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Timeline of Archanea, Valentia and Jugdral

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Timeline of Archanea, Valentia, and Jugdral
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The continents Archanea, Valentia and Jugdral occupy a single Fire Emblem series story universe. Though their stories are isolated from each other by thousands of years, they nonetheless share a clear link, manifest in certain recurring characters and groups like the Divine Dragon Naga and the other dragon/Manakete tribes.

There are three separate calendar systems in operation in the world: the Grann Calendar of Jugdral, where the the calendar's Year 0 is the year of the founding of the ancient Grann Kingdom; a year in this system is typically called a Grann Year. The other system, used in Archanea, is the Archanea calendar, where Year 0 is the year of the founding of the Holy Kingdom of Archanea. Though never officially stated, the points at which the three calendars synchronise can be easily deduced with simple mathematics; to use the start of Genealogy of the Holy War as a point of synchronisation, which is set in Grann Year 757, it has been calculated to approximately be at -423 on the Archanea calendar (that is, 423 years before the foundation of Archanea)[1]. The calendar in use as of the time of Awakening is currently unknown, as is the exact time elapsed since Mystery of the Emblem; however, Tiki at one point says she is at least 3,000 years old by that point, giving a rough idea of the elapsed time period. The third system is the Valentian calendar, whose Year 1 starts when a Zofian astronomer suggests the idea of a calendar system to Mila.[2]

It should be noted that the synchronisation between the Archanea and Grann calendars is conjecture. Though grounded in information provided in guidebooks and games, it works on the assumption that the listed time period for the Earth Dragon war did indeed take place within the single year listed in the Mystery of the Emblem timeline, as opposed to the possibility of spanning multiple years. As such, it is very much subject to being incorrect and change should Intelligent Systems release a more detailed Archanea timeline. The synchronization between the Valentian and Archanean calendars, however, is much easier to deduce, due to the games' events occurring at around the same time period.

Though, another statement Tiki makes in Awakening, with some assumptions, may mark the calendar synchronization as roughly correct.[3] If the ancestor Tiki speaks about to Robin is Sigurd or Seliph, this means Sigurd and his son came 1000 years before Marth, which roughly lines up with this current incarnation of the timeline. As noted this, however, relies on an assumption, and Tiki may not be talking about said characters (she is never shown meeting either character in Genealogy or Thracia); many people assume she is talking about Anri, however, Anri lived a mere 68 years before Marth, being his great granduncle.

It is possible some older guidebooks may no longer be accurate; however, this page is based on them in the absence of direct disconfirmation.


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Events of Genealogy of the Holy War
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History of the post-Marth world
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Events in Jugdral Events in Archanea Events in Valentia
~ -4000 ~ -2820 ~ -4206 -- Golden age of the dragons
The entire continent is occupied by an advanced civilization, ruled by the Divine Dragons.
-2794 -1614 -3000 -- -- The divine dragons Duma and Mila come to Valentia and build their civilization.
Duma and Mila go to war over a disagreement over how Valentia should be led. The war ends with the Divine Accord, stating that Duma shall rule the northern half of the continent and Mila shall rule the south.
-1179 1 -1385 Founding of the Grann Kingdom
This early civilization was founded on the western banks of the Jun River, in the territory which later became Verdane and/or Agustria.
-- --
-1000 180 -1206 -- Beginning of the dragons' decline
The birth rate of dragons falls and there start being signs of degeneration.
On the advice of the dragon elders, including the Divine Dragon King Naga, most dragons seal their powers into dragonstones and become Manaketes; the Earth Dragons do not, with the exception of their Prince Medeus. Those who do not comply eventually turn feral.
-950 230 -1156 The Grann Kingdom is reorganized into a republic, the Grann Republic. -- --
-794 386 -1000 -- -- Duma Faith and Mila Faith founded.
-740 440 -946 -- Naga leads the Divine Dragons in a war with the Earth Dragons. --
Descent of Loptous
In his travels of the world, Bishop Galle arrives in Archanea, seeking to draw on the powers of legendary creatures. He encounters the Earth Dragon Loptous, who engages in a blood pact with Galle and possesses him.
Galle returns to Jugdral and founds the Loptr Church, beginning the rise of Loptous and his reputation as a "Dark God". The Earth Dragons are defeated. Naga imprisons them within the Dragon's Table and forges the Binding Shield from one of her fangs, permanently sealing them in. She tasks Prince Medeus with guarding the Table, and forges the Falchion from another fang in case humans ever needed the power to fight dragons. --
-733 447 -939 The original Deadlords are formed in the service of Galle, and lead a devastating strike on Grann, destroying it. -- --
-732 448 -938 Galle founds the Loptrian Empire and becomes its first emperor. All subsequent emperors bore his name and were also possessed by Loptous. -- --
-731 449 -937 The Great Purge
100,000 people are slaughtered by the Empire.
-- --
-728 452 -934 At Miletos, children are sacrificed in droves to Loptous, an event known as the "Sorrow of Miletos" and possibly the origin of the child hunts. -- --
-727 453 -933 The Massacre of Edda occurs; tens of thousands are killed. -- --
-645 535 -851 Maera, the brother of the Emperor Galle of the time, initiates a rebellion after failing to convince the Empire to take more peaceful practices. Maera is sent into exile, and it was through his children that the Loptous bloodline survived past the Empire's fall. -- --
-569 611 -775 Warriors from all around Jugdral start to revolt and challenge the Empire. -- --
After -569 After 611 After -775 The revolution forces are crushed by the Empire's might and eventually driven into a single stronghold: Dahna, in the Aed Desert. Naga learns of the existence of the Loptrian Empire and of the Earth Dragon possessing humans in order to control it. With eleven other dragons, including Salamand and Forseti, she departs for Jugdral to restore balance to the world. --
-548 632 -754 The Miracle of Dahna
Naga and the dragon "gods" descend upon Dahna and perform blood pacts with twelve fighters, creating the Twelve Crusaders.
-- --
-547 633 -753 Start of the Holy War
The revolution army, now led by the Twelve Crusaders, actively engages the Loptrian Empire in war.
-- --
-532 648 -738 End of the Holy War
Emperor Galle XVII, possessed by Loptous, is killed by Saint Heim wielding Naga's power. The Loptrian Empire is dismantled.
-- --
-531 649 -737 Founding of the modern nations of Jugdral
Five of the Crusaders founded their own kingdoms - Isaach, Agustria, Silesse and Thracia. The other six, together with Saint Heim, founded Grannvale and its six duchies.
-- --
-500 680 -706 -- Death of Naga
Before her death, Naga enshrined the Falchion and Binding Shield in the Fane of Raman, placed her infant daughter Tiki in the Ice Dragon Temple, and commanded Gotoh to watch over the world.
-423 757 -629 Grannvale goes to war with Isaach; Prince Kurth departs for the front lines with Byron and Ring.
Verdane invades the vulnerable Grannvale, conquering Yngvi and capturing Edain. Sigurd of Chalphy and Quan of Leonster repel the invasion and conquer Evans.
Sigurd marries Deirdre.
-- --
-422 758 -628 Chalphy/Leonster army invades Agustria following aggression by King Chagall.
Prince Lewyn of Silesse assists Sigurd in protecting the Agustrian people and joins his forces.
Eldigan of Nordion gives Sigurd's army one year of occupation to restore the peace before pulling out.
-- --
-421 759 -627 Grannvale wins the war with Isaach; the kingdom falls, and Grannvale takes control of it.
• Birth of Seliph Baldos Chalphy, in Agustria.
Kurth is murdered by Lombard of Dozel on his way back from Isaach; Ring is murdered around the same time by his son Andrey. Byron is falsely accused of these crimes.
Chagall attacks the Grannvale occupation force and forces Eldigan to fight. Eldigan is executed for attempting to persuade Chagall to peace.
King Chagall is slain by Sigurd's forces, and Agustria falls.
Deirdre is abducted by Manfroy.
Sigurd is branded a traitor to Grannvale and flees to Silesse with his group, seeking refuge with Queen Lahna.
Quan, Ethlyn and Finn leave Sigurd to return to Leonster, intending to raise support to clear Sigurd's name.
-- --
-420 760 -626 Lahna attempts to inform Grannvale's King Azmur of Sigurd's innocence, but her letters go unacknowledged.
Deirdre reappears in Belhalla and marries Arvis, making him the successor of the dying Azmur.
• Birth of Leif Faris Claus, in Leonster.
Civil war in Silesse: Dukes Myos and Daccar launch an assault on Sigurd and Lahna, with support of Andrey and his Beige Ritter. Silesse Castle is conquered and Annand is killed in its defense. Lahna confers the Forseti tome upon Lewyn.
-- --
-419 761 -625 A badly wounded Byron escapes captivity under Lombard and gets the Tyrfing to Sigurd, then dies.
Oifey and Shannan are tasked with taking Seliph and other children, and finding refuge in Isaach. They settle in Tirnanog.
Aed Massacre: Quan, Ethlyn and the Lanceritter are murdered by Travant in the Aed Desert. Altena is adopted by Travant.

Battle of Belhalla: Sigurd's army is executed by Arvis and the fire mages of Velthomer.
• Grannvale invades and conquers Silesse.
Thracia launches an invasion of the Munster District.

-- --
After -419 After 761 After -625 Edain arrives in Tirnanog and becomes an abbess there.
Tailtiu is on the run in Silesse with Arthur and Tine, but is captured and taken away by Bloom. She dies in captivity after years of abuse.
Erinys becomes Queen of Silesse in the absence of her husband Lewyn. She eventually dies of illness, and both Fee and Ced depart to find Lewyn.
Silvia leaves Lene and Coirpre in an orphanage at Dahna, then disappears.
-- --
-418 762 -624 Thracia conquers the Munster District; some territories are allowed autonomy in a deal with Thracia.
Fall of Leonster: King Calf of Leonster is slain. Finn and Lachesis flee Leonster with Leif and Nanna.
Grannvale's army defeats Thracia. King Travant signs a peace treaty and enters an alliance with Grannvale. The Munster District is now governed by the Friege family, with Thracia largely powerless.
-- --
-417 to -415 763 to 765 -623 to -621 Leif, Finn, Lachesis and Nanna live in Ulster under royal protection. They leave after an assassination attempt on Bloom. -- --
-414 to -412 766 to 768 -620 to -618 Leif, Finn, Lachesis and Nanna enter hiding in Frest, but are betrayed by the people and forced to flee. -- --
~-414 ~766 ~-620 An amnesiac Brigid is rescued by the people of Iz. Adopting the identity "Eyvel", she takes over Fiana. -- --
-411 to -409 769 to 771 -617 to -615 Leif, Finn, Lachesis and Nanna enter hiding in Tahra. Lachesis leaves to find Diarmuid and is never seen again. -- --
-407 773 -613 Leif, Finn and Nanna arrive in Fiana and are accepted by Eyvel. -- --
-404 776 -610 Leif of Leonster raises a liberation army and launches a successful liberation war against the occupation of Thracia. -- --
-403 777 -609 Seliph frees Isaach from the Grannvale occupation and sets out to engage Grannvale in a head-on liberation war.
Seliph's liberation army unites with that of Leif to defeat the Grannvale occupation of the Munster District.
Fall of Thracia; King Travant is slain.
-- --
-402 778 -608 Inspired by Seliph, revolutions against Grannvale arise in Agustria and Silesse.
Seliph's liberation army defeats Julius and the Loptr Church, and conquers Grannvale.
-- --
After -402 After 778 -608 Seliph is crowned King of Grannvale.
Leif is crowned King of the New Kingdom of Thracia.
Ares is crowned King of Agustria.
Ced is crowned King of Silesse.
Shannan is crowned King of Isaach.
-- --
-10 1170 -216 -- Adrah breaks into the Fane of Raman and steals the Binding Shield. He breaks the five spheres off of it and sells them, weakening the shield's seal. With the funds raised and the three stolen weapons Mercurius, Gradivus and Parthia, he amasses a powerful army and conquers the land. --
0 1180 -206 -- Founding of the Holy Kingdom of Archanea
Adrah is crowned the first king of Archanea. The broken Binding Shield is renamed the "Fire Emblem" and becomes the crest of Archanea.
207 1387 1 -- -- A Zofian astronomer named Matthaus introduces the concept of a unified calendar to Mila.
An unnamed pirate nation is founded along the eastern coast of Valentia.
395 1575 189 -- -- Duma and Mila's nations go to war with the pirate nation. The heroes Rigel and Zofia lead them to victory. In the aftermath, Duma and Mila form blood pacts with them. Rigel receives Falchion and founds the Rigelian Empire in the north, while Zofia receives Ragnarok and founds the Kingdom of Zofia in the south.
490 1670 284 -- Founding of the Dolhr Empire
Medeus founds Dolhr and becomes its first emperor. His new nation is hostile to humans.
493 1673 287 -- Start of the War of Liberation
The Dolhr army marches on the Archanean capital of Pales. Archanea falls, and the royal family is almost entirely wiped out.
After 493 After 1673 After 287 -- Archanea's Princess Artemis is on the run. She arrives in the small village of Altea and meets Anri.
Guided by Gotoh, Anri travels to the Ice Dragon Temple and obtains the Falchion.
Duke Caldas (bearing the Fire Emblem) and General Ordwin of Archanea raise a revolution army to oppose Dolhr.
Iote learns to tame wyverns and leads a slave revolt against Dolhr in the forests of what would become Macedon.
498 1678 292 -- Caldas's army arrives at Dolhr Keep, but is overpowered by Medeus himself.
Anri appears and, using the Falchion, slays Medeus.
End of the War of Liberation
Archanea is restored. Artemis marries Caldas, and so Caldas becomes king.
499 1679 293 -- Founding of Aurelis
Caldas conquers the northern plains, then gives them to his brother Marlon as a new kingdom for him.
500 1680 294 -- Founding of Altea
Anri turns the islands of his home into his new kingdom. The Falchion becomes Altea's national treasure.
501 1681 295 -- Founding of Grust
General Ordwin is given the territory of his old garrison as a new kingdom. His knights become the most powerful and feared of the land.
503 1683 297 -- Founding of Macedon
At the urging of his comrades, Iote colonizes the forests of Dolhr and turns them into Macedon, with himself as its first king.
513 1693 307 -- -- The Sluice Gate between Rigel and Zofia is constructed, bringing great bounty to both nations.
King Rigel presents the Royal Sword to Queen Zofia as a sign of friendship.
Duma begins to lose his sanity.
537 1717 331 -- Death of Altea's King Anri. Dying heirless, he is succeeded by his younger brother Marcelus; this causes a dispute resulting in several nobles splitting from Altea to form Gra. --
550 1730 344 -- Gotoh establishes a magic academy in Khadein. His pupils include Miloah and Gharnef. --
609 1789 366 -- -- Mycen rises to fame as a knight of Rigel and befriends Rudolf I, a distant relative of Emperor Rigel III, and Nomah, a priest of the Mila Faithful.
Mycen helps King Lima II quell civil unrest in Zofia. As a reward, he accepts a post as a Zofian general.
579 1759 373 -- Founding of Talys
Assisted by Lorenz of Grust, Mostyn unites the island tribes into Talys.
580 1760 374 -- -- Rigel III names Rudolf as his heir due to his possession of the Brand and ability to wield Falchion. Rudolf meets Duma, and quickly realizes he has descended into insanity.
588 1768 382 -- • Birth of Prince Marth, in Altea Death of King Lima III and coronation of King Lima IV. Due to the young age at which he ascended the throne and a lack of regents to guide him, he quickly becomes a tyrant.
An assassination plot against Lima IV is thwarted, allegedly by Desaix. Desaix quickly rises to power in Zofia, and Mycen falls out of Lima IV's favor.
Lima IV forces a priestess of Mila named Liprica to become his queen.
589 1769 383 -- -- Rudolf meets High Priest Halcyon of the Duma Faithful, who prophesizes that two Brand-bearers will free Valentia from the gods' control.
Rigel and Zofia's diplomatic relations turn sour.
Several suspicious deaths in the Zofian royal family occur, with Desaix at the center of it all. By this point, Lima IV is his puppet.
Mycen is stripped of his rank and banished from Zofia Castle. Due to his Rigelian origin, his exile is never seriously scrutinized.
Jedah sacrifices two of his daughters, Marla and Hestia, to Duma to earn his trust; the youngest, Sonya, escapes. Jedah overthrows Halcyon as the High Priest of the Duma Faithful.
590 1770 384 -- -- • Birth of Prince Albein Alm Rudolf, in Rigel
• Birth of Princess Anthiese, in Zofia
Rudolf discovers Albein has the Brand, and learns that Anthiese also has it. Realizing that the prophecy is underway, he visits Mycen and entrusts him with Albein's care. Mycen takes Albein to Ram Village and raises him as his grandson Alm.
597 1777 391 -- Medeus is revived by Gharnef. He re-establishes Dolhr and begins to amass an army. --
598 1778 392 -- Macedon's King Osmond suddenly dies under suspicious circumstances. He is succeeded by his son Michalis, who allies Macedon with Dolhr.
King Ludwik of Grust is cowed into alliance with Dolhr.
599 1779 393 -- -- Princess Anthiese's villa is set ablaze by Desaix's men, led by Slayde. Everyone is presumed dead, but Anthiese escapes with Mycen's aid, while her half-brother Conrad also survives and eventually ends up in the care of Halcyon.
Mycen takes Anthiese to Ram Village under the alias "Celica", where she quickly befriends Alm.
600 1780 394 -- Start of the War of Shadows Slayde discovers Celica in Ram Village, but is driven back by Mycen. For her protection, Celica is moved to Novis Monastery under Nomah's care and becomes a priestess there.
601 1781 395 -- -- Rigel is hit with a severe drought that lasts for the next 3 years. Mila begins to show signs of decline.
602 1782 396 -- The Dolhr army lays siege to Pales. Princess Nyna attempts to flee with a retinue of knights, but is cornered by Camus of the Sable Order.
The Archanea royal family is exterminated, save for Nyna. Nyna enters Camus's protection, to save her from being executed herself.
-- The armies of Altea and Gra confront Grust at Fort Menedy. Altea's King Cornelius is betrayed by Jiol of Gra, and the Altean army is annihilated; Cain is the only known survivor. Gharnef collects the Falchion from Cornelius's corpse.
Gra attacks Castle Altea itself. Prince Marth flees Altea with a retinue of knights, while Princess Elice stays behind to buy him time and Frey acts as a decoy to throw Gra's army off. Marth enters exile in Talys. Elice is abducted by Gharnef, while Queen Liza is killed by Morzas of Dolhr.
After 602 After 1782 After 396 -- The rest of the continent is subjugated by Dolhr, with the exceptions of Talys and Pyrathi.
Prince Hardin of Aurelis begins conducting guerrilla warfare against the Macedon occupation of his country; his efforts slow Macedon down, but they still claim most of the territory.
Macedon's Princess Maria is held hostage to force its Princess Minerva and her Whitewings to comply with Dolhr.
-- Hardin and Minerva temporarily work together to protect innocents from the rampage of Ruben and his Macedonian deserters.
Rickard, Lena, Navarre and Castor break into Pales to steal funds in order to help the struggling people of Archanea.
604 1784 398 -- Nyna escapes Pales, escorted by Camus and three knights of the Sable Order. She enters the protection of Hardin in Aurelis, and issues a call for revolution against Dolhr.
Camus is severely disciplined for his role in Nyna's escape.
A merchant guild stages an uprising against Lima IV. They are subdued by Clive and Fernand, two Zofian knights.
-- Marth responds to Nyna's call and departs Talys with the Altean knights and Princess Caeda. His forces unite with Hardin's and Nyna's in Aurelis, forming the Archanean League, which proceeds to liberate Aurelis, Archanea and Altea, and defeat Gra, Grust and Macedon.
Gotoh informs Marth that Gharnef has the Falchion, and has Marth gather the necessary components to forge the Starlight tome in order to defeat Gharnef.
Rigel requests aid from Zofia to deal with the drought, but Lima IV responds with mockery. Rudolf commences his invasion of Zofia.
Mila is abducted by Rudolf, and the crops of Zofia begin to die out.
605 1785 399 -- A member of Marth's army uses Starlight to slay Gharnef at Thabes and recover the Falchion, rescuing Elice in the process.
Marth confronts Medeus at Dolhr Keep and slays him with the Falchion, conquering Dolhr.
End of the War of Shadows
Camus washes up on the shores of Valentia following his defeat by Marth. Amnesiac and now calling himself Zeke, he is taken in by Rudolf and becomes attached to the priestess Tatiana. Rudolf tasks him with following "a boy with a cross-shaped birthmark on his hand" should he ever meet him.
Desaix sells Zofia out to Rigel, negotiating a ceasefire. Zofia pays a massive compensation sum to Rigel, and Desaix becomes Zofia's Chancellor. Heavy taxes are imposed across Zofia to appease Rigel; anyone who protests is executed.
After 605 After 1785 After 399 -- Est of the Macedon Whitewings is captured by the pirate Grieth and taken to Valentia. Her elder sisters Palla and Catria pursue her there, but lose her and end up at Zofia Port.
606 1786 400 -- Hardin marries Nyna, and becomes the King of Archanea. Lima IV is assassinated, and Desaix becomes king of Zofia in all but name.
Clive and Fernand found the Deliverance to rebel against Desaix's rule. Due to their lack of numbers, they struggle to find a foothold against him.
After 606 After 1786 After 400 -- Marth and Caeda become engaged.
Prince Jubelo is placed on the Grust throne, with Lorenz as his regent. He comes into conflict with the Archanea occupation of his country.
Though never formally coronated, Minerva and Sheena take over the rule of Macedon and Gra respectively.
607 to 608 1787 to 1788 401 to 402 -- Hardin reorganizes Archanea into the Holy Empire of Archanea, and fortifies its military.
Hardin enters a deep depression upon learning why Nyna married him. Gharnef gives him the Darksphere, which corrupts him into a tyrant; guided by hatred, he surrenders Nyna to Gharnef without hesitation.
Lukas brings word of the Rigel invasion to Ram. Alm joins the Deliverance in place of Mycen's refusal to do so, eventually being entrusted with its command.
Celica departs Novis Monastery to investigate the disappearance of Mila. Her travels bring her to Zofia Castle, where she meets Alm again.
Alm engages Rigel in a head-on invasion, eventually conquering it. He learns of his true heritage from Mycen and the dying Rudolf.
Alm and Celica confront and defeat the Fell God Duma. Rudolf's gambit succeeds: Duma and Mila leave Valentia, entrusting its care to Alm and Celica, and freeing the two countries from their corrupting influence.
-- Alm and Celica briefly travel to Archanea. There, they have the first recorded encounter with the Creation, who would eventually come to be known as the Fell Dragon Grima.
-- Zeke regains his memories and travels back to Archanea to fulfill one last task. He adopts the identity "Sirius".
-- At Hardin's request, Marth is deployed to Archanea-occupied Grust to suppress a rebellion. There, he learns from the dying Lorenz the true nature of its situation under Lang.
Lykke initiates a coup against Minerva in Macedon; Maria and Lena are abducted by Gharnef amidst the confusion. Minerva is badly injured, but spirited away to Khadein by Michalis. Catria and Palla gain Marth's assistance in defeating the coup forces.
Marth turns on Lang to protect the people of Grust. Hardin reveals he had planned this all along and used it as an excuse to go to war with Altea.
Start of the War of Heroes
Altea is invaded and conquered by Archanea. The occupation forces the knight Abel to serve them by holding his wife Est hostage. Elice is abuducted by Gharnef, buying time for Caeda to escape and find Marth.
Marth follows in Anri's footsteps by travelling to the Ice Dragon Temple, where he learns about the Binding Shield from Gotoh and is entrusted with its restoration. He then returns to Altea and reclaims it.
The Altean army marches on Pales, killing Emperor Hardin and restoring him to sanity. The Binding Shield is restored.
End of the War of Heroes
Marth learns of Gharnef's second resurrection of Medeus, now a Shadow Dragon. He travels to the Dragon's Altar and kills Gharnef, rescues the four women abducted by Gharnef, and kills Medeus again.
After 608 After 1788 After 402 -- -- Alm and Celica are married, unifying Zofia and Rigel into the One Kingdom of Valentia and ruling as its Holy King and queen.
609 1789 403 -- Marth marries Caeda and becomes King of Altea.
The nation's other rulers abdicate and cede their territories to him, uniting Archanea under his rule.
Founding of the Unified Kingdom of Archanea
Nyna vanishes.
Long After 609 Long After 1789 Long After 403 -- The Unified Kingdom of Archanea splits into separate territories again, and the continent of Archanea is eventually renamed Ylisse. Alm's successor as king of Valentia renames both the continent and the kingdom "Valm" in Alm's honor.
Tiki, now an adult, moves to Valm and comes to be revered as the Voice of Naga.
The Kingdom of Valm eventually fragments into numerous separate countries and becomes a rump state.
Approx. 1609 Approx. 2789 Approx. 1403 -- The Fell Dragon Grima arises and wreaks havoc across the world. One of Marth's descendants defeats Grima using the Binding Shield and the Falchion, and sends the dragon into an indefinite slumber.
The Schism
A tumultuous period known as "the Schism" occurs in the wake of Grima's war, wherein almost all of the modern countries of the continents of Ylisse and Valm are founded and the five jewels of the Binding Shield are distributed for safekeeping.
-- Founding of the Halidom of Ylisse
Ylisse is founded in the southeast of the continent by the descendant of Marth, who is crowned its first Exalt. At some point, the Ylissean royal family starts bearing the mark of Naga, also known as the Mark of the Exalt, on their bodies. Ylisse retains the Binding Shield and the silver jewel, Argent, which along with the Falchion, are passed down as national treasures.
Founding of Regna Ferox
Regna Ferox is founded in the north of the continent. Priding strength above all else, it is ruled by an East-Khan and a West-Khan who periodically compete in a tournament for full sovereignty of the country. Ferox is given the red jewel, Gules.
Founding of the Theocracy of Plegia
Plegia is founded in the southwest of the continent by the Grimleal, a criminal cult dedicated to the worship of Grima. Despite this, most Plegian citizens do not worship Grima and hate the Grimleal. [4] The Grimleal steal the black jewel, Sable.
Founding of the Kingdom of Chon'sin
Chon'sin is one of several new countries founded in the continent of Valm. Chon'sin is given the green jewel, Vert.
Tiki is entrusted with the blue jewel, Azure.
Approx. 2584 Approx. 3764 Approx. 2378 -- • Birth of Princess Emmeryn, in Ylisse --
Approx. 2590 Approx. 3770 Approx. 2384 -- • Birth of Prince Chrom, in Ylisse --
Approx. 2594 Approx. 3774 Approx. 2388 -- • Birth of Princess Lissa, in Ylisse
The Exalt of Ylisse, father of Emmeryn, Chrom, and Lissa, launches a long, bloody crusade against Plegia with the goal of exterminating the Grimleal. This conflict not only causes widespread death and destruction in Plegia, but cripples Ylisse economically and turns its citizens against the royal family.
Upon the Exalt's abrupt death, Emmeryn is crowned the new Exalt and ends her father's war by withdrawing Ylissean forces from Plegia. She spends the next 15 years rebuilding her country and regaining the trust of her people.
Approx. 2609 Approx. 3789 Approx. 2403 -- Chrom's Shepherds, a militia formed to combat the threat of brigands in Ylisse, encounter an army from another world (led by Corrin) and assist them in hunting down a group of invisible soldiers. After Corrin's army returns home, the Shepherds find Robin, a lost amnesiac who proves to be a brilliant tactician.
Risen first begin to appear. A mysterious warrior calling herself "Marth" arrives and aids Chrom's Shepherds in battling the Risen.
King Gangrel of Plegia rises to power, establishing a dictatorship in which adherence to the Grimleal is mandatory. [5] Gangrel declares war on Ylisse in a bid to acquire the Binding Shield. The capital Ylisstol falls and Exalt Emmeryn is captured to be publicly executed for Gangrel to rally support.
Allying with Ferox, Chrom's Shepherds speed to Castle Plegia to rescue Emmeryn, but Emmeryn sacrifices herself to spare Chrom from having to choose between saving her and surrendering the Fire Emblem. Emmeryn's final, selfless words demoralize the Plegian army, causing mutiny and desertion, and Gangrel is soon defeated.
Founding of the Valmese Empire
By this time, Walhart, ruler of the Kingdom of Valm, is well underway with his conquest of the rest of the continent, part of his plan to unite the world against the resurrection of Grima. The Kingdom of Chon'sin and the Duchy of Rosanne are among the countries Walhart annexes into his new Valmese Empire. Duke Virion of Rosanne flees to Ylisse to seek aid.
Approx. 2611 Approx. 3791 Approx. 2405 -- • Birth of Princess Lucina, in Ylisse --
-- The Valmese Empire invades Regna Ferox, the first step toward conquering the entire continent of Ylisse. The invasion force is repelled thanks to Chrom's Shepherds, and together Ylissean and Feroxi troops embark on a counter-invasion with the aid of gold and ships from Plegia's new king, Validar.
"Marth" reveals to Chrom she is his daughter, Lucina, from the future of an alternate world, and is on a mission to prevent the resurrection of the Fell Dragon Grima.
Ylissean and Feroxi troops arrive in Valm and join with local resistance forces. Following a long, bitter campaign, the Valmese army and Emperor Walhart are defeated.
Chrom meets Tiki during the Valm campaign and is tasked with restoring the Fire Emblem. Chrom is attacked by Validar when he journeys to Plegia to receive the final jewel. Although Validar is thwarted, Grima is revived by his future incarnation. Chrom uses the Fire Emblem to perform the Awakening ritual and empower the Falchion to harm Grima. In the final battle against the dragons, either Chrom seals Grima away for another thousand years, or Robin makes the ultimate sacrifice to ensure Grima's permanent death.
After 2611 After 3791 After 2405 -- Anankos arrives in Ylisse with a cryptic request for help, only offering information about when and where to meet him.
Owain, Inigo, and Severa travel to Valm to meet Anankos at the Mila Tree. After fending off some invading Vallite soldiers, the three agree to assist Anankos, and they travel to Valla.


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  3. "Perhaps because Chrom is not like Marth. He is much more direct, and committed to what he believes is right. Chrom might more resemble a different ancestor, from the age I was born in. Another great man in their line, from 1000 years before Marth... " — Tiki, Fire Emblem Awakening
  4. "Gods praise ye, good people! Gods praise ye one and all! We lives in constant fear of what the Grimleal will do to us, so we does! 'Ere!" — Plegian Elder, Fire Emblem Awakening
  5. "When the country came under the rule of mad king Gangrel, a devotee of the Fell Dragon Grima, it underwent a revival as a religious state" — Glossary, Fire Emblem: Art of Fire Emblem Awakening
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6: Embrace the Dark • 7: A Dragon's Decree • 8: Cold Reception • 9: Another Trial • 10: Unhappy Reunion • 11: Rainbow Sage • 12: Bitter Intrigue • 13: Uprising • 14: Voice of Paradise • 15: The Black Pillar • 16: Invasion • 17: Den of Betrayal • 18: Black & White • 19: Kitsune Lair • 20: Winds of Change • 21: Eternal Stairway • 22: Sakura • 23: Possessed • 24: Hinoka • 25: Ryoma • 26: Treason • 27: The Empty King • Endgame: Night Breaks Through
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