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Legend of the Sacred Stones

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Legend of the Sacred Stones

Ss fe08 game opening story tablet dragon.png
Portion of a tablet featuring a Dragon and
the five Sacred Stones from the game intro.




Magvel calendar year 0*

Humanity The Demon King and his Monster army
3 other unnamed legendary heroes
  • Human victory.
  • Fomortiis sealed in the Sacred Stone of Grado.
  • Darkling Woods corrupted by Fomortiis' corpse.
Contemporary events
In an age long past... Evil flooded over the land. Creatures awash in the dark tide ran wild, pushing mankind to the brink of annihilation. In its despair, mankind appealed to the heavens, and from a blinding light came hope.
— The Sacred Stones prologue narration

The Legend of the Sacred Stones (Japanese: 聖石の伝説 Legend of the Sacred Stones) is a legend from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones that recounts and summarizes the first war against the Demon King, Fomortiis.


As told in the game's introduction, the Legend of the Sacred Stones recounts the original conflict with Fomortiis, which occurred 800 years before the War of the Stones.


A carving depicting the Legend of the Sacred Stones.

Modern retellings

Modern retellings of the story feature humanity crying out to the divine for the power to banish the monster hordes. From the heavens descended the five Sacred Stones. With the Sacred Stones the heroes Grado, Latona, and three others whose names are not specified, drove back the monsters and Fomortiis to Darkling Woods, in Darkling Woods, after a battle that resulted in a "mountain of corpses"[2] the Demon King is killed and his body is interred in the Black Temple within Darkling Woods. Fomortiis' spirit is also sealed within Grado's Sacred Stone.

The Dragonkin's involvement

What is left out in the modern retellings is the involvement of the Manakete tribe and its leader Morva.[3] Morva fought alongside the hero Grado to drive back the monsters. According to some, humanity's victory would have been impossible without the involvement of the dragonkin.[4] The title "Great Dragon" is given to both Morva and Myrrh,[5] while Myrrh is called the Great Dragon, it seems this title is somewhat erronious, as Myrrh claims to have not done anything, unlike her father,[6] she was also likley too young[7] to have fought in the first war with the Demon King.


After the defeat of the Demon King, the heroes of the Sacred Stones passed their artifacts through generations. The countries Grado, Rausten, Renais, Jehanna, and Frelia were founded around the possessors of their respective stones.[8] In particular, Grado was named after its original Sacred Stone wielder Grado.

The village of Caer Pelyn, perhaps due to its close proximity to Darkling Woods and its guardians Morva and Myrrh, is the only modern settlement to know the entire legend.

Etymology and other languages

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Legend of the Sacred Stones



Legend of the Sacred Stones


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