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Thrust to the Future

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Thrust to the Future

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Raiga, the hero of the show.


Toubo Rooftop
Illusory Daitama

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Thrust to the Future (Japanese: 明日に向かって突け Thrust to Tomorrow) is the first available side story in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE, it is centered around Touma auditioning for the lead role in a live-action superhero TV show, Masqueraider Raiga.

To unlock this side story, Touma's Stage Rank must be at level 3, and Chapter 1: A Star is Born must be completed.


Touma playing the villain "Bull Genome".
Main article: Thrust to the Future/Script

Touma invites Itsuki to watch a live performance of Masqueraider Raiga to get, as he puts it, "hyped for his audition". After he and Itsuki finish the childrens' show a boy tells Touma that his interest in superhero shows is stupid, this causes Touma to impulsively tell the boy that he will be appearing in a lead role in an upcoming episode, despite the fact that Touma has yet to even audition for the part. Touma then decides to train his action-hero finesse by battling some Mirages in Daitama.

After defeating the Mirages and gaining the Door of Rampage Radiant Unity Touma auditions for the main part. However Touma fails to get the lead part, but the director sees potential in him and gives him the part of a minor villain known as "Bull Genome" to start.

During the performance Touma is defeated by the superhero Raiga, and his mask is knocked off, though the audience seemed to enjoy it regardless.

Touma expresses some disappointment that he did not get the main part, but Cain assures him that every opportunity can be used to rise to their goals. Touma also decides to eventually find the boy he lied to and apologize.

Chapter data

The recommended level for this side story is 7. To complete the side story defeat five Blobs with Touma specifically, then visit Tiki in the Bloom Palace to unlock the new Radiant Unity "Door of Rampage" for Touma to use during his audition.

Enemy data

Enemies in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE/Illusory Daitama

Boss data

This Sidequest has no boss.

Completion reward


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

This side story is very easy and quick to complete. After meeting Touma at the Toubo Rooftop and going through some scenes, head to the Daitama Idolasphere and kill five Blobs with Touma. Touma must be the one to land the killing blow on them, or participate in a Session that kills a blob. The player shouldn't need to leave the first room of the Idolasphere for encounters.

After killing the blobs, return to the Bloom Palace and create the new Radiant Unity with Tiki and watch the rest of the side story scenes.


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Thrust to the Future



Thrust to Tomorrow


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