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Timeline of Magvel

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Timeline of Magvel
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This page contains a timeline of events occurring on the continent Magvel. The universe in Magvel is standalone, there are no known relations to other timelines.

While never explicitly said, it is most likely that the first defeat of Fomortiis was the starting point of Magvel's modern-day calendar. There are no known names for either calendar.


History of Magvel
Events of The Sacred Stones


Year Events in Magvel
Sometime before and around 0 Fomortiis and his monster hordes nearly purge humanity.
• An unknown divine force answers humanity's plea, the Sacred Stones appear.
• Lead by Grado, and aided by Morva and the manakete tribe, the Five Heroes use the Sacred Stones to seal away the soul of Fomortiis in Darkling woods.
• The countries Renais, Frelia, Jehanna, Rausten, and Grado are founded. Each country houses a Sacred Stone, with Grado's Stone specifically housing the soul of Fomortiis.
• These events are chronicled as the Legend of the Sacred Stones, for unknown reasons knowledge of the manakete tribe's involvement is lost in most retellings.
Year Unknown • The mercantile republic Carcino is founded.
Approx. 788 Hayden is crowned the king of Frelia.[1][2]
Approx. 793 • The Prince of Jehanna vanishes.
Unknown point before 801 Ephraim and Eirika meet Lyon for the first time, they become fast friends.
801 • The Imperial prince of Grado, Lyon, begins his experiments with Grado's Sacred Stone, these experiments show promise as Lyon is able to use the stone to heal a mortally burned child.
802 • Lyon and the court mages use ancient documents to partially reproduce a time-warping spell, dubbed the time shear,[3] though they are only able to use it to gaze into the future. Lyon sees a terrible storm and bars ships from leaving Grado ports, this proves to save countless lives.[4]
• Lyon sees a horrific vision of Grado being destroyed in a massive landslide.
Vigarde, the current emperor and Lyon's father, dies of illness, however this is kept out of public knowledge.
• Lyon allows Fomortiis into his mind[5] and creates the Dark Stone. Lyon also reanimates Vigarde's corpse to serve as a puppet emperor.
• The remaining holy portion of Grado's Sacred Stone is destroyed.
803 • The manakete Myrrh senses the Dark Stone in Grado and leaves Darkling Woods.
• Grado becomes aggressive towards the northern countries, making Renais its first target, beginning the War of the Stones.
• Ephraim goes missing in his travels towards Grado.
• Renais falls under Grado occupation, its King, Fado, is also killed.
• Eirika allies with Frelia and locates Ephraim.
• Frelia's Sacred Stone is destroyed by Grado forces led by Selena and Caellach.
• Jehanna's Sacred Stone is destroyed, and Queen Ismaire killed.
• Eirika begins a journey to Rausten, however she is sidetracked by Carcino attacking her and Innes, she is cornered by Grado's troops in Jehanna. Ephraim comes to her aid after his successful invasion of Grado's capital.
• Renais' Sacred Stone is stolen and destroyed by Lyon personally.
• Eirika and Ephraim's forces obtain Rausten's Sacred Stone and march to Darkling Woods.
• Lyon is killed and Fomortiis is revived, though quickly sealed in Rausten's Sacred Stone. Fomortiis' body is destroyed.
• The calamity Lyon foresaw destroying Grado occurs, Ephraim begins relief efforts in Grado.[6]


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