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Imperial Three

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Imperial Three

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3 members at any given time

Group type

High Ranking Generals


To serve Grado.


The Imperial Three (Japanese: ??? ???) are a small group of high ranking generals serving Grado under the direct command of its emperor Vigarde in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.


The Imperial Three is a powerful trio of Grado generals. The original group was composed of Duessel, Glen, and Valter. Some time before the War of the Stones Valter attacked civilians and was banished from Grado for his actions. After this Selena was given the title Fluorspar and granted the vacant seat in the Imperial Three. The Imperial Three has its own internal rankings, Duessel is the highest ranking, with Selena being in the middle of the ranks, the lowest seems to be Glen.[1]

During the War of the Stones in 803 Vigarde appointed three more generals of similar standing to the Imperial Three, these three, Caellach, Riev, and Valter were also given gemstone titles. The Imperial Three did not seem to approve of these choices, but chose to respect Vigarde on the matter.

By the conclusion of The Sacred Stones all but one of Grado's highest Generals are killed, with Duessel being the only remainder. The first to die was Selena, who was killed by Ephraim's forces. Next was Glen, who was killed by Valter in Carcino. Both Caellach and Valter die in Jehanna against Ephraim's and Eirika's combined forces. The last is Riev, who died against Renais' forces in Darkling Woods, though it is very likely he stopped serving Grado before that battle.


While Vigarde does regard Caellach, Riev, and Valter as being equal in standing to the Imperial Three they are not regarded as members of it.

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Duessel Selena Glen
The Obsidian The Fluorspar The Sunstone

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Imperial Three



  1. "Selena Fluorspar... Only General Duessel is higher in Emperor Vigarde's esteem..." — Seth to Hayden, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
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