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Chagall (son)


Genealogy of the Holy War

Imca (Japanese: イカ Imca) is a background character in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. He was king of Agustria and the father of Chagall prior to his assassination.


Imca was the king of Agustria; he had a son, Chagall. Imca was the king of Agustria in Grann year 757 when Verdane raided southern Grannvale, and during Sigurd of Chalphy's counter-invasion of Verdane, which resulted in the complete occupation of Verdane by Grannvale. Grannvale's conquest was poorly received by most Agustrian nobles, but King Imca was a "renowned pacifist",[1] and there was a peace treaty between Agustria and Grannvale;[2] to aid in his political goals, Chagall—Imca's son—assassinated Imca[3] and became king,[1] ordering an invasion of Grannvale-occupied Verdane.[4]

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