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The Value of Life

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The Value of Life

Cm fe07 32x.png


Dread Isle



Hey, Lord Hector! It's that weird power again… Like in the ruins below the desert. That area where magic was nullified.
— Nils to Hector

The Value of Life (Japanese: 生の価値 Value of Life) is chapter 32x of Hector's tale and is the sixth and final Hector exclusive chapter; it is also the third and final chapter featuring Kishuna.

To unlock this chapter, the previous chapter must have been completed in 20 turns or less. If this chapter, Chapter 19x: Imprisoner of Magic, and Chapter 23x: Genesis have been completed in one playthough the full version of Nergal's special extended death quote is unlocked.


Main article: The Value of Life/Script
Cg fe07 37.png

Having defeated Limstella, Hector's group presses onwards to the Dragon's Gate with great urgency. Before they arrive, a mysterious structure appears before Hector's eyes. Bewildered by them, Hector decides to enter them to asses if any of its residents pose a threat.[1]

In the spiraling ruins, Kishuna waits at the center, reflecting on his last moments with his lord Nergal. In Kishuna's memories, Nergal is disgusted with himself for creating such a weak creature as Kishuna; Kishuna is unable to fight or harvest quintessence. Nergal's last command to Kishuna is to leave his sight and rot into dust.

Upon entering, Hector's groups finds many morphs present in the runs; Nils comments that the strange agitating energy is back again. Not having much to say, Hector, Eliwood, and Lyn prepare for battle. Preparations occurs at this point.

Nothing of note happens during the battle, and the morphs are routed. After some conversation the group realizes that the magic seal plaguing them had indeed been a morph as well, despite not being morph-like in appearance.[2] Nils mentions that the odd creature had sorrowfully called out Nergal's name before turning to dust, though no one present seems to be sure how to respond to this. After a moment, Hector urges everyone to leave and continue their journey to the Dragon's Gate.

Beginning log

Hector gains the upper hand in the battle of Valor. Taking the lead, Hector moves straight toward the Dragon's Gate. Before his eyes, eerie ruins appear. What could they be? Are they connected to Nergal? If they overlook any enemy lurking within, they could be attacked from the rear. Without pause, they open the rusty steel door and step inside...

Chapter data

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Defeat Kishuna Player Partner Other Enemy Third
Defeat: Hector, Eliwood, or Lyn dies 5 {{{partner}}} 0 17+reinforcements {{{third}}}
Cm fe07 32x.png

Character data

New Units


Returning Characters

Small portrait hector fe07.pngSmall portrait matthew fe07.pngSmall portrait eliwood fe07.pngSmall portrait marcus fe07.pngSmall portrait lowen fe07.pngSmall portrait oswin fe07.pngSmall portrait rebecca fe07.pngSmall portrait serra fe07.pngSmall portrait bartre fe07.pngSmall portrait dorcas fe07.pngSmall portrait guy fe07.pngSmall portrait erk fe07.pngSmall portrait priscilla fe07.pngSmall portrait lyn fe07.pngSmall portrait kent fe07.pngSmall portrait sain fe07.pngSmall portrait wil fe07.pngSmall portrait florina fe07.pngSmall portrait raven fe07.pngSmall portrait lucius fe07.pngSmall portrait canas fe07.pngSmall portrait dart fe07.pngSmall portrait fiora fe07.pngSmall portrait legault fe07.pngSmall portrait isadora fe07.pngSmall portrait rath fe07.pngSmall portrait heath fe07.pngSmall portrait hawkeye fe07.pngSmall portrait wallace fe07.pngSmall portrait geitz fe07.pngSmall portrait farina fe07.pngSmall portrait pent fe07.pngSmall portrait louise fe07.pngSmall portrait karel fe07.pngSmall portrait harken fe07.pngSmall portrait nino fe07.pngSmall portrait jaffar fe07.pngSmall portrait vaida fe07.pngSmall portrait nils fe07.pngSmall portrait karla fe07.pngSmall portrait renault fe07.png

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is gba runesword.png Runesword Open western chest
Is gba fortify.png Fortify Open eastern chest
Is gba door key.png Door Key Dropped by general
Is gba runesword.png Runesword Dropped by swordmaster

Enemy data

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Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Ma gba general enemy.gif
Morph General 14 2 Tomahawk --
Ma gba general enemy.gif
Morph General 14 1 Tomahawk Door KeyThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat. --
Ma gba general enemy.gif
Morph General 14 5 Spear --
Ma gba hero enemy.gif
Morph Hero 14 1 Brave Sword --
Ma gba hero enemy.gif
Morph Hero 14 1 Light Brand --
Ma gba sniper enemy.gif
Morph Sniper 14 4 Silver Bow Longbow --
Ma gba swordmaster enemy.gif
Morph Swordmaster 14 1 RuneswordThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat. --
Ma gba swordmaster enemy.gif
Morph Swordmaster 20 1 Wo Dao --
Ma gba magic seal enemy.gif
Kishuna Magic Seal 18 1 -- Does not move; stands on a throne.
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Ma gba general enemy.gif
Morph General 14 6 Spear --
Ma gba sniper enemy.gif
Morph Sniper 14 3 Silver Bow Longbow --
Ma gba valkyrie enemy.gif
Morph Valkyrie 14 6 Elfire Bolting --
Ma gba general enemy.gif
Morph General 14 varies Tomahawk --
Ma gba general enemy.gif
Morph General 14 varies Spear --
Ma gba sniper enemy.gif
Morph Sniper 14 varies Silver Bow --
Ma gba sniper enemy.gif
Morph Sniper 14 varies Longbow --

Boss data

Main article: Kishuna

Normal Hard

Portrait kishuna fe07.png
Ma gba magic seal enemy.gif Magic Seal
Level 18
Affinity Is gba darkaffin.png
Max HP 58 Luck 0
Strength 8 Defense 15
Skill 5 Resistance 6
Speed 25 Constitution 7
Movement 6 Aid 6
Weapon Levels
GBARankSword.gif -- GBARankLance.gif -- Axe -- GBARankBow.gif --
GBARankAnima.gif -- GBARankLight.gif -- GBARankDark.gif -- GBARankStaff.gif --


This chapter has no augury.
This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.
The general route to clearing this chapter.

Your preparation should be very meticulous for this chapter. Because you're only allowed five units, you should bring along a small, elite group of your best fighters. However there are a few conditions you should keep in mind.

Due to Kishuna's effects, magic users become almost obsolete and should not be brought along if possible. This also means that your team will rely primarily on vulneraries and elixirs for healing - each unit should carry one. There are two chests in this chapter, both of which hold an incredibly valueable item - a fortify staff and runesword. You'll either want to bring a thief/assassin wielding a lockpick or have one of your units carry a chest key in order to obtain them. Additionally, there are a lot of generals on this map so weapons like the armorslayer, heavy spear, and hammer may be invaluable.

After preparations, the approach to this chapter is quite simple. Your units will be moving in a counterclockwise circle around the map killing everything in your way and opening the chests as you progress. Beware of the valkyrie reinforcements that start appearing on turn 12, as they all carry bolting tomes and may snipe frail units if you're not careful. Eventually, you'll open the door to Kishuna's room in order to face him.

Kishuna is an interesting boss. He has high HP but no weapons, meaning that the strategy for beating him is to simply attack him until he dies. Killing Kishuna may take a few turns due to his high HP, but there's no risk of counterattack whenever you fight him.

Defeat Kishuna, then move on to the final chapter.


The unused CG.
  • There are only two obtainable Runeswords in the entire game and both are found on this chapter.
  • On certain difficulty modes some of General reinforcements are female, though this is easily overlooked, as they are graphically identical to male Generals. An easy way to check if the General is male or female is to check their constitution stat, the females will have lower constitution. This is similar to the female Druids that appear in Chapter 29: Cog of Destiny only in Hector Hard Mode, though female Druids are much more noticeable because they still have their variant map sprite from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade.
  • This chapter reuses the Kishuna flashback CG from Chapter 23x: Genesis, the reuse of this image is possibly in error as there is an unused CG that appears to be more fitting for Kishuna's memories of Nergal's rejection. The unused image's placement, being the last of the Hector Mode-exclusive CGs sorted in chronological order, further suggests this is the case. The CG is shown here, to the right.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

The Value of Life




Value of Life


Der Wert des Lebens

The Value of Life



Images from the Fire Emblem 0206 and 0219 prototypes.


  1. "Taking the lead, Hector moves straight toward the Dragon's Gate. Before his eyes, eerie ruins appear. What could they be? Are they connected to Nergal? If they overlook any enemy lurking within, they could be attacked from the rear." — Opening narration, Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade
  2. "So this thing... This magic seal was a morph, too? But it didn't look anything like the rest of them." — Hector, Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade
Victory or Death The Value of Life Light
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