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Multiple clan hierarchies



The horseman Hanon's legacy lived on with the nomads of her beloved plains of Sacae.
— Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade Chapter 11 opening

Sacae (Japanese: サカ Sacae) is the easternmost nation of Elibe, situated to the south of Ilia and the north of Bern. It is by and large a sweeping expanse of grassland, bordered to the north and south by mountains; these mountains house bands of bandits who wreak havoc on settlements near their mountain homes. Its status as a "nation" is loosely defined, as it possesses no central government but rather is home to a sizable number of nomadic tribes and the occasional city.

The number of nomad tribes of Sacae is nebulous. Guy referred to the Kutolah "one of the three tribes of Sacae"[1], but later said that he had never heard of the Lorca, and it is stated that twenty years later, the Djute clan suppressed and eliminated multiple other Sacaen tribes[2]. This suggests that there are three major Sacaen tribes in addition to a sizable number of minor clans. While many tribes live nomadically and constantly travel the plains, there are some, like the Lorca, which live in permanent settlements.

The necessities of nomadic life have resulted in a small number of combat styles seeing wide practice among Sacaens to the general exclusion of most others: the majority of Sacaen warriors are horse archers, necessitated by the need to hunt the swift game of the region[3], while those who do not typically learn the swift eastern styles of swordplay. Additionally, a large number of shamans were part of the warrior forces of the Djute clan.

Characters from Sacae

Character Description Appears in
FERK Hanon.png
The "Divine Trooper" of the Eight Legends. N/A
The late chieftain of the Lorca clan. N/A
Hassar's wife, formerly a noblewoman of Caelin. N/A
Portrait lyn fe07.png
Daughter of Hassar and Madelyn, and one of the few survivors of the Lorca. Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade
Portrait dayan fe06.png
Chieftain of the Kutolah clan, dubbed the "Silver Wolf". The Binding Blade
Portrait rath fe07.png
Son of Dayan, banished from the Kutolah in his youth. Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade
Portrait sue fe06.png
Daughter of Rath and granddaughter of Dayan. The Binding Blade
Portrait guy fe07.png
One of the Kutolah. Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade
Portrait sin fe06.png
One of the Kutolah. The Binding Blade
Portrait monke fe06.png
Chieftain of the Djute clan. The Binding Blade
Portrait thoril fe06.png
One of the Djute. The Binding Blade
Portrait thoril fe06.png
One of the Djute. The Binding Blade
Portrait thoril fe06.png
One of the Djute. The Binding Blade
Portrait thoril fe06.png
One of the Djute. The Binding Blade
Portrait thoril fe06.png
One of the Djute. The Binding Blade
Portrait thoril fe06.png
One of the Djute The Binding Blade
Portrait uhai fe07.png
A member of an unspecified Sacaen tribe, and the "Soaring Hawk" of the Black Fang. Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade
Portrait karel fe06.png
A legendary Sacaen warrior, once the "Sword Demon" and now the "Sword Saint". The Binding Blade, The Blazing Blade
Portrait karla fe07.png
Karel's sister. Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade
Portrait fir fe06.png
The daughter of Karla and Bartre. The Binding Blade
Portrait rutger fe06.png
A survivor of the Bern assault on Bulgar, of mixed ethnicity. The Binding Blade
Portrait glass fe07.png
A Sacaen bandit. He claims that the gods fear his "peerless" swordplay. Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade
Portrait kel fe06.png
A mercenary in the employ of Brunya. The Binding Blade

Notable locations in and tribes of Sacae


Main article: Bulgar

The de facto capital city of Sacae, Bulgar is the region's largest commercial hub. The city prides itself as a "free city" which has never had any one ruler. Its central position between Ilia, Bern and Etruria has allowed it to prosper as a trading post between the three nations. The city was a permanent home to several of Sacae's clans[4].

On her initial journey to avenge the Lorca, Bulgar was Lyn's first stop, and it was here she met Kent and Sain. At the dawn of Bern's war twenty years later, Bulgar was assaulted by Bern's forces and many Sacaens were massacred, with survivors few and far between. Afterward, it was occupied by Bern's forces under the command of Roartz, until the Etrurian army under the command of Roy came to liberate it.

Mani Katti shrine

A small, ancient shrine which once housed the Mani Katti lies on the notheastern outskirts of Bulgar. Said to contain a powerful link to the world of spirits, it was common practice for travellers to stop by the shrine and pray for a safe journey. The shrine is surrounded by a small number of homes.

Mulagir ruins

Mulagir, the weapon of Hanon of the Eight Legends, was housed in a set of ruins. These ruins were occupied by the remnants of the Djute clan following their defeat.

Kutolah Tribe

Sue and the Kutolah

The Kutolah are one of the largest, most powerful[5] and most influential of the Sacae tribes[6], led by Dayan, the legendary Silver Wolf. In response to a prediction by a village diviner, Dayan's son Rath was banished from the tribe at a young age in order to avert "a great disaster" foreseen, and was welcomed back over fifteen years later. Twenty years afterward, in the wake of Bern's invasion of Sacae, the Kutolah were largely wiped out by the combined might of Bern and the Djute; Dayan's granddaughter Sue was tasked with leading the tribe's women and children to safety, while Dayan and the tribe's warrior remnants remained behind to slowly fight back and chip away at Bern's hold on Sacae. After Bern's fall, Dayan reconstructed the tribe.

Djute Tribe

The chief rivals of the Kutolah, led by Monke, the Djute had become the most powerful clan of Sacae by the time of Bern's war. In the war with Bern, the Djute sided with Bern and led the extermination of those in opposition. When the Etrurian army came to Sacae to free it, the Djute were their first obstacle, and were defeated and largely wiped out; its survivors travelled to the Mulagir ruins to attempt to prevent the Etrurian army from obtaining it themselves.

Lorca Tribe

An apparently minor and lesser known tribe[7], the Lorca tribe was led by Hassar. The Lorca resided in a village to the west of Bulgar, in the shadow of the Taliver Mountain bordering Bern[8]. The tribe was wiped out in an offensive by the bandits of Taliver, who had poisoned the drinking water of the tribe before raiding it in the dead of night to finish the job; according to Lyn, only ten or so of its members survived, herself included.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes


From Saka, a Scythian tribe or group of tribes of ancient Iranian origin. In Latin, the name was rendered as Sacae.[9]



Officially romanized as Sacae.











Sacae; Used in Fates and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, among the choices for the player's country in their profile card.

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes





From Qutula Khan, son of Khabul Khan.

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes





Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes







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