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Ice Dragon

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Ice Dragon

FERK NinianDragon.jpg
Artwork of an ice dragon from The Blazing Blade.

Sturdy, frost-coated dragons who breathe chilling ice.

Unit type(s)
  • Dragon (all titles)
  • Ice Dragon (Mystery of the Emblem)

Ice Breath



The ice dragons (Japanese: 氷竜 ice dragon) are one of the dragon tribes of Archanea and Elibe. This breed of dragon has a strong affinity for cold and frigid places, attacking with icy breath. Certain manaketes can access the form of ice dragons through the use of icestones.



Millennia before the foundation of the Kingdom of Archanea, the dragons were the dominant race of the land, presiding over an enlightened and advanced civilization covering the entire continent. This changed one thousand years before Archanea's formation, as the dragons began to show signs of deterioration. When the divine dragon elders recommended that dragons seal their power into dragonstones and take a human form to ensure their survival, no ice dragons are known to have complied owing to a total lack of known ice dragon manaketes. Those who either failed to comply or refused thus degenerated into aggressive wild beasts as predicted. These ice dragons dwelled in the frigid wastelands in Archanea's extreme north, particularly the great frozen mountain where the Ice Dragon Temple sat; many of these ice dragons instinctively sought to defend the Temple from human encroachment.[1]


Ice dragons also once lived in Elibe in the era preceding the Scouring, with at least one calling the tallest mountain of Ilia home; this mountain became known as the "mountain of the Ice Dragon" in Ilian folklore, after its resident ice dragon helped the people of Ilia survive the snowy weather before being driven away in the Scouring.[2] One ice dragon, Aenir, became romantically involved with a human during the Scouring before she mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind two half-ice dragon children: Nils and Ninian. After being called back through the Dragon's Gate by Nergal, these two would play a vital role in aiding Eliwood, Lyn and Hector in preventing the return of dragons to Elibe.


The ice dragon manakete Ninian attacks three fire dragons with her ice powers.

Physical appearance

Contrasting how their polar opposites, fire dragons, have a bulkier physique resembling traditional dragons, ice dragons are sleeker and more serpentine in form, though their legs are still fairly muscular. They have icy blue-green skin, and they completely lack wings of any description, but have fins adorning most of their body.


Ice dragons, unsurprisingly, have an affinity for ice and snow, and attack by exhaling blasts of ice. According to Ilian legends, their affinity for ice allows at least some specimens to be able to pass on to other species, primarily humans, how to best adapt to and survive in frigid climates.[2] In Archanea at least, they are characterized as being among the sturdiest and most resilient of dragons. They have a crippling weakness to fire, including that of other dragons, but conversely their ice powers can exploit the weaknesses to ice possessed by fire dragons.

Class data

The Ice Dragon exists as a separate class from the Manakete in Mystery of the Emblem and its remake, New Mystery of the Emblem, almost entirely exclusive to enemies. In both games, certain playable Manaketes (Tiki only in the former, all Manaketes in the latter) can temporarily become Ice Dragons in battle through the use of a Icestone; however, in Mystery of the Emblem, the Icestone is used from the items menu to transform a Manakete into an Ice Dragon both on the field and in battle for five turns, giving them access to Ice Breath.

Ice Dragons tend to be sturdier on average than the other common dragon classes, especially in New Mystery of the Emblem, typically boasting superior HP and defense stats overall and a resistance stat surpassed only by Mage Dragons. Like almost all dragon types, they are vulnerable to Wyrmslayers and Dragonpikes, and in Mystery of the Emblem have an additional vulnerability to Fire Breath and all fire tomes (Fire, Elfire and Bolganone).

In New Mystery of the Emblem, the Ice Dragon class is classified as a special class, and accordingly has a higher level cap of 30.

Base stats

Game HP Strength Magic Skill Speed Luck Defense Resistance Movement Constitution Weight Experience CRP Weapon Level
Mystery of the Emblem 30 10 -- 0 0 0 15 10 6 -- -- 50 -- Breath: 6
New Mystery of the Emblem 18 5 0 8 5 0 14 9 6 -- -- -- -- --

Max stats

Game HP Strength Magic Skill Speed Luck Defense Resistance Movement Constitution Weapon Level
Mystery of the Emblem 52 20 -- 20 20 20 20 20 20 -- (No weapon type): 20
New Mystery of the Emblem 60 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 8 -- --

Class growth rates

Game HP Strength Magic Skill Speed Luck Defense Resistance Charm Constitution* Movement* Weapon Level*
Mystery of the Emblem 50% 10% -- 10% 10% 0% 10% 10% -- -- -- --
New Mystery of the Emblem 60% 50% 0% 80% 60% 0% 50% 20% -- -- -- --
Click here for more details on the mechanics of class growths in each game.

Class skills


Class change

All appearances

Special class
Bs fe12 ice dragon.png
Ice Dragon

Flavor text

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Game Text
Mystery of the Emblem ?? ??
New Mystery of the Emblem Sturdy, frost-coated dragons who breathe chilling ice.* ??

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Ice Dragon




Ice Dragon


Dragón de hielo

Ice dragon


Dragon de glace

Ice dragon



Ice dragon


Drago di ghiaccio

Ice dragon



  1. "Anyway, let's head to the shrine. But watch out for the ice dragons. Even though they've lost their minds, they still protect the shrine instinctively. The poor creatures..." — Xane, Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem
  2. 2.0 2.1 "Ninian: I... I am not so good at geography... But it was near the tallest mountain in Ilia.
    Florina: You mean the mountain of the Ice Dragon?
    Ninian: ...Ice Dragon?
    Florina: Yes. A long time ago, there was a tall mountain where an ice dragon lived. Don’t you know the story?
    Ninian: I’m sorry, I don’t... I’ve been traveling for a long time with my brother, and...
    Florina: Oh...I see... Well, a long time ago, there was an ice dragon in Ilia. And this kind dragon helped the people of Ilia, who had trouble living in snow year round. But a war broke out between dragons and people… And the kind dragons, not wanting to hurt the humans, went off to a faraway place.
    Ninian: ......
    Florina: My sister first told me that story as a child to make me go to bed... Even now, every year, the people in that area make an offering to the mountain... When I was little, I so wanted to meet the ice dragon that I braved the cold and waited all night next to the place of offering... But I saw dawn the next morning, and the dragon never came... Then I caught a cold and my sister got very upset with me...
    " — Ninian and Florina, Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade
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