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List of weapon attributes of Fire Emblem Warriors

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"Wingslayer" redirects here. For the sword, see Wing Clipper.

Weapon attributes in Fire Emblem Warriors are qualities that can be forged onto a player's weapons in order to give them additional effects. A number of weapons are also obtainable with these attributes built into them.

Not all attributes are available from the outset; some require reaching a certain kill count in order to unlock, and attributes in the categories of Bonus, Swap, Break, Slay, and Gen are unlocked for a weapon type upon obtaining a non-personal weapon with that attribute built in (e.g. a player cannot forge Wingslayer onto an Iron Sword until they have obtained a sword with that attribute built in, such as the Wing Clipper).

List of weapon attributes

Attribute Effect Kill count Forging cost (G) Category Innate for
Strong I Increases damage dealt by an attack in the Strong I category -- 1,500 Attack --
Strong II Increases damage dealt by an attack in the Strong II category -- 1,500 Attack --
Strong III Increases damage dealt by an attack in the Strong III category -- 1,500 Attack --
Strong IV Increases damage dealt by an attack in the Strong IV category -- 1,500 Attack --
Strong V Increases damage dealt by an attack in the Strong V category -- 1,500 Attack --
Strong VI Increases damage dealt by an attack in the Strong VI category -- 1,500 Attack Elite Sword
Elite Lance
Elite Axe
Elite Bow
Elite Tome
Rainstorm Increases damage dealt by regular attacks -- 1,500 Attack --
Mountslayer Deals bonus damage to mounted units, but weakens attacks against other units -- 4,000 Bonus Zanbato
Elite Sword
Elite Axe
Hunter's Bow
Unsaddler Tome
Piked Dragonstone
Wingslayer Deals bonus damage to flying units, but weakens attacks against other units -- 4,000 Bonus Wing Clipper
Elite Lance
Volant Axe
All bows
Wingbane Tome
Elite Tome
Plateslayer Deals bonus damage to armored units, but weakens attacks against other units -- 4,000 Bonus Armorslayer
Elite Sword
Heavy Spear
Cleave Bow
Elite Bow
Piercing Tome
Dracoslayer Deals bonus damage to dragon units, but weakens attacks against other units -- 4,000 Bonus Falchion
Parallel Falchion
Exalted Falchion
Sol Katti
Elite Lance
Dragon Axe
Dragonkiller Bow
Condragon Tome
Elite Tome
Beastslayer Deals bonus damage to monster units, but weakens attacks against other units -- 4,000 Bonus Enliron
Spirit Katana
Blessed Lance*
Blessed Axe
Elite Axe
Blessed Bow
Blessed Tome
Rampager Deals bonus damage to armored and mounted units -- -- Bonus Wing Spear
Divining Increases the chance of rarer material drops. -- 2,500 Drop --
Power Up Increases the number of slots on weapon drops. -- 2,500 Drop --
First Class Increases the quality of weapon drops. -- 2,500 Drop --
Healer Increases the chance of healing item drops. -- 2,500 Drop Elite Sword
Elite Lance
Elite Axe
Elite Bow
Elite Tome
Healing Gift Fills up user's HP after 300 kills. 2,000 3,000 Defeat Elite Bow
Elite Tome
Warrior Gift Fills up user's Warrior Gauge after 300 kills. 2,000 3,000 Defeat Elite Sword
Awaken Gift Fills up user's Awakening after 300 kills. 2,000 3,000 Defeat Elite Lance
Elite Axe
Triangle+ Increases weapon triangle advantage. 5,000 10,000 Boost Elite Sword
Pair Up+ Increases damage while paired up. 5,000 10,000 Boost Elite Lance
Critical+ Increases damage dealt by critical hits. 5,000 10,000 Boost Elite Axe
Warrior+ Increases damage dealt by special attacks. 5,000 10,000 Boost Elitestone
Health+ Increases damage dealt while at maximum HP. 5,000 10,000 Boost Elite Bow
Elite Tome
Desperate+ Increases damage dealt while at low HP. 5,000 10,000 Boost --
Antitriangle Reverses the weapon triangle. -- 5,000 Swap Lancereaver
Topsy-Turvy Switches the user's physical and magical attack stats. -- 5,000 Swap Conduit Sword
Conduit Lance
Conduit Axe
Conduit Bow
Conduit Tome
Statflip Switches the user's Strength and Defense stats, and the user's Magic and Resistance stats.

If the Topsy-Turvy attribute is on the same weapon, net result is:
Strength ↔ Resistance, Magic ↔ Defense
-- 5,000 Swap Statflip Sword
Statflip Lance
Statflip Axe
Statflip Bow
Statflip Tome
True Power Increases stats of personal weapons. 10,000 -- Awake All personal weapons
Divine Favor Further increases stats of personal weapons. -- -- Awake All personal weapons
Legendary Increases a weapon's basic stats. 6,000 20,000 Awake Legendary Sword
Legendary Lance
Legendary Axe
Legendary Bow
Legendary Tome
Strike Rate+ Increases user's attack speed. Requires amiibo
Awake Chrom's Training Sword
All Stats+ Increases all of user's stats other than movement. Requires amiibo
Awake Tiki's Tear
Armor Strike Shatters armor with powerful attacks, reducing their defense and resistance. 3,000 4,000 Break Armorbane Sword
Armorbane Lance
Armorbane Axe
Armorbane Bow
Armorbane Tome
Fury Builder Increases damage for every 100 foes defeated. 2,500 3,500 Fury --
Swordbreaker Increases damage dealt against sword wielders. -- 2,000 Slay Swordbane Sword
Swordbane Lance
Swordbane Axe
Swordbane Bow
Swordbane Tome
Lancebreaker Increases damage dealt against lance wielders. -- 2,000 Slay Lancebane Sword
Lancebane Lance
Lancebane Axe
Lancebane Bow
Lancebane Tome
Axebreaker Increases damage dealt against axe wielders. -- 2,000 Slay Axebane Sword
Axebane Lance
Axebane Axe
Axebane Bow
Axebane Tome
Bowbreaker Increases damage dealt against bow wielders. -- 2,000 Slay Bowbane Sword
Bowbane Lance
Bowbane Axe
Bowbane Bow
Bowbane Tome
Tomebreaker Increases damage dealt against tome wielders. -- 2,000 Slay Tomebane Sword
Tomebane Lance
Tomebane Axe
Tomebane Bow
Tomebane Tome
Stonebreaker Increases damage dealt against stone wielders. -- 2,000 Slay Dragonbane Sword
Dragonbane Lance
Dragonbane Axe
Dragonbane Bow
Dragonbane Tome
Clawbreaker Increases damage dealt against claw wielders. -- 2,000 Slay Clawbane Sword
Clawbane Lance
Clawbane Axe
Clawbane Bow
Clawbane Tome
Critical Focus Eases depletion of the Stun Gauge. 4,000 8,000 Focus --
Antiair Focus Increases damage dealt against foes that have been launched into midair. 4,000 8,000 Focus --
Genpeer Increases damage dealt against a same-gender target, decreases damage dealt against an opposite-gender target. -- 4,500 Gen Genpeer Sword
Genpeer Lance
Genpeer Axe
Genpeer Bow
Genpeer Tome
Gencross Increases damage dealt against an opposite-gender target, decreases damage dealt against a same-gender target. -- 4,500 Gen Gencross Sword
Gencross Lance
Gencross Axe
Gencross Bow
Gencross Tome
Bolster Strengthens any Attack or Boost attribute on the same weapon -- 12,000 Spirit Bolster Sword
Bolster Lance
Bolster Axe
Bolster Bow
Bolster Tome
Acceleration Increases user's attack speed. -- 12,000 Spirit Acceleration Sword
Acceleration Lance
Acceleration Axe
Acceleration Bow
Acceleration Tome
Amped Increases all of user's stats other than movement. -- 12,000 Spirit Amped Sword
Amped Lance
Amped Axe
Amped Bow
Amped Tome
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