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This page contains all of Luthier's base conversations.

Conversation 1

Luthier: Delthea and I both descend from a bloodline of celebrated mages. We have been blessed with a natural gift for magic, you see. But despite having more talent than me, Delthea has always been ungrateful. She spends more time playing around than training. If she’d taken her studies seriously, she might not have been manipulated. *sigh* Well, no matter. There is little point in lamenting it now...

Conversation 2

Luthier: Oh, Alm. Do you need something? ...No? Then why did you speak to me? ...Because you felt like it? Ah, I see. Friendship demands a certain amount of perfunctory conversation. Forgive me. I have little experience with friendship. And, um, no friends. There were others my age in the village, but we were never close. I suppose I never felt the need to get to know them. However, I had a most excellent relationship with one of the cats. ...Yes, I know that doesn’t count. You needn’t remind me. But if you insist, YOU can be my first human friend, Alm. Congratulations.

Conversation 3

Luthier: Delthea and I descend from a mage disciple of the champion Zofia. This disciple was female, so her gifts pass more readily to female heirs. Magical ability is in the blood. If one is not born with it... Well, they will never hear the spirits’ voices, no matter how hard they train. I know how precious my gifts are, so I intend to spend my life perfecting them. I understand my calling, even if Delthea does not.