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{{hover|text|text to appear when the content in {{{1}}} is hovered over}}

The above example will produce the following:


Use this to denote additional details about a specific object. It is useful in templates such as infoboxes, where horizontal space is limited.

Do not use a hyperlink as the content of parameter 1, or the hidden text will not display when the link is hovered over. Instead, if it is desired to put a tooltip in a link, put the template as the piped text, i.e.

Yes check.png
[[Marth|{{hover|The prince of Altea|Text}}]]
The prince of Altea
X mark.png
{{hover|[[Marth|The prince of Altea]]}}
The prince of Altea

However, it is still ill-advised to place tooltips inside of links, as this does not play nicely with the mobile site's feature where tooltips can be displayed by tapping.

The color of the text in parameter 1 can be set with a third parameter. For example, {{hover|text|The text should be pink|pink}} will produce: text.

To put quotation marks in the title text, use ".

If what you're doing is an abbreviation, use {{abbr}}.