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Light (part 2)

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Dread Isle



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Light (part 1)

Look at the size of them. I've got a bad feeling about this. My... My legs are trembling just standing here.
— Hector

Light (Japanese: Light) is the final chapter in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. This page covers the second part of the chapter.


Main article: Light (part 2)/Script
Three dragons charge through the Dragon's Gate.

The lords proceed to gate to investigate the shriek they heard after Nergal was defeated and see three Fire Dragons crossing into Elibe via the now activated gate. As Nergal was dying, he used the last of his energy to use Ninian's Dragonstone to activate the gate. Athos stands in front of the dragons and bears the brunt of their fire breath to stall for time. Just as Athos seems to be at his limit, Bramimond appears and tells the lords to bring their legendary weapons to him. Bramimond uses the strength of the weapons to cast a spell that revives Ninian. With Ninian revived and with her draconic powers restored, she easily subdues two of the dragons and sends them back through the gate; however, this drains Ninian of her energy causing her to collapse in exhaustion, rendering her unable to send the third back. Bramimond promises to watch over her and warps to another location, leaving the task of subduing the final dragon in the hands of the lords.

Once the dragon has been defeated, it is sucked back through the Dragon's Gate, leaving the lords to revel in their success. Athos congratulates everyone on successfully protecting Elibe but trails off in the middle of his sentence and collapses. Athos exhausted the last of his strength in the final battle and is moments away from death. Athos says that he will die without any regrets, so the others need not grieve his death. As Athos draws his final breath, he is able to catch a glimpse of the future. Athos informs the group that an evil star will rise in Bern and Elibe will once again know he horrors of war. Athos laments that neither he nor Bramimond will be able to save Elibe in this time, however the Archsage does not despair as Lycia will bring hope once again in the form of "Children of Fire." Having given his prophecy, Athos dies satisfied with the actions he took in life.

Athos passes away.

With the battle having ended, Eliwood can reunite with Ninian. He is be overjoyed that Ninian has been revived and asks for her to be by his side forever. Ninian, however, insists that she must return home. Ninian feels as though she was the cause of all of the strife that the Black Fang and Nergal caused and believes herself to be unworthy of staying in Elibe. She merely wanted to see her homeland one more time, even though it was forbidden for her kind to return to Elibe, and doing so resulted in so much death and pain. Eliwood replies that the blame for this incident is also shared by the humans from the time of The Scouring and the humans of their time as well. He elaborates saying that humans had no inherent right to seize the continent for themselves and drive the dragons away and that he would like to rectify this mistake from now on by making all of Elibe a paradise for Dragon and mankind alike, just like Arcadia. Ninian is pleased by Eliwood's words but knows that this will not come to pass for quite some time and once again insists that she and Nils must return to the realm of Dragons and close the gate on that side. If Ninian and Eliwood do not have an A-support, Ninian and Nils return to their home and close the gate. If Eliwood and Ninian do have an A-support, Nils will tell Ninian that if they stay in Elibe, their power will never return and their lifespans will shorten accordingly. Ninian is confused by Nils meaning so he clarifies that if she truly wants to remain with Eliwood fully aware of the price of doing so, she has his blessing. Ninian, having been granted permission, decides to stay with Eliwood and Nils returns home by himself and closes the gate. The group exits the Dragon's Gate, and walks into the bright sunlight of a new day.

A year later, the Tactician will either be with Hector* or Eliwood* on the day of their coronation as the marquess of Ostia or Pherae, respectively. If the Tactician is with Eliwood, the lord expresses some anxieties over succeeding a man like his father and thanks the Tactician for safely seeing him through his journey. If Eliwood has an A-support with Fiora, Lyn, or Ninian, he and his bride-to-be will ask the Tactician to name their child. Afterwards Eliwood says his farewells to the Tactician and insists that someday they will meet again. If the Tactician is with Hector, the Ostian lord similarly expresses worry over living up to the expectations of the role of the marquess but notes that he will do his utmost to carry Uther's burdens and lead Ostia to success. If Hector has an A-support with Florina, Farina, or Lyn, they enter the room and after a brief conversation request that the tactician become the godparent of their child. When the time comes for them to say farewell, Hector reminds the Tactician of Athos' final words. Despite having returned Armads to its shrine, Hector can still feel its power pulsing through him and takes it as a sign that a horrible war is coming. Hector hopes that when that day comes, the Tactician will return to guide his children and him.

Fifteen years after their coronations, Hector and Eliwood decide to meet at Castle Ostia for the first time since Uther's funeral. The two reflect on their journey and introduce their children to each other, Eliwood's son Roy to Hector and Hector's daughter Lilina to Eliwood. The two children play elsewhere in the garden and Eliwood lightly teases Hector for not acting any different than the hot-headed noble he has always known him as. The conversation takes a more serious tone when Eliwood mentions that the King of Bern has died. According to Ostia's spies, Desmond was assassinated in an attempt on Prince Zephiel's life. Hector notes that the report of Desmond's death was odd as Zephiel was thought to have died at first only for it to be revealed that Desmond had died. The two marquesses grimly reflect on Athos final warning of a brutal war, prompting the two to place their faith in their children and promise to do everything they can to protect those who are dear to them.

Chapter data

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Kill dragon Player Partner Other Enemy Third
Defeat: Eliwood, Hector, or Lyn dies 12 {{{partner}}} {{{other}}} 7 {{{third}}}

Eliwood Hector

Cm fe07 E-F-2.png

Units deployed in the previous part of the chapter carry over into this one, and are arranged on the map based on deployment order; forcibly deployed units are placed in fixed positions.

Character data

New Units


Returning Characters

Small portrait eliwood fe07.pngSmall portrait marcus fe07.pngSmall portrait lowen fe07.pngSmall portrait rebecca fe07.pngSmall portrait dorcas fe07.pngSmall portrait bartre fe07.pngSmall portrait hector fe07.pngSmall portrait oswin fe07.pngSmall portrait matthew fe07.pngSmall portrait serra fe07.pngSmall portrait guy fe07.pngSmall portrait erk fe07.pngSmall portrait priscilla fe07.pngSmall portrait lyn fe07.pngSmall portrait florina fe07.pngSmall portrait wil fe07.pngSmall portrait kent fe07.pngSmall portrait sain fe07.pngSmall portrait raven fe07.pngSmall portrait lucius fe07.pngSmall portrait canas fe07.pngSmall portrait dart fe07.pngSmall portrait fiora fe07.pngSmall portrait legault fe07.pngSmall portrait isadora fe07.pngSmall portrait rath fe07.pngSmall portrait heath fe07.pngSmall portrait hawkeye fe07.pngSmall portrait wallace fe07.pngSmall portrait geitz fe07.pngSmall portrait farina fe07.pngSmall portrait pent fe07.pngSmall portrait louise fe07.pngSmall portrait karel fe07.pngSmall portrait harken fe07.pngSmall portrait nino fe07.pngSmall portrait jaffar fe07.pngSmall portrait vaida fe07.pngSmall portrait nils fe07.pngSmall portrait karla fe07.pngSmall portrait renault fe07.pngSmall portrait athos fe07.png

Enemy data

Stats with two figures separated by a ~ are presented as a range, representing stats that vary due to random growths. The figures to the left and right of the ~ are the stat's minimum and maximum possible values respectively.

Normal Eliwood Hard Hector Hard

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # HP Str/Mag Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res Cha Con Mov Inventory and Skills
Ma gba druid enemy.gif Morph Druid 10 1 25~29 14~18 7~11 6~10 0 4~8 10~14 8 6 Fenrir Sleep
Moves to attack units in range.
Ma gba druid enemy.gif Morph Druid 10 1 25~29 14~18 7~11 6~10 0 4~8 10~14 8 6 Nosferatu Berserk
Moves to attack units in range.
Ma gba sage enemy.gif Morph Sage 10 1 26~30 11~15 8~12 6~10 0 5~9 11~15 7 6 Bolting Silence
Moves to attack units in range.
Ma gba sage enemy.gif Morph Sage 10 1 26~30 11~15 8~12 6~10 0 5~9 11~15 7 6 Bolting
Moves to attack units in range.
Ma gba bishop enemy.gif Morph Bishop 10 2 27~31 8~12 6~10 6~10 0 3~5 14~18 7 6 Purge
Moves to attack units in range.
Ma gba fire dragon enemy.gif Dragon Fire Dragon 20 1 120 17+10 25+10 15 24 20+20 30+10 25 8 Flametongue
Does not move.

Boss data

Stats with two figures separated by a ~ are presented as a range, representing stats that vary due to random growths. The figures to the left and right of the ~ are the stat's minimum and maximum possible values respectively.
Main article: Dragon

Normal/Eliwood Hard Hector Hard

Generic portrait fire dragon fe07.png
Ma gba fire dragon enemy.gif Fire Dragon
Level 20
Affinity Is gba darkaffin.png
Max HP 120 Luck 24
Strength 17+10 Defense 20+20
Skill 25+10 Resistance 30+10
Speed 15 Constitution 25
Movement 8 Aid 24
Weapon Levels
GBARankSword.gif -- GBARankLance.gif -- Axe -- GBARankBow.gif --
GBARankAnima.gif -- GBARankLight.gif -- GBARankDark.gif -- GBARankStaff.gif --


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

Your goal for this part of the chapter is to kill the Dragon while keeping the Lords alive. You do not need to defeat the enemies lined up along the sides of the stairs. In fact, they are completely irrelevant since they likely won't even reach your units unless you deliberately move into their range. The only one that is a threat is the Sage in the upper left corner with a Bolting tome and a Silence staff but he is only a threat if you leave units with poor resistance in his range or move magic-users into his staff range.

The Dragon has a massive amount of HP at 120 and 40 in each defensive stat. To top it all off, it does a guaranteed 37/39 damage to all of your units since Flametongue ignores defense and any defensive buffs granted by Ninis's Grace, and with its incredibly high hit rate, it is practically impossible for it to miss. Fortunately, the Dragon does not move, so you only need to make sure that any units with less than 37-39 HP stay out of Flametongue's 1-3 range. Any of the legendary weapons Athos gave you at the beginning of the chapter do effective damage against the dragon so use those. The weapons you retrieved from the Morphs in the first part of this chapter do not deal effective damage against the Dragon but can deal some damage if the user has enough strength. However, if you are doing a ranked run, stick to using the weapons Athos gave you as using them will not hurt your Funds ranking. The best candidates to chip the dragon's HP are Eliwood with Durandal, Hector with Armads, Athos with Forblaze or Aureola, or Canas with a Luna tome. Lyn is not recommended as she unfortunately has a realistic chance of not having enough HP to handle one round of combat with the Dragon and Sol Katti does not have enough might to deal significant damage to the dragon, making Lyn ineffective for attacking the dragon; however, if you have been training Lyn, she likely has a near 100% hit rate against the dragon, so she can land the final blow if possible. Attack the dragon with the units listed above then end the turn with a Fortify use or two. Hopefully, you will manage to defeat the boss within two turns.


The player party at the bottom of the staircase.
  • In the 0206 prototype the player's units started at the bottom of the stairs instead of the top. This was revised as of the 0219 prototype, which puts the player's units at the top of the stairs similarly to the final build.

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Images from the Fire Emblem 0206 and 0219 prototypes.
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