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List of Acts in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

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Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia features a prologue and six chapters; each chapter takes place on a portion of the world map each featuring a multitude of individual battles. Unlike other games in the series, chapters are instead known as "Acts", presumably to differentiate them from the more conventionally-structured chapters of other games.

Note: Some character recruitments can be skipped and done later in the game, this listing assumes they were recruited at the earliest opportunity; see individual character pages for more information.

Main story

Chapter List
Ma 3ds03 fighter alm playable.gifMa 3ds03 priestess celica playable.gif Title Objectives Defeat New Units Bosses
Alm's Party Celica's Party Alm's Party Celica's Party
Prologue Alm and Celica Rout the enemy. All player units are defeated. Alm, Celica, Mycen, Kliff, Tobin, Gray, Faye Slayde
Act 1 Zofia's Call Meet Clive, defeat Desaix, and liberate Zofia castle. Alm dies. Alm, Kliff, Tobin, Gray, Faye, Silque, Clair, Forsyth, Python, Clive (N/A) Various generic bosses, Slayde, Desaix (N/A)
Act 2 The Pilgrimage Reach Zofia castle. Celica dies. (N/A) Celica, Mae, Boey, Genny, Saber, Valbar, Kamui (N/A) Various generic bosses, Barth
Act 3 War of Deliverance
  • Alm: Reach the West Floodgate.
  • Celica: Free Est from Grieth's Fortress; reach the East Floodgate.
Alm or Celica dies. Mathilda, Luthier, Delthea Palla, Catria, Atlas, Jesse, Sonya*, Deen*, Est Zakson, Lawson, Gazelle, Desaix, Berkut, Fernand, Delthea, Tatarrah Garth, Wolff, Sonya, Deen, Grieth, Blake, Mikhail
Act 4 Land of Sorrow
  • Alm: Defeat Rudolf and conquer Rigel castle.
  • Celica: Arrive at the Tower of Duma.
Alm or Celica dies. Tatiana, Zeke, Mycen Nomah, Conrad Berkut, Fernand, Xaizor, Nuibaba, Hestia, Jerome, Magnus, Marla, Mueller, Rudolf Garcia, Dolth, Jamil, Jedah
Act 5 Together to the End Defeat the Fell God, Duma. Alm or Celica dies. None Hades, Aurum, Argentum, Cerberus, Naberius, Gharn, Marla, Hestia, Jedah, Duma
Act 6 Act 6 Explore Thabes Labyrinth Alm or Celica dies. None The Creation