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YHWC Katri 01.png
Official artwork of Katri from TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles.








Yutona (Ancestor)
Salia (Ancestor)
Dagnell (Father)
Maria (Mother)
Ahab (Uncle)
Lionheart (Uncle)
Law (Adoptive Father)
Plum (Cousin)



Starting class



Love is honorable because we devote the precious time we have to others. It is because life is fleeting that love is worthwhile.
— Katri

(Japanese: カトリ Katri), birth name (Japanese: マリア Maria), is an important playable character appearing in TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles. She is a sister and was rescued from pirates by Holmes. She is the lost princess of Salia.

She is a Fire Shaman is able to transform into Neuron at will using the Ring of Salia.


About fifteen years before the events of Yutona Heroes War Chronicles, the king and queen of Salia, Dagnell and Maria, gave birth to a Fire Shaman named Maria, after her mother.[2] The king and queen were overjoyed to have a child, as they had thought that they were infertile.[2] The child, bearing the Mark of Yutona on her chest, caused conflict within Salia; the scars of Kranion's rampage inflicted on the populace had not even begun to heal.[2] Dagnell's brother, Viceroy Ahab,[3] insisted that the newborn princess be killed, as her power to transform into Neuron was a danger to Salia.[2] Zacharia, a knight of Salia, was given orders to kill the princess, though he ignored them and gave her to a priest to raise as a normal girl.[4]

The priest taking care of Katri, Law, eventually decides to take Katri to Ezenbah. However, their boat is raided by Maerhen's pirates. Katri and Law are captured, and Law is injured. Shortly after, Holmes happens to be nearby and rescues Katri. Katri at first assumes Holmes and his crew are simply another group of pirates interested in kidnapping her, though she eventually warms up to everyone when she realizes they are not kidnappers. Holmes tries to get a look at Katri's Ring of Salia, but Katri still dislikes Holmes and does not allow him to see it. Yuni and Xeno, some of Holmes's allies, then invite Katri to look at some flowers on a nearby path to get her mind off things.

Katri first transforms shortly after being rescued by Holmes. Fearing her caretaker, Law, to be dead, she looks for a staff capable of reviving him. She does find a staff on the path she took with Xeno and Yuni, and it, indeed, revives the dead, though not in the way Katri desires. After numerous attempts to use the Zombie Staff she found, she finds herself surrounded by Zombies, and panics. Her ability to transform came as a great surprise, and she does not enjoy it.[5]

After this Katri decides to travel with Holmes. They later encounter Maerhen and defeat him. After the battle Katri smuggles Maerhen onto the ship and begins to heal him, taking the fact that he was still alive despite his injuries as a sign from the goddess that he has been forgiven. Maerhen, grateful to Katri, promises to renounce piracy, and says he has a surprise for her at Port Mars.[6] Katri then tells Holmes she needs to go to Port Mars, when Holmes's asks why Katri responds strangely. Holmes then assumes that Katri needs to do "girl things" and agrees to take her.

At Mars Port Maerhen takes Katri to his dungeons in his hideout, and acts rather suspiciously. He tells Katri there is a surprise for her in one of the cells. Katri is happy to find her adoptive father, Law, unharmed. Law tells Katri that Maerhen's men treated him with kindness once they found out he was a priest. Law is then escorted by Holmes to Marl.

Later, when Holmes is fighting Ahab's forces in Salia, Katri saves another enemy. Zacharia is grateful for being spared, and later realizes that Katri is the infant he gave to Law fifteen years ago. Katri is confused by this, though Zacharia insists that Katri's possession of the Ring of Salia and Yutona's holy markings proves that she is Princess Maria.

Holmes goes on to defeat Ahab, and Katri reunites with her parents. She then decides to stay with them and leaves Holmes's group, to no objections. As a parting gift, Katri gives Holmes the Ring of Salia.

In Holmes's absence, Guenchaos warps into Salia keep and threatens Katri's mother. Katri agrees to leave with Guenchaos in exchange for the safety of her mother. Katri then goes on to be sacrificed, and is killed by Guenchaos so that her spilled blood may revitalize Gerxel.

After Gerxel is defeated by Runan, Holmes, Tia, and Sennet, Miradona restores life to the killed Shamans-Katri included. Katri reunites with her parents yet again, and decides to travel the world with Holmes on his ship.

TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles


Katri is the second Sister recruited, after Enteh. Like Enteh, she is a unit marked with a ☆ by her name, meaning she must be deployed when in the party, and that her death results in a Game Over.

Katri, being one of the four shamans, is sought after by Guenchaos and the Gerxel Cult. Her blood contains the power to revive Gerxel due to her heritage as one of Yutona's descendants.

Katri permanently leaves the party in the scenes before Map 24 to stay with her parents.

Starting stats and growth rates

Portrait katri trs01.png
Level 1
Recruitment: Map 8, automatically from the start.

Stats Growth Rates

Inventory Skills
Is ps1 zombie staff.png Zombie Staff
Is ps1 ring of salia.png Ring of Salia
Is ps1 summon.png Summon
PS1RankSword.png X mark.png PS1RankLance.png X mark.png PS1RankAxe.png X mark.png PS1RankBow.png X mark.png PS1RankStaff.png Yes check.png
PS1RankFire.png X mark.png PS1RankThunder.png X mark.png PS1RankWind.png X mark.png PS1RankLight.png X mark.png PS1RankDark.png X mark.png


This character analysis section may not be accurate to every player's experience.

Katri, being a ☆ unit, must be deployed when she is in the party. Like most other healer units appearing in TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles, she is a pure Staff-utility unit. Unlike other healers she has temporary offensive and defensive viability due to being able to transform into Neuron.

Katri, from her base stats, is able to use the Distant Healing Staff, meaning her low movement is much less of a hindrance. With the Distant Healing Staff she can support far from the front lines, and thus stay out of danger, as she is a very fragile unit. Katri is the only character with the Summon skill for the early parts of the game, so her Zombie Staff is some of her exclusive utility for a time. While her magic growth may seem low at a glance, it is around the standard amount for most magic-based characters in Yutona Heroes War Chronicles.

As mentioned, Katri leaves before the start of Map 24, so be prepared to start fielding another healer to fill her role.

Personality and character

Katri is a kind girl, if perhaps somewhat naive. She treats everyone she meets with kindness, even many enemies, like Maerhen and Zacharia. Maerhen has no trouble getting Katri to accompany him to his dungeon, nothing bad comes of it but Katri's blind trust of the man that had kidnapped her could be considered quite foolish. Though this could also be taken to mean that Katri is a good judge of character, as Maerhen changes his ways and renounces piracy as he said he would.

Katri has longed desired to meet her true parents, and holds no ill will due to not knowing them.



Battle quotes

Noble Yutona, please forgive me... I am... Aah...
— Katri upon transforming into Neuron

Death Quotes

— Katri


Etymology and other languages


Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes


Used in the TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles fan translations.



Officially romanized as Katri. Katri is a Finnish name and the short form of Katariina.[7] According to Shouzou Kaga, he gained the inspiration for this name from "Katri, Girl of the Meadows", an anime adaptation of a Finnish fairy tale.[8][9]


Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes


Used in the TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles fan translations.



Maria. Katri is named after her birth mother, also named Maria.


Sprite Gallery
Portrait katri trs01.pngPortrait katri 02 trs01.png Sister
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(Healing Staff)


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