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Latona (character)

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This page is about the character mentioned in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. For the staff named after this character, see Latona.

Latona (character)

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The Sacred Stones

Our oldest legends tell us just this... Only one person has ever been able to shake off the Demon King's domination. Rausten's founder, Saint Latona the sure-hearted, shattered his fetters. If one possesses a strength of will beyond that of normal men... Only then can one throw off the shackles of the Demon King.
— L'Arachel talking about Latona.

Latona (Japanese: ラトナ Latona) was one of the five legendary heroes of Magvel and a primary figure in the legend of the Sacred Stones. He[1] was the wielder of Ivaldi and the staff bearing his name.

It should be noted that while Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones's English localization refers to Latona as male the Japanese text leaves Latona's sex ambiguous.[2]


Latona is said to have incredible willpower, even being able to fend off Fomortiis' possession.[3] Few details are known of Latona's exact exploits, however. Even the details of Latona's possession by the Demon King are not elaborated.

Alongside Grado, three other heroes, and Morva, Latona slew the Demon King and bound him within the Sacred Stone of Grado.

Some time after the defeat of the Demon King in Darkling Woods Latona founded Rausten east of Darkling Woods. Since it's founding, Rausen's rulers have claimed ancestry with the legendary saint.[4]

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones


Latona's exploits are discussed by Eirika and L'Arachel in regards to Lyon's possession by the Demon King. L'Arachel comes to the conclusion that Lyon cannot be saved.

Personality and character

Like many historical characters in the Fire Emblem series little is known of Latona's true character. In legend he is described as saintly and is said to possess the willpower to oust even the Demon King's influence.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
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Latona, also known by the name Leto, is a female figure in Greco-Roman mythology. She is said to have given birth to Apollo and Artemis.



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