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Artwork of Thrud from Treasure.






Reptor, Bloom, Tailtiu, Ethnia, Ishtar, Ishtore, Arthur, Tine, Amid, Linda, Kempf (descendants)



Genealogy of the Holy War

Thrud (Japanese: トード Tordo), dubbed the "Mage Knight" (Japanese: 魔法騎士 Mage Knight), was a member of the Twelve Crusaders, the original wielder of Mjölnir and the founder of Grannvale's House Friege.


As with the other Crusaders, Thrud was a warrior fighting in a revolution against the tyranny of the Loptrian Empire, and was one of the survivors barricaded in Dahna Fortress when the tide turned against their movement. It was at this fortress that the Miracle of Dahna occurred, changing the tide of the war: Thrud was chosen by an unidentified member of the twelve dragon "gods" who descended upon the fortress, to undergo a blood-bond with said dragon, transforming him into one of the Crusaders. He was granted Mjölnir, sealed to his new holy lineage, by this dragon.

With the other Crusaders, Thrud fought in the rest of the Holy War and contributed to the downfall of the Loptrian Empire. At the war's conclusion, Thrud and five other Crusaders founded the six states of Grannvale, the kingdom founded by their leader Saint Heim, with Thrud founding Friege.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
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An anglicized form of Þrúðr, one of the daughters of the storm god Thor in Norse mythology.



Used in the Genealogy of the Holy War fan translation.



• Officially romanized as Tordo. From Þórr Thor, the storm god of Norse mythology who wielded the hammer Mjölnir.
• Thor. This name is used very rarely, used in the only dialogue mention of Thrud in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War,[1] in the name of Mjölnir (Thor Hammer), and in the Friege family tree of the 20th anniversary book.[2] These may not be the only uses of the name Thor. However, the holy blood chart refers to him as "Tordo" in English letters, and the name トード (Tordo) was used in the Holy Blood chart poster that came with the game,[3] as well as all material from Thracia 776 onward. Another possibility, however, is that "Thor" refers to the dragon who made a blood pact with Thrud, and its use in the family tree is in error.



  1. "シレジア王家の力は風、
    Very rough translation:
    Silesia's royal family's power is wind, given to them by the wind god Forseti. Velthomer's duke family's power is fire, given to them by the fire god Fala. Lastly, Freege's duke family's power is thunder, given to them by the thunder god Thor." — Villager in Chapter 4, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  2. File:20th Anniversary family tree Friege Ulster cropped.jpg
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