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Not to be confused with Laevatein, a character from Fire Emblem Heroes, nor with her personal sword of the same name.

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Carnage (Sword)

First game

Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE

The Laevateinn (Japanese: レーヴァティン) is a Carnage available to Itsuki Aoi in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE, available only if his Mirage, Chrom, has been made a Conqueror. Laevateinn is a powerful Carnage that nullifies axe damage and resists body damage, but lacks other special effects outside its granted skills.


Carnage tmsfe laevateinn.png
Icon Is tmsfe sword.png
Attack 126
Skills Unity Cost
Is tmsfe sword.png
Is tmsfe sword.png
SIs tmsfe sword.png
Is tmsfe passive.png
Is tmsfe passive.png
Focused Blade
Ice-Slash EX
Martyr Expertise
Shura Soul
Is tmsfe enemy performa.png Slattern Force ×1
Is tmsfe enemy performa.png Gegenes Magma ×1
Is tmsfe prestige performa.png 6-Star Prestige ×3
Weaknesses and Resistances
Is tmsfe sword.png -- Is tmsfe lance.png Wk Is tmsfe axe.png Nu Is tmsfe bow.png -- Is tmsfe fire.png Wk
Is tmsfe ice.png -- Is tmsfe elec.png Rs Is tmsfe force.png -- Is tmsfe spirit.png -- Is tmsfe body.png Rs
No added effect.

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