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Cm fe08 7.png
Fort Renvall as it appears in Chapter 7.


chapter 5x: Unbroken Heart
Chapter 7: Waterside Renvall
chapter 8: It's a Trap!




Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Renvall (Japanese: 水城レンバール Moat-castle Renval) is an area in northern Grado. It is fort built in the middle of a lake making it easy to defend. The fortress, as demonstrated in chapter 7 is also defended by some ballistae, which have the single path to the entrance in their range.

In chapter 5x, Renvall is run by Zonta. Ephraim, Kyle, Forde, and Orson strike at the fortress. They succeed, but have to escape due to General Valter arriving with reinforcements, being informed of Ephraim's plans by an at-the-moment unknown traitor.

Later in chapter 8, Tirado is in charge of defending the fortress. Eirika goes to the fortress after hearing false rumors that her brother is being held prisoner. Upon her arrival she meets up with Orson, who is mysteriously present despite Ephraim, Kyle and Forde escaping earlier. Seth quickly sees through the ruse and accuses Orson of treachery, to which he quickly admits to and retreats deeper into the fortress. Eirika is then trapped and has to kill Tirado to escape. Shortly after this Ephraim arrives through a side passage after hearing of her plight and comes to her aid.


As mentioned, Renvall is very well defended, being constructed on a small bit of land in the middle of a large lake. The only avenues into the fortress are from the air or taking the main entrance. It seems to be located south of Adlas Plains, being very close to the area, as before chapter 5x the cutscene showing Ephraim planning his attack with Kyle, Forde, and Orson takes place on a portion of the chapter 6 map, which takes place in said location. It is also directly south of castle Renais, being on the northern Grado border.


  • In Innes' and Gerik's support conversation Innes thanks Gerik for saving him during a battle at Renvall, though no such battle is mentioned elsewhere.[1] Innes' description of the events in the support conversation seem to imply he is actually talking about the events of Eirika route chapter 13, which occurred in Hamill Canyon. It is ambiguous if this is an error, or if it was changed as to not conflict with events in Ephraim's route, as Gerik is instead sent to help Ephraim in the events of that route.

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A primarily Finnish surname of unknown meaning.[2]



Moat-castle Renval



As above.



As above.



As above.



As above.



  1. "At Renvall, when you stayed by me. If not for your loyalty, I would have fallen into the hands of those mercenaries." — Innes and Gerik's support conversation, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
  2. Renvall,
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