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Creatures of great strength and speed. They pursue their prey with axes and bows.

Unit type(s)



Axes and Bows



The Maelduin (Japanese: マグダイル Macdaire) class, is a class of axe and bow-using monsters that appears in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. A maelduin appears to be a half-human, half-bull mix. Since maelduins are monsters, they are an enemy-only class. They are a stronger version of the Tarvos class, equivalent to a promoted unit. Maelduins appear as strong enemies when monsters are present, in several chapters, the Tower of Valni, and the Lagdou Ruins.

Maelduins are quite strong enemies. They have quite high strength and defense, and above average speed. However, their skill is slightly low, so they rarely hit. Still, they are able to use both axes and bows, which is quite useful for them, able to attack from one or two spaces away. Still, they can be defeated with a speedy sword user or a magic-user, since they have average resistance. They are treated as mounted units, and as such are vulnerable to weapons such as horseslayers.

The boss of Eirika's Chapter 12, Village of Silence, is a maelduin.


Base stats

Game HP Strength Magic Skill Speed Luck Defense Resistance Movement Constitution Weight Experience CRP Weapon Level
The Sacred Stones 25 8 -- 4 7 0 9 3 8 12 -- -- 3 Axe A, GBARankBow.gif A

Max stats

Game HP Strength Magic Skill Speed Luck Defense Resistance Movement Constitution Weapon Level
The Sacred Stones 80 25 -- 26 24 30 25 25 15 25 Axe S, GBARankBow.gif S*

Class growth rates

Game HP Strength Magic Skill Speed Luck Defense Resistance Charm Constitution* Movement* Weapon Level*
The Sacred Stones 75% 30% -- 30% 18% 10% 13% 20% -- -- -- --
Click here for more details on the mechanics of class growths in each game.

Class Change

The Sacred Stones

Base class Promotion method Advanced class
Bs fe08 tarvos axe.png
Hypothetical only Bs fe08 maelduin axe.png

Flavor text

Game Text
The Sacred Stones
(class roll)
Creatures of great strength and speed.
They pursue their prey with axes and bows.
巨大な斧と弓で 獲物を追い詰める
The Sacred Stones
Immensely fast and strong creatures
who hunt with axes and bows.
巨大な斧と弓で 獲物を追い詰める


  • The maelduin's stat caps are identical to those of a male paladin.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes


"Maelduin", is derived from "Máel Dúin", a Christian hero from Celtic mythology who went on a great voyage and saw many monsters and magic of Celtic myths.[1]



"Macdaire", is derived from "Cú Roí Mac Daire", the name of a hero in Celtic mythology, a skilled sorcerer and traveler who is worshiped as a god.[2]



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