main narrative begins.[15]

Eirika flees to Frelia, and is granted refuge there by her friendship with Tana and Innes. After a short time in Frelia, Eirika decides to travel south in search of Ephraim. Unfortunately, Hayden is unable to provide a large force to defend Eirika in her travels, as Grado is on Frelia's doorstep. Eirika accepts Moulder and Vanessa into her service and begins her travels south towards Grado.

Eirika's first battle on her way to Grado is against monster forces in Za'ha Woods, here she meets Lute and Artur, who join Eirika's forces. Eirika also meets the, at the time, mysterious L'Arachel, Dozla, and Rennac, who claim to be travelers with the goal of destroying monsters across Magvel. The strange trio departs after they find out that Eirika's forces had already destroyed the attacking monsters.

Along the way, Eirika meets the priestess Natasha during the battle at the border town Serafew. Eirika protects Natasha, and Natasha is also able to convince the wayward gambler Joshua to join Eirika's forces. Natasha tells Eirika of the dark forces at work within Grado, and Eirika presses onward in her search for Ephraim.

After a few more battles, and more encounters with monsters from Darkling Woods, Eirika arrives at Renvall, the fortress that was rumored to have Ephraim within its walls. However, these rumors prove to be false, spread by the traitor Orson. Eirika finds herself fighting Grado forces within Renvall. Ephraim hears of her plight and comes out of hiding to rescue Eirika.

After escaping Renvall the reunited twins travel back to Frelia, discussing what Lyon could be doing and why Grado would attack along the way.

The twins are reunited, and split again

After discussing their next move at Frelia, Ephraim and Eirika separate once more, with Ephraim leading a direct assault on Grado, and Eirika journeying to request aid from Rausten. Innes also chooses to travel to Jehanna.

Eirika's journey

Despite being the supposedly easier route, Eirika's travels are not easy. The first problem encountered by her forces are a large mercenary force hired to kill her at Carcino's port. After the betrayal by the supposedly allied Carcino, Eirika realizes Innes is in grave danger and changes course for the southern mountains, Innes' planned travel route.

Eirika is successful in reaching Innes and saving him from Pablo's mercenary forces. Pablo is a member of Carcino's merchant counsel, and has sided most of the country with Grado, however the entire counsel is not in agreement with his decisions. Eirika decides to put her travels to Rausten on hold, and decides to take a rarely-used route through the mountains of Carcino and decide to look for the Sage Saleh at Ewan's advice.

Aside from encountering a group of monsters while the group rests in an abandoned fortress, they have few troubles. Eirika also meets L'Arachel and Dozla again. This time, L'Arachel decides to accompany Eirika, though Rennac is conspicuously absent.

Deeper in the Carcino mountains Eirika encounters the Grado general Glen. Eirika is able to convince him that she is looking to bring peace back to Magvel and he allows her to escape. However, after Eirika leaves, Valter kills Glen, as Valter wishes for the war to continue and is not interested in peace. Valter returns to Grado and frames Eirika as Glen's killer.

Despite escaping Grado's wyvern troop, Eirika still has trials to face on the mountain, just before reaching the remote village, a horde of monsters descends on Eirika's group. Saleh joins her forces in combat and the monsters are vanquished. Eirika reaches Caer Pelyn and talks with the village matron Dara about the darkness emanating from Grado and the Great Dragon. Dara tells them the true story of the original war with the Demon King. After hearing her advice and resting in the village Eirika resumes her travels to Jehanna.

Eirika then finds herself in Hamill Canyon. Ahead of her, Grado troops await to intercept her advance. Eirika engages the Grado troops. L'Arachel assures Eirika that help is on the way, but does not elaborate. The groups previous aggressor, Pablo, also arrives, fleeing from Frelian troops, and his forces begin to attack Eirika's group from the rear in hopes of Gaining Grado's favor. Cormag, Glen's younger brother, flies in with a small wyvern force, still enraged by his brothers death allegedly at Eirika's hands. Eirika manages to convince Cormag that she is not the killer of Glen. As predicted, Rausten troops also arrive and drive back the Grado and Carcino troops. L'Arachel reveals her true identity as Rausten's princess.

Their relief is short lived, as Seth mentions that a report has just arrived, and it states that Jehanna's palace has already been overrun by Grado's troops, Eirika, Innes, and L'Arachel hurry south. In the palace there are many of Grado's troops, but there are also many hired forces. Rennac is among them, after some convincing with either coin or L'Arachel's thickheadedness, Rennac begins to serve under Eirika and L'Arachel.

Before the fight beings, the Grado general Caellach orders the traitorous Jehannan Swordmaster Carlyle to defend the palace in exchange for the Queen's safety. Caellach retreats deeper into the palace with Ismaire to find the Sacred Stone of Jehanna.

Eirika is able to clear the Grado troops from the palace, however, Jehanna's sacred stone has already been destroyed, and Queen Ismaire fatally wounded. Before Eirika is able to join the others with Ismaire, Lyon appears before Eirika. He reassures Eirika that he is on her side and then vanishes.

A dying Ismaire shortly after the destruction of Jehanna's Sacred Stone.

Eirika arrives within another part of the palace and finds Ismaire. Ismaire's dying words are apologizing to her son Joshua and explaining what happened to Jehanna's Sacred Stone. She also mentions Lyon, who was carrying Grado's dark stone. Ismaire passes. Joshua accepts her apology and explains to Eirika and her companions why he left the palace long ago, he wanted to learn of the country's needs by living among its people, however he lingered too long in mercenary work.

The scene is cut short when an ally soldier alerts Eirika and Seth that the palace had been soaked in flammable oil during the fighting and is now aflame, the group is forced to escape outside due to the flames.

The situation outside the palace is dire, as the rest of Grado's forces have all set their sights on Eirika who is now trapped outside near the burning Jehanna palace, they are completely surrounded by Grado. Eirika's only choice is to wait for reinforcements to arrive, though none are expected soon, Rausten's northern forces are being held off and Ephraim is a ways away.

Ephraim's journey

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The Demon King's revival

Ephraim and Eirika reunite at Jehanna. Eirika, trapped outside Jehanna's burning palace, teams up with Ephraim's newly arrived forced. Their combined forces manage to thwart the two powerful Grado Generals Caellach and Valter.

After quelling Grado's remaining forces, Eirika and Ephraim discuss what they have seen. Eirika mentions that Lyon seems to be the old friend she has always known, and thinks he is still on their side, despite what is happening.[16] Ephraim, disturbingly, reports Lyon as behaving vastly different, to the point where Ephraim compares Lyon to something not human.[17]

Eirika and Ephraim decide it is time to recover Renais from Orson. The twins storm the castle with their forces and defeat Orson. At this time Myrrh also begins joining the twins in combat. Lyon and Riev are present within Renais castle before the battle but vanish before the fighting begins.

Even though the war is technically over, due to the fall of Grado, L'Arachel suggests the combined groups travel to Rausten to discuss their next move regarding the monsters and the Demon King. On their journey, Eirika and Ephraim encounter many Grado forces at the Narube River. They also encounter a major setback at Neleras Peak, Lyon is able to destroy Renais' sacred stone and escape.

Even with the loss of one of the last Sacred Stones weighing on them heavily, Eirika and Ephraim arrive at Rausten court, and are able to speak with Pontifex Mansel, as well as obtain the last remaining Sacred Stone. After nightfall a massive Grado force lead by Riev attacks under cover of darkness. Eirika and Ephraim stave off the attack and protect Mansel until dawn, after which the Grado forces retreat.

Sealing away Fomortiis.

The next morning, Eirika and Ephraim are granted Latona and Ivaldi by Mansel to use in battle against the monsters of Darkling Woods. The group immediately heads for Darkling Woods, and the Black Temple, where the Demon King's corpse resides, and a revival ritual can be performed. Before they arrive, the Demon King kills the forest's guardian, Morva. Myrrh notices this, but does not comment on it to those around her. At the center of the woods, the group once again encounters Riev, though there are no Grado forces to be seen among the monster hordes. Riev eagerly defends the temple with the reanimated corpse of the Manakete, Morva.

After killing Riev and entering the temple, Eirika and Ephraim finally confront Lyon. The Demon King interrupts and insults Lyon shortly before sending more monsters after Eirika's and Ephraim's forces. Once the monsters and Lyon are defeated, the Demon King uses Lyon's corpse as the final piece to complete his revival.

The group arrives within the next portion of the temple, and beholds the revived Demon King. Fortunately, his full revival is short lived, as L'Arachel immediately uses the Sacred Stone of Rausten to bind his soul again.

However, the Demon King's animated corpse is still active and aggressive. After a fight with the reanimated monstrosity, the War of the Stones is over, and with the destruction of the Demon King's corpse, Fomortiis is unable to be resurrected in the future.


Despite the defeat of the Demon King, Magvel is still left in disarray after the war. The calamity destined to destroy Grado also occurs.[18] There also remains a single Sacred Stone on the continent.

However, while many places are destroyed and broken, the future of Magvel looks bright, and the continent is on its way to recovery, countries are rebuilding, and Darkling Woods is healing.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

War of the Stones

"Stones" refers to the Sacred Stones, the holy relics that the war was waged over.



Simply "war". There is no equivalent name in the Japanese version, as most instances of "War of the Stones" in English are simply "the war" in the Japanese version when referring to the primary conflict of the game.


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