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The Art of Fire Emblem Awakening

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The Art of Fire Emblem Awakening

Book 978-1616559380.png
The book's English cover, featuring Lucina.

Game(s) represented

Fire Emblem Awakening

  • 404886694X (ISBN-10)JP
  • 978-4048866941 (ISBN-13)JP
  • 1616559381 (ISBN-10)US
  • 978-1616559380 (ISBN-13)US

Dark Horse ComicsUS



Release date

December 7, 2012JP
October 18, 2016US

The Art of Fire Emblem Awakening (Japanese: ファイアーエムブレム 覚醒 設定資料集 Knights of Iris Fire Emblem Awakening Model Sheets Knights of Iris) is an art and design book featuring Fire Emblem Awakening. It includes concept artwork and official artwork for many characters and classes.

The contents of this page are primarily based on the English release published by Dark Horse.


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The Japanese print is a softcover book, while the English print is hardcover. The English print totals at 320 pages.

Section 1 Official Illustration Gallery

The Sumia and Lissa piece, which was also featured on an e-Shop points card.

This section features official artwork for Awakening's entire playable cast plus Validar, some full page story-event illustrations (Specifically, Sumia and a pegasus, Naga, and Chrom with an infant Lucina) and some of the Downloadable content artwork. It also features some miscellaneous artwork (specifically Tiki and Nowi stargazing, artwork of Grima, and artwork of Lissa fixing Sumia's hair). The 'Tiki and Nowi' and 'Sumia and Lissa' pieces were featured on e-Shop points cards in Japan.

As the book was released before Awakening's DLC schedule ended, it does not include all of the artwork created for said DLC. Specifically, the artworks for Palla, Catria, Est, and Katarina are not in the book in any printing.

Section 2 Concept Art

The book is missing concept art for the Sorcerer class in all releases.

The Fell Brand possessed by Robin is called the "Brand of the Defile" in the book's translated concept notes.

Section 3 Story Event Illustrations

Section 4 Player's Voices

A section covering Dangeki's favorite character poll, also featuring comments from people who participated in the poll. There are also some humorous comics featured in the section.

Section 5 Character Profiles

The character profiles consist simply of each character's roster description from the barracks. The profiles feature character portraits from Awakening and their alternate expressions. Non playable characters, like generic villagers and minor bosses, have brief descriptions mentioning what chapter they appear in and their personality. Class profiles consist of their flavor text, though slightly reworded.

Artwork of Nowi and Gregor from the Background website.

There is a page dedicated to the extra artwork featured on Awakening's Background website. The book does not mention that said website is the Japanese one, which may confuse some readers, as this artwork is not featured on any official English websites. The page also does not feature all of the Background website's artwork, missing the pieces featuring Gangrel and Aversa, Olivia and Mustafa, Grima and Robin, and Tharja and Robin.

The next couple pages consist of the Einherjar cards, in other words, it features the cropped artwork of the bonus spotPass characters.

The book incorrectly claims in its glossary section that Ylisse, Ferox, and Plegia are all a part of Valm, and that Valm was once known under the (incorrect) name Archanea and the (correct) name Valentia, claiming that those two continents were the same one but called Archanea in "previous Fire Emblem games" and Valentia in Gaiden.[1] This error is not in the Japanese print.[2]

The glossary entry for the Deadlords marks the first use of the term "Twelve Crusaders" in any English-localized Fire Emblem series materials. The book compares the Twelve Deadlords, also mentioning their Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War appearance, to the Twelve Crusaders and mentions that they are said to be connected.[3]

Section 5 concludes with one page dedicated to listing the credits of Awakening.

Section 6 Support Conversations

A compilation of all the support conversation scripts in Awakening. This is the book's largest section, comprising 103 pages of text. Awakening's support conversations are also archived here on-wiki.

Character Dialogue

Scattered throughout the book on various pages are snippets of character dialogue.

In the Humorous and Strange Dialogue section, specifically on page 184, a quote discussing Nah's strange name is erroneously cited as being from paralogue 15, Noire's recruitment paralogue, Nah's paralogue, and the correct paralogue to cite in this instance, is paralogue 16.

Table of contents

This is the table of contents provided within the English print of book itself.
Table of contents
Page # Description
5 Section 1 Official Illustration Gallery
77 Section 2 Concept Art
78 Character Design
105 Costume Design
127 Weapon Design
139 Section 3 Story Event Illustrations
140 Story Event Illustrations
146 Proposal Event Illustrations
154 Cutscene Storyboards
177 Section 4 Player's Voices
178 Poll Results
185 Section 5 Character Profiles
186 Character Profiles
208 Website Background Illustrations
209 Character Cards
214 Glossary
216 Fire Emblem Awakening Staff Credits
217 Section 6 Support Conversations
-- Character Dialogue
137 Barracks Dialogue
176 Shop Dialogue
178 Humorous and Strange Dialogue
187 Married Life, as Recorded in Historical Records
206 Level Up Collection
213 Retreat and Death Quotes

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

The Art of Fire Emblem Awakening



Fire Emblem Awakening Model Sheets Knights of Ylisse

Some fan articles change Iris to Ylisse to align with Awakening's localization.


ファイアーエムブレム 覚醒 設定資料集 Knights of Iris

Fire Emblem Awakening Model Sheets Knights of Iris. "Iris" is the name of Ylisse in the Japanese version.



  2. "Can confirm it was just a translation error. They combined everything into Valm." — shadowofchaos, The Art of Fire Emblem Awakening releases October 18th,, Published: 20th October 2016, Retrieved: 23rd October 2016
  3. "They [The Twelve Deadlords] are said to have a connection to the Twelve Crusaders, but that connection is a mystery." (The Art of Fire Emblem Awakening (Dark Horse Comics), pg. 214)
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