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Together to the End

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This article is about the chapter from Gaiden and its remake. For the History Mode map in Warriors based on this chapter, see Together to the End (Warriors).

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Together to the End

Cm fe02 C5 Wm.png


Duma Temple

New units



Rinea*, Berkut*, Duma, Jedah, Gharn, Marla, Hestia, Aurum, Argentum, Hades, Cerberus, Naberius

Together to the End (Japanese: 再会、そして... Reunion and then...) is the final act of Fire Emblem Gaiden and Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.


Main article: Together to the End/Script

Flostym 402 V.C. arrives. Completely broken by the revelation of Alm's true heritage, Berkut wanders into Duma Temple to pray. Rinea follows him and attempts to comfort him by stating that she never cared about being empress and only wanted to be with Berkut. However, in his fragile state of mind, Berkut interprets this as an admission that Rinea was in on the "conspiracy" against him. He murders Rinea and sacrifices her soul to Duma in exchange for his power. Fernand arrives and discovers the completely unhinged Berkut, who sics Rinea, now turned into a witch, on him.

Alm makes his way into Duma Temple and encounters the mortally wounded Fernand. He reconciles with Clive, warns Alm's party about Berkut's mental state, and dies in Clive's arms. Alm discovers Mila's corpse and meets Celica and Jedah. Celica explains that Mila has sealed Falchion's power and that she intends to sacrifice her soul to Duma. Alm attempts to convince her not to do so, but she refuses, admits that all she ever wanted was to live her life with Alm, and flees. Alm rallies his comrades into supporting his effort to destroy Duma and put Valentia into the hands of man. Mila's corpse reacts to Alm's resolve and beckons him forward. Deeper in the temple, Celica demands that Jedah release Mila as per their deal, but he refuses and destroys her corpse, leaving only her head. Jedah then takes Celica's soul by force.

Alm pushes forward and encounters Berkut, who rebuffs Alm's request to work together and attacks him. Alm prevails in the battle, and Rinea's spirit appears to Berkut to forgive him and take him with her to the afterlife. Berkut realizes the error of his ways and reconciles with Alm before dying in his arms. Alm and his party make their way to the Temple's inner sanctum. There, they discover the Temple's treasure vault, and Alm is forced to continue on his own. He makes his way through Falchion's trials and reaches the heart of the vault, where Mila's head, Falchion, and Celica await. Under the sway of Duma, Celica attacks Alm. With the last of her lucidity, she begs Alm to kill her. However, Mila's voice beckons Alm to claim Falchion. With it, he impales Celica and accidentally kills her, much to his horror. Mila uses her power to revive Celica and asks the two to kill Duma before fading away. Alm and Celica regroup with Celica's companions and open the way to the Altar of Duma. There, the children of fate destroy Duma in a tumultuous final battle. With his dying breath, Duma returns to his senses and entrusts Valentia to Alm and Celica.

In Avistym 402 V.C., Alm is coronated the first king of the One Kingdom of Valentia. Alm and Celica bury Mila and Duma in mountaintop graves, causing divine trees to grow at their burial sites. The two vow to forge Valentia into a new nation by man, for man.

Character data

Gaiden Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

New Units


Returning Characters

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Map data

There are two combat maps in the final act of Gaiden and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

  1. Duma Temple
  2. The Final Battle

Exploration sections

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Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Together to the End



再会、そして... (Gaiden)再会、そして (Echoes: Shadows of Valentia)

• Reunion and then... (Gaiden) • Reunion and then (Echoes: Shadows of Valentia)


Juntos hasta el final

Together until the end





Ein bitteres Ende?

A bitter end?


Insieme verso la fine

Together to the end


Samen het einde in

Together in the end

Simplified Chinese


After the reunion

Traditional Chinese


After the reunion


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Land of Sorrow Together to the End Act 6
Note: Act 6 is exclusive to Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

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