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Ionius IX

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Ionius IX

Medium portrait ionius ix fe16.png
Artwork of Emperor Ionius IX from Three Houses.





  • Edelgard (ninth child)
  • Anselma (consort)
  • Multiple unnamed consorts
  • Five sons (all deceased)
  • Three daughters (all deceased)
  • Two children (both deceased)


  • Emperor
Voiced by


Emperor Ionius IX (pronounced /aɪˈoʊniəs/[key]; Japanese: イオニアス Ionius IX) is a non-playable character appearing in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. He is the Emperor of the Adrestian Empire and the father of Edelgard.


Ionius IX is the head of House Hresvelg and the Emperor of the Adrestian Empire. Ionius studied in the Officers Academy during his youth. Due to political reasons, he married as soon he was crowned Emperor and began searching for multiple consorts in order to bear multiple heirs. In an Adrestian tale, it is said that one day, he visited the monastery and snuck up unnoticed to the Goddess Tower out of nostalgia, where he met Anselma from House Arundel, who had just enrolled into the academy. There, they fell in love and eventually, in Imperial Year 1162, had a child together named Edelgard.[2] Anselma then settled into becoming one of Ionius's many consorts for a time, up until she was involved in a political scandal that forced her into exile.[3] At some point during Edelgard's childhood, it's implied Ionius IX shared with her the secret accounts of Wilhelm I's, Adrestia's first emperor, of the War of Heroes, which had been passed through the imperial line through generations.[4]

In 1167, Ionius IX started a series of reforms in Adrestia that would centralize all the power to himself. House Hrym attempted to distance themselves from the Empire in response, while seeking help and support from House Ordelia from the Leicester Alliance, only for both parties to be suppressed by the Imperial Army. House Hrym had all their genetic line wiped out and an adoptee was put in charge of the house, with Duke Aegir being tasked with managing the territory.[5] In the meantime, House Ordelia had many of their personnel slain and replaced with Adrestians and a few members from "those who slither in the dark".[6]

In 1171, the Adrestian Prime Minister Duke Aegir alongside House Bergliez, House Varley, House Hevring, House Gerth and House Vestra attempted to seize power from Ionius IX, in an event that came to be known as the Insurrection of the Seven. Upon seeing this situation, Lord Arundel, Anselma's brother, escaped from the Empire and took Edelgard with him to the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus in order to ensure her safety while concealing her from the public.[7] Ionius IX eventually lost the power struggle and was rendered politically impotent, allowing the Prime Minister to become the de facto ruler of Adrestia. In 1174, Arundel returned with Edelgard to the Empire, and publicly allied himself with Duke Aegir so Ionius IX's scions could be captured and experimented upon in an attempt to infuse them with crests and create a peerless emperor they could manipulate, all while Ionius IX could do nothing to stop them.[8] This led to the deaths of all of them save for Edelgard.

During White Clouds, Edelgard visits the Imperial Palace in secret, reuniting briefly with her father before he officially crowns her the new Emperor of Adrestia. Should Byleth be leading the Black Eagles, Edelgard can invite them to the ceremony, during which Duke Aegir stumbles upon by chance, before he is promptly dismissed and incarcerated by Edelgard on the spot. Before Edelgard and Byleth leave, Ionius IX gives her daughter his blessings for her plans to reunify Fódlan.

Due to his feeble and ill composition, Ionius IX perishes at one point during the timeskip.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses


Ionius IX is an NPC seen in Chapter 11 of the Black Eagles route, during an optional event required to be seen in order to access the Crimson Flower route.


  • Hacking the game reveals that Ionius IX's throne is part of his 3D model.[9]

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Emperor Ionius IX

Used in menus, alternately referred to as "Ionius IX" or "Emperor Ionius" in some dialogue. Potentially derived from Ionia, an ancient Greek settlement on the west coast of Anatolia, or modern-day Turkey.



Ionius IX


Emperador Ionius IX

Emperor Ionius IX


Empereur Ionius IX

Emperor Ionius IX


Kaiser Ionius IX.

Emperor Ionius IX


Imperatore Ionius IX

Emperor Ionius IX



Ionius IX

Simplified Chinese


Ionius IX

Traditional Chinese


Ionius IX



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    Byleth: Who is to blame?
    Edelgard: The prime minister and his gaggle of nobles. They had the Empire under their thumbs. My father, the emperor, tried to stop him, was futile. My father was nothing but a puppet on a string by then. He was powerless to save us.
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