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FETH Thales.png
Artwork of Thales from Three Houses.








186 cm (~6' 1")[1]

Starting class


Voiced by


Thales (pronounced /ˈtɑlɪs/[key][3]; Japanese: タレス Thales) is a character appearing in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. He is the leader of "those who slither in the dark".


Thales makes his first appearance during Chapter 9, briefly protecting a disguised Kronya from Byleth's attack as she assassinates Jeralt, stating he spared her because he still requires her assistance before teleporting himself and her both away. At the start of Chapter 10, Thales alongside Kronya are seen again having a secret meeting with the Flame Emperor, where he orders her subordinate to remain at Solon's side as he requires her for an unspecified role, which Kronya gladly accepts. The Flame Emperor then spites them both in disgust and calls Thales out for his deeds in Duscur and Enbarr, warning them both that there won't be any salvation for his group. Thales ignores the Flame Emperor's warnings entirely and instead chooses to claim all of his work has been for their co-worker's sake. On the Blue Lions route, both Dimitri and Byleth end up eavesdropping their conversation, which the Flame Emperor notices and attempts to dispell by throwing a dagger at them, an action Thales considers pointless as he believes there will be always be eavesdroppers roaming around them. On Chapter 12 of non-Crimson Flower routes, Thales blasts a shot of dark magic at Byleth right after they successfully save Rhea—transformed into her Immaculate One form—from some Demonic Beasts, throwing them off a cliff and sending them to parts unknown.

On the Silver Snow/Verdant Wind routes, Thales is confronted in Shambhala's central room by Byleth and their chosen faction, thanks to Hubert having left a letter to them post-mortem disclosing the location of "those who slither in the dark"'s lair, where he is defeated. After this, Thales activates some panels on the room's floor, triggering javelins of light, which soon starts destroying Shambhala in one last attemp to obliterate the Agarthan's enemies. Upon seeing this, Rhea quickly transforms into The Immaculate One and manages to destroy some of the missiles while taking heavy damage, preventing the demise of Byleth and their army. Once the javelins stop falling, a shot shows Thales's lifeless body below some rubble, confirming his demise.

While Thales never makes a physical appearance in the Crimson Flower route beyond his initial appearances in Part I, Hubert mentions him by name during Adrestia's battle against the combined Kingdom/Church forces in Tailtean Plains, where some of Faerghus' soldiers start transforming into Demonic Beasts. Hubert briefly considering him responsible for the situation before realizing there's a more conventional and likely explanation for it. While he is never directly fought, the ending narration as well multiple character endings heavily imply Thales meets his demise at the hands of the Empire sometime after the war's end.

While his past is unknown, the fact he shares his voice actor with Lord Arundel in both languages, the latter has connections with "those who slither in the dark" as well and also had a sudden personality shift in Imperial Year 1174, suggest that, much like most victims of Agarthan infiltrators, Thales has been impersonating Lord Arundel ever since his demise, being the one who took Edelgard from Faerghus back into the Empire for further experimentations on her and abused the regent's position to further his group's agenda. This also means that, on the Azure Moon route, Thales ultimately dies under his Arundel guise during his invasion of Derdriu at the hands of Dimitri's army as they attempt to rescue Claude from Adrestia's forces.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses


Thales is a non-playable character who appears intermittently during Part I, and later becomes the boss of Chapter 20/21 on the Silver Snow/Verdant Wind routes. It's also heavily implied every scene where Lord Arundel appears in the story is technically also Thales making an appearance.


Enemy - Silver Snow Chapter 20/Verdant Wind Chapter 21

Normal Hard Maddening

Small portrait thales fe16.png
Ma ns01 agastya enemy.gif Agastya
Level 42
Movement -
Crest --
Max HP 49 Luck 18
Strength 24 Defense 16
Magic 27 Resistance 25
Dexterity 20 Charm 26+1
Speed 16
Inventory Abilities
-- Agarthan Technology
Seal Strength
Seal Magic
Dark Tomefaire
Hit +20
Combat arts Spells Battalion
-- Death Γ
Quake Σ
Dark Magic Corps Lv 5
Resonant Lightning
Skill Levels
Swords Lances Axes Bows Brawling Reason Faith Authority Heavy Armor Riding Flying Class mastery
E E E E E B E E E E E FE16ClassMasteryEmpty.png

Fire Emblem Heroes


While Thales does not make a proper appearance in Heroes, he is mentioned by Kronya in her character status screen and in her level-up quotes.

Personality and character

Thales is a calculating, cruel and arrogant person willing to commit all kinds of atrocities and experiments in order to expand his group's control over Fódlan, and when pushed to the brink, he is willing to sacrifice his minions, his lair and himself just so he can destroy those he loathes the most. Thales' relationship with his soldiers is based purely on usefulness; sparing Kronya from Byleth in Part I only because he still requires her assistance, either insulting a dead Cornelia in Azure Moon due to her failure at keeping the Faerghus Dukedom out of Dimitri's reach, or lamenting her death in Crimson Flower at the hands of Edelgard's army due to his co-worker having deliberately sacrificed a very useful pawn. Like all on-screen Agarthans, he considers himself to be a member of Fódlan's master race and the surface-dwelling humans to be nothing but lowly animals, who only care about pleasing and following their goddess' teachings. In spite of this, Thales is greatly resentful towards them, believing the Children of the Goddess and, by proxy, those allied with them, have denied what he believes is his kin's right of ruling Fódlan and living in the surface world.


Battle quotes

You're nothing but animals performing tricks in the hopes of pleasing the goddess. You will never see the sunlight again!
— Thales, as a boss in Silver Snow Chapter 20/Verdant Wind Chapter 21.
So you have shown yourself, Fell Star. Or, should I say...Sothis? I will spill every drop of blood in your body to fulfill the longstanding goal of the Agarthans!
— Thales, as a boss fighting Byleth, in Silver Snow Chapter 20/Verdant Wind Chapter 21.
Thales: Ha. It is laughable that base animals such as you would bare fangs at the likes of us.
Claude: I may be a base animal, but I have strong allies. Do you think you can beat Teach and the Sword of the Creator?
Thales: The Sword of the Creator... The blade given to Nemesis. Who do you really think is superior?
Claude: There's a big difference between the living and the dead. The fate of the future lies in the hands of the living!

— Thales, as a boss fighting Claude, in Verdant Wind Chapter 21.
Your eyes, hair, ears, and blood... We remember it all. We remember how you ruined us. How you stole our light and condemned us to eternal darkness! Now, suffer the wrath of the Agarthans!
— Thales, as a boss fighting Seteth or Flayn, in Silver Snow Chapter 20/Verdant Wind Chapter 21.

Critical Quotes

Do not stand in my way!
— Thales
A waste of life.
— Thales
Behold my revenge.
— Thales
You cannot stop me...
— Thales

Death quotes

Thales does not have a death quote.


  • The sprite used by Thales' signature class, Agastya, is also used for Solon's Dark Bishop class.
  • There's an unused sword in the game's data whose description suggest it was meant to be Thales's personal weapon prior to getting scrapped.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes


From Thales of Miletus, a Greek philosopher, mathematician, and astronomer. He is historically recognized as one of the first philosophers to break away from using mythology to explain the nature of the world. He is considered to be one of the Seven Sages of Greece.






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Simplified Chinese



Traditional Chinese




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