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The Rose-Colored River

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The Rose-Colored River

Cg fe16 lone moon mural part 2.png
Mural used to introduce The Rose-Colored River.


Garreg Mach Monastery


Ladislava, Acheron, Ferdinand*/Imperial General Paladin*, Lorenz Silver SnowAzure Moon/Alliance General PaladinVerdant Wind

No matter how much you grieve, the dead will never return. No magic in the world can bring them back.
— Rodrigue

The Rose-Colored River (Japanese: 薔薇色の大河 Rose-Colored Great River) is the sixteenth chapter of Fire Emblem: Three Houses in all routes except Crimson Flower.


Main article: The Rose-Colored River/Script (Silver Snow)
Main article: The Rose-Colored River/Script (Azure Moon)
Main article: The Rose-Colored River/Script (Verdant Wind)

Silver Snow

In accordance with Claude's plan, Resistance forces take advantage of his distraction to storm the Great Bridge of Myrddin and kill General Ladislava. In the aftermath, Seteth pays respect to the Imperial soldiers' courage and tenacity, and postulates that Edelgard is leading the Empire through more than simple fear. Afterwards, Gilbert approaches the group. He reveals that Dimitri survived his apparent execution five years prior, and has been biding his time in Fraldarius territory waiting for the chance to defeat Edelgard. Seteth gives the Kingdom forces his blessing to pass through Myrddin, but is unable to commit Resistance forces to the charge since they are exhausted from taking the bridge.

Azure Moon

Rodrigue recounts to Byleth how his elder son Glenn was slain in the Tragedy of Duscur and how nothing can bring back the dead. Lamenting how the dead never truly let go of their grip on the living, Rodrigue implores Byleth to rein Dimitri's manic desire for revenge in. With the blessing of Claude and House Riegan, the nascent Faerghus army marches to seize control of the Great Bridge of Myrddin from Imperial forces. On the way, Dimitri declares his intent to wipe out the entire Imperial garrison, to Byleth's continued concern. Felix berates Dimitri for continuing to add to the body count, but Dimitri refuses to listen.

The Kingdom army engages the Imperial army and successfully conquers the bridge and kills General Ladislava. Early in the battle, if Byleth helped peacefully suppress a rebellion in Duscur five years prior, Dedue unexpectedly reinforces them. He explains that after he was presumed dead in Fhirdiad, he was rescued by his brethren and nursed back to health, and has been waiting for the opportunity to rejoin Dimitri. Dimitri orders him never to throw his life away again. After the battle, a somewhat unnerved Dimitri convinces himself that the men he killed were just monsters masquerading as humans. Fleche approaches the group in the guise of an ordinary maiden and asks to join the Kingdom army in order to avenge her brother; Dimitri, unaware that he is her target, accedes to her request.

Verdant Wind

Claude decides to have Riegan and Daphnel forces stir up trouble on Gloucester's northern border so that he can slip by and take the Great Bridge of Myrddin. At the end of the month, he and his troops storm the bridge and kill General Ladislava, successfully taking control of Myrddin. Claude leaves Judith behind to defend the bridge while the scions of the Alliance lords petition the rest of the Alliance for troops and supplies. He takes Byleth to meet his retainer Nardel.

Calendar - Lone Moon

Lone Moon
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Story Event Is ns01 story event.png
Chapter starts here
Saint Indech Day Is ns01 special day.png
3 4 5 6 7 8
Free Day Is ns01 free day.png
Fistfuls of Fish Is ns01 fishing.pngVerdant Wind only
Instruct Is ns01 instruct.png
10 11 12 13 14
Ignatz's Birthday Is ns01 birthday yellow.png
Free Day Is ns01 free day.png
Rare Monster Sighting Is ns01 rare monster sighting.png
Fish Bounty Festival Is ns01 meals.png
Instruct Is ns01 instruct.png
17 18 19 20
Constance's Birthday Is ns01 birthday yellow.png
21 22
Free Day Is ns01 free day.png
Fistfuls of Fish Is ns01 fishing.pngSilver SnowAzure Moon
Instruct Is ns01 instruct.png
24 25 26 27
Shamir's Birthday Is ns01 birthday yellow.png
28 29
Free Day Is ns01 free day.png
Rare Monster Sighting Is ns01 rare monster sighting.png
Morale Meals Is ns01 meals.png
Story Event Is ns01 story event.png
Seize the Great Bridge of Myrddin Is ns01 story battle.png

Note that on the Silver Snow route, the next chapter takes place during the Harpstring Moon, thus skipping the Great Tree Moon; any events taking place in the latter moon, such as Ferdinand's birthday, are not interacted with.

Character data

Silver Snow Silver Snow Azure Moon Azure Moon Verdant Wind Verdant Wind

New Units
Small portrait lorenz 02 fe16.png
Automatically at the end of The Great Bridge Coup if he was recruited in Part I and the "Persuade" option was chosen after defeating him
Returning Characters

Small portrait byleth m 02 fe16.pngSmall portrait ferdinand 02 fe16.pngSmall portrait linhardt 02 fe16.pngSmall portrait caspar 02 fe16.pngSmall portrait bernadetta 02 fe16.pngSmall portrait dorothea 02 fe16.pngSmall portrait petra 02 fe16.pngSmall portrait felix 02 fe16.pngSmall portrait sylvain 02 fe16.pngSmall portrait mercedes 02 fe16.pngSmall portrait annette 02 fe16.pngSmall portrait ingrid 02 fe16.pngSmall portrait raphael 02 fe16.pngSmall portrait ignatz 02 fe16.pngSmall portrait lysithea 02 fe16.pngSmall portrait marianne 02 fe16.pngSmall portrait leonie 02 fe16.pngSmall portrait yuri 02 fe16.pngSmall portrait balthus 02 fe16.pngSmall portrait constance 03 fe16.pngSmall portrait hapi 02 fe16.pngSmall portrait anna fe16.pngSmall portrait shamir fe16.pngSmall portrait flayn fe16.pngSmall portrait hanneman fe16.pngSmall portrait manuela fe16.pngSmall portrait alois fe16.pngSmall portrait seteth fe16.pngSmall portrait catherine fe16.pngSmall portrait cyril 02 fe16.pngSmall portrait hilda 02 fe16.pngSmall portrait ashe 02 fe16.png

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is ns01 bow.png Silver Bow+ Tournament prize
Is ns01 bullion.png 3,000G Quest reward: Supply Run
Is ns01 meat.png Albinean Moose Quest reward: Taking Care of Business
Is ns01 battalion infantry.png Almyra Mercenaries Quest reward: Taking Care of BusinessSilver SnowVerdant Wind
Is ns01 battalion infantry.png Duscur Infantry Quest reward: Taking Care of Business Azure Moon
Is ns01 battalion infantry.png Thieves Quest reward: Taking Care of Business
Is ns01 seal.png Master Seal Steal from Ferdinand in The Great Bridge Coup
Is ns01 shield.png Aurora Shield Steal from Ladislava in The Great Bridge Coup
Is ns01 ring.png Evasion Ring Steal from Acheron in The Great Bridge Coup
Is ns01 ring.png Critical Ring Northern chest in The Great Bridge Coup
Is ns01 stat booster.png Talisman Southern chest in The Great Bridge Coup

Marketplace data

Dark Merchant Dark Merchant
Name Stock Price
Is ns01 ore.png Arcane Crystal 500
Is ns01 tea.png Cinnamon Blend 1,500
Is ns01 tea.png Seiros Tea 1,500
Is ns01 tea.png Dagda Fruit Blend 1,500
Is ns01 tea.png Hresvelg Blend 2,000
Is ns01 tea.png Leicester Cortania 2,000
Is ns01 gift.png Book of Sheet Music 1 500
Is ns01 gift.png Arithmetic Textbook 1 500
Is ns01 gift.png The History of Fódlan 1 500
Is ns01 gift.png Monarch Studies Book 1 500
Is ns01 gift.png Ancient Coin 1 500
Is ns01 gift.png Book of Crest Designs 1 1,000
Is ns01 gift.png Blue Cheese 1 1,000
Is ns01 gift.png Landscape Painting 1 1,000
Is ns01 fish.png Queen Loach 1 150
Is ns01 fish.png Teutates Pike 1 250
Is ns01 fish.png Bullhead 1 500
Is ns01 produce.png Morfis Plum 1 500
Is ns01 produce.png Nordsalat 1 500
Is ns01 produce.png Boa Fruit 1 1,000
Is ns01 produce.png Magdred Kirsch 1 500
Is ns01 produce.png Angelica 1 1,000
Is ns01 meat.png Duscur Bear 1 1,000
Is ns01 meat.png Oghma Wolverine 1 2,500


    • The Dark Merchant is unlocked when clearing the quest "Taking Care of Business".
    • The Dark Merchant's stock is replenished each month.


Main article: The Rose-Colored River/The Great Bridge Coup

On the Silver Snow route, this is the last month the paralogue The Face Beneath can be done, so get working on it if it's available and hasn't been done.

At the beginning of the chapter on the Azure Moon route, Dimitri is automatically certified for the Great Lord class and reclasses there.

Lastly and for all routes, the Dark Merchant will become available after doing their quest.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

The Rose-Colored River




Rose-Colored Great River


Un río de color de rosa

A rose-colored river


La rivière rose

The rose-colored river


Der rosenfarbene Fluss

The rose-colored River


Il fiume rosa

The pink river


장밋빛 대하

Rose-colored river

Simplified Chinese


Large river of rose color

Traditional Chinese


Large river of rose color


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