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Sacred Stone (object)

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This article is about the items. For the game, please see Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.
Renais' Sacred Stone.

The Sacred Stones (Japanese: 聖石 Sacred Stone) are five stones of much magical power, after which said game is named. While the Stones never appear as usable items, nor do they have sprites, they play an integral part in the Storyline, with their destruction being a goal of the primary antagonist.


The origins of the Sacred Stones are surrounded in mystery, the only explanation of their origin is that they were blessed upon humanity by some sort of divinity.[1] There are no significant references to any specific gods throughout the rest of the game. Though, Vanessa makes a passing mention of a war god named Fale.[2] The game's introductory image scroll may also imply that a dragon blessed the Sacred Stones to the humans, as the introduction features a large dragon curled around five orbs.

The Sacred Stones' source of power is human will.[3] Every Sacred Stone holds magical power, presumably, the Stones keep the monsters born in Darkling Woods at bay, as more and more Stones are destroyed more awash in monster hordes Magvel becomes. Grado's Sacred Stone is special in the respect that it is the Stone that houses the Demon King, Lyon speculated this was why that particular Sacred Stone was responsive to dark magic.[4]

While Lyon's experimentation with Grado's Stone ended in tragedy, there were several impressive discoveries made. While the distinction between the Demon King's influence and the Stone's power is blurry, Lyon was able to reanimate corpses after his experiments, as demonstrated by Vigarde. Lyon was also able to perform incredible healing feats, healing a child that had been burned in a fire.[5] Lyon had also hoped to use the Sacred Stone to prevent the Earthquake that would destroy Grado, he was, however, unsuccessful.


A carving depicting the original conflict.

Original conflict

Long ago, the legendary heroes used the Sacred Stones to seal away the soul of the Demon King. The five Stones were then distributed to the rulers of what became the five great kingdoms of Magvel: Renais, Frelia, Jehanna, Rausten, and Grado. Each country enshrined its Sacred Stone in a secure location so that they would be protected should the Demon King ever again pose a threat to Magvel. Each Stone was granted its own chamber, for instance, Renais' Stone was sealed under the castle, and Frelia's Stone had an entire tower built for its protection.

However, one aspect of this story left out in modern retellings is the involvement of the Great Dragon, Morva. It is said that without his aid mankind would have lost.[6] For 800 years Morva stood guard over the Demon King's corpse.

At some point afterwards, Grado's Sacred Stone became known as the Fire Emblem.

Magvel, years 802-803

Some time in the the year 802 Lyon created the Dark Stone by separating the Demon King from the Sacred Stone's holy elements. In a disastrous series of events Fomortiis and his new puppet-prince set off on a conquest to overwhelm the entirety of Magvel and snuff out every last Sacred Stone.

The first Stone destroyed was Grado's, Frelia's and Jehanna's Stones followed soon after. The Sacred Stones of Renais and Rausten remained safe, until Lyon took the Renais' Stone from Eirika and Ephraim and destroyed it, leaving Rausten's Stone the sole remainder. Rausten's Stone was successful in sealing the Demon King once again.


After the War of the Stones only one Sacred Stone, the Stone of Rausten, remains on Magvel. While problematic, chances of the Demon King returning to complete power are low, as his true body was destroyed in the conflict.[7] Curiously, the Stone belongs to Rausten, but dialogue seems to imply the Rausten's Stone ended up sealed within Renais.[8]

The Dark Stone

Lyon's experiments.

The Dark Stone (Japanese: 魔石 Demon Stone) was created approximately a year before the events of the game, around the same time that Lyon's father, Vigarde, died from his illness. His father's death, and the disastrous earthquake that was foreseen to plunge Grado into the ocean, spurred Lyon to take his experiments with the Fire Emblem even further.

The Dark Stone is said to grant Lyon strange powers,[9] though its true nature is that of a vessel for the Demon King's soul, one in which his powers are not restrained. Through Lyon having the Stone the Demon King has control over him, though how much control varies depending on which route you take: Complete possession in Eirika's route, or more subtle manipulation in Ephraim's route. The Demon King is allowed to channel his power through Lyon, presumably giving Lyon some of his necromantic abilities.

Technically, the Dark Stone was never explicitly destroyed, but it can be assumed that it dissipated when Fomortiis was reunited with his body.


  • In pre-release materials for The Sacred Stones there are images of monsters using a weapon called stone shard; the item remains in the final release, though unused. The connection of the items is not as evident in the English name, but in the Japanese version, the item is known as "Demon Stone Fragment", with the "Demon Stone" portion being the same name as the Dark Stone, implying that the monsters are using shards of the Dark Stone itself.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

•Sacred Stone
•Dark Stone



•Sacred, or holy stone.
•Demon, monster, evil stone. In the Japanese version, Ismaire does literally refer to the Dark Stone as the dark colored stone, 闇色の石, emphasizing its appearance.


•Pierre sacrée
•Pierre maudite

•Sacred stone
•Cursed stone


•Heiliger Stein
•Dunkler Stein

•Sacred Stone. As above.
•Dark Stone. As above.



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