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Rausten Court







Rausten (pronounced /ˈɹaʊstən/[key][1]; Japanese: ロストン Roston) is one of several prominent countries established on Magvel. It is the most openly religious of Magvel's established houses and holds the five heroes and their legends as well as the Sacred Stones in even higher regard than the others.

Rausten borders Darkling Woods to the west and Jehanna to the south. Similarly to Frelia, Rausten relies on the sea for food production to at least some extent.[2]

As of the year 803, Rausten is ruled Mansel, a claimed descendant of Latona.


Foundation and general history

Rausten, like the other Sacred Stone bearing countries of Magvel, was founded shortly after the defeat of the Demon King by its respective member of the five heroes, saint Latona.[3] One of Latona's most famous exploits was the ability to free himself of the Demon King's possession at some point during the original conflict.[3]

The country has kept the saint's Sacred Twins, Ivaldi and Latona, as enshrined national treasures with the country's Sacred Stone into the modern day.

Due to the country's close proximity to the resting place of the Demon King, incursions of monsters born from his sleeping body in Darkling Woods are not an uncommon occurrence and have taken the lives of many of the country's inhabitants over the years, including the parents of L'Arachel.[4]

During and after the War of the Stones

In terms of direct military involvement, Rausten did not openly join the War of the Stones until late into the conflict, being unaware of its magnitude. Eirika of Renais, with the blessing of Frelia, set out to warn Rausten of Grado's aggression though she encountered many setbacks in this endeavor, delaying Rausten's direct full involvement.

The niece of Rausten's Pontifex Mansel, L'Arachel, did, however, take it upon herself to travel Magvel with a small personal band of guards at her own fancy and was known to have been aware of the strife across Magvel during the early stages of the conflict. Due to her wanderings and her high status she was able to alert Rausten to Eirika's plight at Hamill Canyon in the later stages of the conflict.

Afterwards, Rausten attempted to aid Eirika's forces in Jehanna after the fall of the Jehannan palace, but was mostly kept at bay by Grado's forces until Ephraim's and Frelia's army arrived from the fallen Grado capital.

Rausten Court was the final rallying place of Eirika's and Ephraim's combined forces before entering Darkling Woods; on the night before their departure it was assaulted by Riev, the remaining of Grado's generals, in an unsuccessful attempt on Mansel's life. Much of the palace guard was killed due to the bulk of Frelia's and Rausten's forces being distracted by Grado's remnant army further south.

The morning after the successful defense of the palace, Mansel provided Eirika and Ephraim with all the funds he could spare to outfit their forces and Rausten's sacred relics. He then saw L'Arachel off on her march to the concluding battles of the war with Grado's prince Lyon and the monster forces lurking in Darkling Woods.

Several years after the war L'Arachel successfully ascended the throne, taking her uncle's place as the ruler of Rausten.

Notable locations in Rausten

Rausten Court

Rausten Court (Japanese: ロストン宮殿 Roston Palace) is the home of Rausten's leadership and a central location of the country's governing body. Late into the War of the Stones Riev assaulted the palace late into the night in an attempt on Mansel's life and the country's Sacred Stone[5] he was accompanied by a remnant of Grado's forces fleeing in hopes of escaping a rout by Frelia's army.[6]

Melkaen Coast

Main article: Melkaen Coast

Melkaen Coast (Japanese: メレカナ海岸 Melkana Coast) is a specific seaboard along Rausten's northwest. Eirika had originally made plans to travel to Rausten from Carcino over sea route, presumably landing along this specific coastline to accomplish this. During the war itself she was unable to due to the seas being deemed unsafe at the time due to rumors of a phantom ship marauding Magvel's coastlines during the war and frightening seabound trade and travel to a stop[7] during much of the war.

The coast is seemingly devoid of human settlement and appears to be overrun with monsters that have strayed from Darkling Woods.

Mount Mimir

Mount Mimir (Japanese: 高峰ミーミル Lofty Peak Mímir) is a peak famed for its beauty located in Rausten. L'Arachel claims it is one of the most beautiful places that one could hope to visit on Magvel.[8]

Characters from Rausten

Character Description Appears in
Portrait mansel fe08.png
The pontifex of Rausten. He is a compassionate and pious ruler. The Sacred Stones
Portrait l'arachel fe08.png
A young woman from Rausten. She fights for justice and order. The Sacred Stones
Portrait dozla fe08.png
A berserker from Rausten. He's a hearty man with a thirst for life. The Sacred Stones
Portrait riev fe08.png
A heretic and general in Grado's army. He's also known as Blood Beryl. The Sacred Stones


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes





Officially romanized as Roston.















Roston; Used in Fates and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, among the choices for the player's country in their profile card.



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