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New Jersey

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hello! I'm Julian. and I'm an admin of this wiki. ask me things if you want. I also have a sandbox.

honestly, it's been a while since I've really been active here. but I am nearly always on Skype, and I do get emails whenever someone edits my talk page, so I am not that hard to contact.

currently a rising college freshman.

Various interests

  • Fire Emblem (well, of course!!)
  • Classical music
    • I play the cello. and the piano.
    • Chamber music is great.
    • Romantic classical music is probably my favorite (such as Tchaikovsky, Chopin, etc.)
  • Anime, such as...
    • Higurashi
    • Dennou Coil
    • Free!
    • Flowers of Evil
  • Games, such as...
    • Touhou
    • osu!
    • League of Legends (name: MisterBrightside)
    • Love Live (I'm a loser)
    • Toontown Rewritten (I'm a really big loser)
  • Being Asian
    • I am Taiwanese. Taiwan is great!!
    • Traditional Chinese (as opposed to simplified). I speak Mandarin.
    • I play the erhu.
    • Rice is wonderful... along with sushi, tofu, and Chinese vegetables.
  • books, especially "classics", as in old books. for some reason I got really into those. some of my favorites:
    • As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner
    • Nine Stories by J.D. Salinger
    • Catch-22 by Joseph Heller
    • The Stranger and The Plague by Albert Camus
    • The Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri
    • I do have a Goodreads, but you'll have to ask me for that personally.

Ask me about:

  • The Skype chat.
  • Any wiki-related things. Except for templates.
  • My interests.

Ongoing wiki-related projects I am focusing on

  • Frankly, not much. I'm busy (kind of).
  • Where is Aria?!

Fire Emblem games I own

  • Binding Blade: as a ROM. No progress (lol).
  • Fire Emblem: clears on Eliwood & Hector normal. ... unfortunately, my cartridge lost all its save data somehow.
  • The Sacred Stones: Completed this game on both routes! (normal mode)
  • Path of Radiance: Normal clear. currently on Chapter 15.
  • Radiant Dawn: I got somewhere in part 2, but I'll probably start over.
  • Shadow Dragon: Beat Normal Mode; currently on Chapter 24 H5.
  • Awakening: Hard Mode, Chapter 21 or something. I'm not very enthusiastic about it.

Otherwhere on the internet

Email: ask me somewhere else
Skype: seritinajii
MyAnimeList: seritinajii
Tumblr: scarves-between-springtimes
League of Legends: MisterBrightside
osu: Suikunkun