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War of Deliverance/Script

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Fire Emblem Gaiden

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

Zofia Castle

A landslide north of here has cut off the path to Mila's Temple. The priestesses who just left are safe, but...

Alm's Route

Northern Zofia Battle

Alm: Everyone, stay alert! A brigade from Rigel is closing in. Fortify our defenses! Scatter oour foes and pick them off one by one!

Forest Village

Various unnamed NPCs:
A liberation soldier is imporisoned in Desaix's fort. Rumors say she'll be executed soon. You guys better hurry if you want to save her!
Valentia is split by a deep gorge. The floodgate exists to store water in the gorge, but... if it isn't opened periodically, the water overflows
The Rigelian army has occupied the gate and is keeping it closed. Please, Lord Alm. You must somehow open the gate before Zofia floods!

Luthier: I beg of you, please save my little sister! She's being manipulated by the cantor Tatarrah at Rigel's sluice. If Tatarrah is defeated, the spell on Delthea should break...
(Luthier joins)

Unnamed Man: Some Gargoyles flew off to the shrine in the west with my child. If you save her, I'll give you my treasure.

After rescuing the girl

Unnamed Man: Thank you.
Unnamed Girl: Eheh. Thanks for saving me.

Siege of Desaix's Fortress

Desaix: The rebel forces are attacking? Shit! In that case... Archers! Kill that girl in her cell as a warning!

Desaix initiates a battle

Desaix: Is this all you've got...? I won't be beaten so easily!

Desaix dies

Desaix: Grr... Mycen! Is he planning to give Zofia to Rudolf's brat?! Damn traitor!
(Desaix dies)

Desaix's Fortress

Mathilda: Thank you. I just knew you'd come rescue me.
(Mathilda joins)

Sylvan Shrine

Room 2

Unnamed Girl: Wahh! I was so scared!
(Unnamed girl leaves the area)

Retaking of the Sluice Gate

Tatarrah: Hoho... You fools hope to beat me, Lord Tatarrah? Delthea! Kill those idiots with your Aura!

Delthea initiates a battle


Delthea dies

Delthea: Ahh, it hurts... B-brother...
(Delthea dies)

Tatarrah dies

Tatarrah: May Duma's blessings--
(Tatarrah dies)

Delthea: Ah! My head... What am I doing here? Urgh... Luthieeer--
(Delthea retreats)

Sluice Gate

Delthea: I don't know what happened, Brother. Eh? I was under Tattarah's control? So that's what it was... I'm sorry if I've been a bother.
(Delthea joins)

Before opening the floodgate at the Temple of Mila

Unnamed Man: What? You want me to open the floodgate!? If I do that, the water will pour out too fast, causing a flood. Sorry, but until the floodgate at Mila's Temple is opened, I can't do it.

After opening the floodgate at the Temple of Mila

Unnamed Man: Oh! Mila's floodgate has been opened! I'll open this gate right away!
(Moves and opens gate)
Unnamed Man: North of this floodgate is the Kingdom of Rigel. Be careful.

Celica's Route

Zofian Coast Battle

Palla: Catria! Those guys are bandits. Stay close!

Zofia Harbor

Palla: Oh! I was looking for you. Our sister, Est, is still missing and I was thinking... Your journey will be tough, like ours. May we travel together? We can help each other out.
(Palla joins)

Catria: Ahh, I hope we find Est soon... This is a secret, but if the three of us surrounded a foe, there's a really cool move we can use. (Catria joins)

Mountain Village

Various unnamed NPSs: The bandit king Grieth rules the eastern desert. He attacked and took all of our children as slaves. What should we do...?
Some say the dead can be revived in the nearby shrine. Dragons have settled there, though. Anything that draws near gets devoured.

Atlas: Y'guys gonna go finish off that bastard, Grieth? If so, let me help out. My siblings got captured by him, but I don't know where they're at...
(Atlas joins)

Desert Stronghold

Jesse: Aw, thanks. You saved me. Name's Jesse. Just some merc. I got caught helping out a girl jailed in Grieth's fort. Cute kid from a foreign land.
Celica: That has to be Est... Hey, Jesse. Is there a way we can save her?
Jesse: Nope. There's no way the few of us can do anything.
Celica: But there must be a way...
Jesse: Well, I guess... Grieth has these two underlings: Sonya and Deen. They guard the north and south desert regions, respectively. Both of them seem to hate Grieth. However, neither will betray him while the other's alive. If you defeat one, the other may become your ally. Oh, and of course I'll lend you a hand, too.
(Jesse joins)

Northern Desert Battle

Deen initiates a battle

Deen: No hard feelings, but we're enemies. Taste my blade!

Southern Desert Battle

Sonya initiates a battle

Sonya: Heheh, little girl and company-- you're going to die!

Attack on Grieth's Citadel

Grieth: Hehe... Foolish brats. Have a death wish? I, Lord Grieth, will show you my power. Get 'em, boys! Kill them all!

Grieth initiates a battle

Grieth: Grr, is this already the end of my kingodm? Then I'll drag you all down with me to hell!

Grieth dies

Grieth: I hope you're proud! How could I-- ugh...
(Grieth dies)

Grieth's Citadel

Girl: Thank You. Now I can return to my service at Mila's Temple. ...! Hold on... Could it be?!
Celica: Hmm? What's the matter?
Girl: My apologies. You just bear a striking resemblance to Lady Liprica.
Celica: Liprica!? That was my mother's name!
Girl: Then... then you truly are Princess Anthiese! This is wonderful!
Celica: You knew my mother? Please... Tell me about her...
Girl: Yes... Lady Liprica was originally a priestess at Mila's Temple. The king, charmed by her beauty, forcibly made her his queen. It was hard for her to bear, and she soon caught a grave disease. Soon after she gave birth to you, she perished... She worried so about you... Oh, Lady Anthiese, don't cry... I have something I must give you.
(Steps back for a moment)
Girl: This diadem proves you are the princess of Zofia. Please use your power to save the Kingdom.
(Celica promotes)

Girl: I am returning to Mila's Temple. Take care, Your Highness.

Est: Eh? Big sisters! Ahh, great! I'm coming with you guys too!
(Est joins)

If Deen was fought

Sonya: What, you've dealt with Grieth? Well, that vile man had it coming. Mmm... I owe you guys one, eh? I gotcha. I'll lend you a hand.
(Sonya joins)

If Sonya was fought

Deen: What, you've dealt with Greith? Well, that vile man had it coming. Mmm... I owe you guys one, eh? Very well. I'll lend you a hand.
(Deen joins)

Liberation of the Temple of Mila

Celica: Look! The Temple of Mila! Stay alert-- Mikhail, one of Duma's cantors, is ahead. Everyone, protect out frailer allies!

Temple of Mila

Floor 1, room 1

Various unnamed NPCs:
The Earth Goddess Mila was sealed by King Rudolf of Rigel. That's why the land is barren. As things stand, we'll all starve...
Great Cantor Dolth rules the land north of here. Tresspass, and he'll summon necrodragons to devour you.
Travelling north is impossible with the gorge full of water. If you don't open the western floodgate, the water won't drain. There's a reserve gate in this temple's basement, but...
The evil god Duma gave Rudolf the sword that sealed Lady Mila. If you go to the Tower of Duma, you could rescue her. Just beware of the life-draining swamps on the way...

Before rescuing Girl

One of our priestesses is a prisoner in Grieth's fort. Please, save everyone captured by that evil thief!

After rescuing Girl

Girl: Thanks to you, our healer returned safely. If you go north, look for a hamlet in the Lost Treescape. The Great Sage Halcyon who lives there ought to help you somehow.

Basement floor 1, room 1

Unnamed man: I'm the guard of this floodgate. What? You want me to open it? No can do. Only the Zofian royal family can order this gate opened. I ain't listening to you!

If Celica is promoted, he will also say:

Unnamed man: Hmm? Wait a sec... That crown...! That's the royal family's crest! Then you must be the long-lost Princess Anthiese!F-forgive my rudeness. I'll open the floodgate straightaway.
(Moves to open floodgate)
Unnamed man: Your Highness, the western floodgate must also be open to drain the water.

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

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