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Nintendo DS

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An original-model Nintendo DS system.

The Nintendo DS (Japanese: ニンテンドーDS Nintendo DS) is Nintendo's seventh-generation portable video game system, and the successor of the Game Boy Advance family of consoles. It features dual screens which work in tandem to play a game, with the bottom screen also acting as a touchscreen. It was the first Nintendo console to implement wireless connectivity as the standard means of connectivity between consoles, as well as Wi-Fi internet connectivity to allow multiplayer or the accessing of extra features online.

The Nintendo DS was released in four distinct models over its eight years of service. The original basic model features a bulky design, which was later replaced with the Nintendo DS Lite, a smaller and lighter redesign which sports brighter screens. Later in its life cycle, the Nintendo DSi model was launched, featuring a pair of digital cameras, expanded internet offerings, an array of additional applications, and the ability to purchase downloadable titles on an online shop; in exchange, it no longer offers backwards compatibility with the Game Boy Advance. The Nintendo DSi XL was the last variant to be released, functionally identical to the DSi except significantly larger, billed as offering more potential as a fun group experience with the wider range of view offered by its larger screens.

Two games in the Fire Emblem series were released for the Nintendo DS, both of which are remakes of earlier titles. The Nintendo DS also hosted the only Fire Emblem game to be exclusive to Japan since The Binding Blade. The three Game Boy Advance games are also playable on the basic Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite models; however, the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL removed backwards compatibility with the Game Boy Advance.

Fire Emblem series games available for the Nintendo DS

Playable through backward-compatibility


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