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Act 1: Zofia's Call




Ram is a location in south-western Zofia, visited on Alm's route of the game.


This is the game's starting area, it also demonstrates Gaiden's free movement, like a traditional RPG. There is no battle to be had here, but this is where the game's story starts off.

Gaiden opens with Alm sparring with Mycen; after a moment Mycen will tell Alm to take a break. This is where the player is given control to move Alm around the map as they please. To progress speak to Lukas, the red-clad man blocking the village's exit, then speak to Mycen again. Alm may now leave the village, but be sure to talk to Lukas and the other villagers again first; Kliff, Tobin, and Gray will not be present in the coming battle unless Alm speaks to them again before leaving.

In Shadows of Valentia, when you take control of Alm, you may speak to a Greedy Old Man in the Square to start your first sidequest, "The Sommelier". He wants a bottle of Ram Wine. Afterwards, talk to Lukas at the Entrance to advance the plot. Afterwards, return to Mycen's House, then return to the Entrance. Lukas, Gray, and Tobin will automatically join you, and you can recruit Kliff and Faye if you desire. You can also leave them in Ram and later recruit them into Celica's party, but there they will be underpowered and unlikely to reach their full potential.

Among your starting characters, Alm is naturally one of the most powerful characters in the game. He has solid growths across the board and exclusive access to two powerful weapons, so take care of him and he will take care of you. Gray is widely considered to be a one-trick pony, unable to excel anywhere except as a Mercenary. However, he makes a very good Mercenary, since his Attack growth is good and his lackluster Skill and Speed are repaired by the Mercenary line's high bases. Tobin and Kliff both do well as an Archer or Mage. Mage Tobin gets very early access to the powerful Excalibur spell and has Physic to keep him viable later on; however, Tobin's growths suit him better as an Archer for post-game purposes. Kliff has lots of Speed to make up for the heavy weight of bows and +15 accuracy from his support with Tobin to fix their low hit, but in the post-game his Speed is wasted since Archers can use the Killer Bow to get a guaranteed double attack. As a Mage, his spell pool is only rivaled by Celica in the sheer amount of ways he can kill the enemy. Cavalier is also a popular choice for Kliff, although he faces competition from Mathilda and Zeke in that role later down the line. Faye makes for an amazing Cleric, as she gets early access to Physic, and later grabs Rescue and Anew for more utility. Lukas is your basic Knight - high Attack and Defense, poor Speed. The wide maps in Shadows of Valentia will prove problematic for him, although he can make great use of the DLC Villager's Fork to become an amazing Mercenary with high stats all around.

After returning from the Thieves' Shrine, you can complete "The Sommelier" and receive some Blue Cheese as a reward. If you talk to the Greedy Old Man again afterwards, a Mila Carving will appear in the Thieves' Shrine. You can also start the next quest, "The Wages of Sin", by talking to an Indignant Woman. She wants you to defeat 20 Brigands and will reward you with a valuable Fruit of Life. Doing so immediately will cost you many turns on your Blitzkrieg run, but if you visit Ram Village as Celica in Act 2, the pirate body count she will have racked up will fulfill the requirement handily.

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: N/A Player Other Enemy
Defeat: N/A 1+4/+5 1 0
Cm fe02 ram.png

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is 3ds03 orange.png Orange Examine at Mycen's House.
Is 3ds03 orange.png Orange Examine at Mycen's House.
Is 3ds03 splitting axe.png Splitting Axe Examine at Mycen's House.
Is 3ds03 drinking water.png Drinking Water Examine at the Square.
Is 3ds03 carrot.png Carrot Examine at the Square.
Is 3ds03 flour.png Flour Examine at the Square.
Is 3ds03 flour.png Flour Examine at the Entrance.
Is 3ds03 hard bread.png Hard Bread Examine at the Entrance.
Is 3ds03 blue cheese.png Blue Cheese Complete "The Sommelier".
Is 3ds03 fruit of life.png Fruit of Life Complete "The Wages of Sin".

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Ram
Japanese ラム Ram
Ram As above.
(Latin America)
• Mardán
• Ram
• Used in Awakening.
• Used in Shadows of Valentia.
French Ram As above.
German Ram As above.
Italian Ram As above.
Dutch Ram As above.
Chinese 拉姆


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