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Lagdou Ruins

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Lagdou Ruins

Mi fe08 lagdou ruins.png
Lagdou Ruins' map icon.


None, can be accessed from the world map after chapter 19.




Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Lagdou Ruins (Japanese: ラグドゥ遺跡 Lagdou Ruins) is a location that appears in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, unlocked after completing chapter 19 regardless of who the player's main lord is at this point. The ruins consists of ten different areas in which the player fights against various monsters. Completing the ruins during the Creature Campaign unlocks five secret characters: Glen, Hayden, Valter, Fado, and Lyon.

Much like the earlier Tower of Valni, it is one of the major causes of criticism in The Sacred Stones, as it allows players to train their units an infinite number of times, thus making the game "easy." Throughout the ruins, there are chests with D-level items and gold, which tends to make up for the broken weapons lost during battles. Various monsters throughout the ruins also have chances to drop valuable stat boosting item, gems, and even Master Seals.

Fixed items

While most items obtained throughout the Lagdou Ruins are random, there are a few fixed items to be found in each run of the ruins:

Name Obtainment Method
Is gba gold.png 3,000 Gold Floor 3, northern east chest
Is gba black gem.png Black Gem Floor 7, dropped by enemy Gorgon
Is gba gold gem.png Gold Gem Floor 10, dropped by enemy Draco Zombie


Portrait Name Class Joining conditions
Portrait glen fe08.png Glen Wyvern Lord Clear Floor 5
Portrait hayden fe08.png Hayden Ranger Defeat 200+ enemies in one run
Portrait valter fe08.png Valter Wyvern Knight Clear Floor 7
Portrait fado fe08.png Fado General Clear the ruins once
Portrait lyon 02 fe08.png Lyon Necromancer Clear the ruins three times

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Lagdou Ruins



Lagdou Ruins


Ruinas Lagdou

Lagdou Ruins


Ruines de Lagdou

Lagdou Ruins


Ruinen von Lagdou

Lagdou Ruins


Rovine di Lagdou

Lagdou Ruins


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