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i do pointless things like using the sources bit of inspect element to download web pages rather than chrome's built in save feature or the wayback machine and making official artwork of a single figure transparent for no particular reason (the artwork is better than the figure and i'll never get the actual figure). one thing that i've noticed is that quite a lot of artwork is either unsourced or poorly sourced so i sometimes end up going through all of the things i can think of without finding the artwork (e.g. the main Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade artwork for Lyn). 100 edits at 20:08 (BST) on 30/08/2021

character artwork stuff

date: 31/08/2021

the japanese fire emblem website has different character artworks as a background every day. these artworks are 2300x1500 pixels and will be the highest resolution of the shown section for most characters. the file path for all of them is, use a zero for games that are single digit)/pc/(Number again, also use zero)_(Character name, I'm pretty sure it's localised name instead of romanization of Japanese name).png. i don't think it has awakening dlc characters and i'm not sure if it has three houses post-timeskip. changing /pc/ to /sp/ gives slightly lower resolution mobile versions that are cropped in a different way and therefore include parts that are cut off at the top.

serenesforest has some of the old artworks. doesn't go up to present but helpful for avatar formats (mostly just '(name)_(m/f)' but byleth has different names in japanese so its beret.png for m byleth and beles.png for f byleth). since it isn't doesn't go up to now and probably won't continue, it'll be hard to find anything if they do (or have done past july 2019) (for example) the post-timeskip versions of the three houses characters unless someone conveniently stumbles upon them. ones i have found so far:

there's artworks that are higher resolution than the wiki versions on the new mystery of the emblem page for caeda (wiki version) and katarina (wiki version) but i'm not going to bother with making them fully transparent (there's a shadow effect and i'm already spending too much of my time making a transparent version of a higher resoltiuon version of lucina's box art that i found while looking through awakening press kits)

there's also higher resolution versions of the artworks for eirika (wiki version) and ephraim (wiki version) on the sacred stones page

nintendo of america made tweets with higher resolution versions of rhea (wiki version) and the flame emperor's (wiki version) portraits

Trying to find the source for Lucina's main artwork

time: probably an hour or less before 18:29 30/08/2021 to roughly 19:54 30/08/2021

since i've been playing Fire Emblem Awakening recently (primarily because i used Lucina to get lyn in Fire Emblem Warriors) i'm trying to find the source for lucina's awakening artwork. haven't found the source for the wiki art yet but here's some other ones:

some serenesforest three houses artwork sourcing

for a while i've been trying to find sources for the high-quality portraits for both byleths (male, female) that are better than serenesforest, which lists a nintendo direct as the source for them even though the portraits aren't in the video. the other portraits in the section, which are of dimitri, claude, and edelgard are all from tweets by nintendo of america, but the nintendo of america byleth tweet has a high resolution version of male byleth's artwork and a significantly lower resolution version of female byleth's artwork but no portraits.

i feel like they might be from famitsu along with the serenesforest portraits for jeralt and sothis since even though i can't get any of it in a higher resolution than what it shows when you click on it i know that there has to be a way to access higher-resolution versions since it's the same issue that female byleth's artwork is from.

serenesforest also has very high resolution versions of the main artwork for both byleths, sothis and the pre-timeskip lords that is listed as being from 'Nintendo UK (10th July)'. i presume that those are all from the nintendo uk press site that doesn't seem to exist anymore since the key art is the same as the old version from this wiki and also uk + high-resolution artwork = press site but the problem is that i've never been able to find anything other than image sourcing to support the existence of this press site and the only other place i think all of the images could be from is the nintendo of america press centre that i don't have a login for

just found both of them (male, female) on the gonintendo flickr account along with the ones for the lords (edelgard, dimitri, claude)



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